Guardians of Bale

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Guardians Of Bale II (2)

Alia looked down upon a village in which her first born child Jason had just turned fourteen she dreaded the day he found out who he was to her for she knew as well as her husband did that the reaction would be less then pleasurable she knew the pain her children would feel and she knew the chance of being rejected was quite real, but nevertheless she could not stop her children from growing she knew that she had chosen wonderful people for her children all those years ago and she was happy that they were able to give them the life she, herself could not.

Jason looked at his parents David and Susan Feller with a smile. He was happy with the birthday gift they had gotten him. It was a saddle for his horse; Bade. Jason loved to ride he didn’t know why, but he had always loved the way a horse and a human could find a common ground in which neither was in charge and in that time, they were one. He felt that he could ride all day if Ma and Pa would let him. “Jason sweet heart there’s one more present for you!” His mother called to him. Jason let a grin slip onto his face. “Who’s it from Ma?” He called back as he made quick work of putting the new saddle on Bade. “Its from an old friend of your Pa and I she knows you’re turning fourteen today.” Jason felt confusion sweep across his face. Ma and Pa never mentioned a friend of theirs before he had begun to think that they were always alone with the way they acted sometimes. Jason ran into the house curious about what a friend of theirs could possibly get him. He looked at the small package with his name on it.

Carefully taking the package from his mother Jason began to peel the brown packaging away and smiled as a sketch book came into view along with at least thirty different pencils for different types of sketching. He looked inside the book and gasped as he looked upon the beautiful drawing of the girl and the dragon. Jason looked at the girls face almost greedily as though he was trying to imprint the image into his mind. He turned the page and saw writing on the back.

Hello Jason, Happy birthday. I thought that since your mama and papa had told me that you love to draw you would like a sketch book the drawing is one I did many years ago and I had a dream about a dragon I woke up and instantly I drew I thought you would like it. And before you ask your parents yes the girl in the drawing is me. I hope you fill this book with many drawings and again I wish you a happy birthday.

- Alia

Jason looked at his parents with a wide smile and his eyes shining. “Mama, Papa do you think I could write a thank you letter to Mrs. Alia?” David and Susan stiffened for a moment ready to tell their son no when they heard a voice in their heads one they hadn’t in fourteen years. “It is okay Susan, David. Tell Jason to send the messenger to take the letter to the temple of the Moon Goddess.” Susan smiled at her son and said. “Of course sweet heart we’ll have the messenger send it as soon as you are done.” “Mama?” “Yes Jason dear?” “Where is the letter to go?” “The letter will be off to the main temple of worship for the Moon Goddess.” Jason felt his eyes go wide he had heard of people living in the temples, but he had never thought that to be true and now here he was about to send a letter off to the place. He nodded his head with a smile and made to his room the ride with Bade forgotten.

Alia looked at her son as he thought of things to write in the letter though she had never been told about Jason’s love of drawing by his parents she knew that he either did or didn’t have the gift. She is able to tell the future and in the process she is able to draw what she sees so that she can give it to the prophets that live within the temple walls. Alia loved to draw even when she didn’t have what she called a premonition, she also knew that Jason got his love of horse back riding from his father Damian. “Damian.” Alia said softly she and her husband never really spoke they were so in sync with one another that it was never something that they did they simply just knew how one another was feeling what one another needed and so on. Alia watched with a smile as the man she fell in love with almost two-thousand years ago came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Yes my love.” Alia smiled a long time ago she and her husband had many obstacles there was a time when Alia was the one who had to save the world and all she had were the teachings of an old blind man and the help of an annoying prince she couldn’t believe how long he had stood by her side though she knew that she had too many flaws to count. “Stop it my love. Shake those disgusting thoughts from your head today, tomorrow, and forevermore.” “I apologize my love. But I wanted to tell you that I will be going to the mortal world so that I may receive a letter from Jason.” Alia watched as his face lit up. “Damian I don’t understand why you wish for me to be the only one to have contact with the children however limited it is,” “I do it my love so that when they are no longer needed to protect the world and will finally meet us they won’t be so cold to you. And I say this because it was you who suffered the most from this.”

Alia looked down she knew that he was right. The night that she had given her children away she had almost killed an entire village with a flood because she no longer held a tight grip on her emotions she had no longer the chance to hold her children to say that she loved them to say that she would always be there for them because as much as she hated it she had to give up her children if she and Damian had cared for the children they would’ve been raised as Gods and Goddess and she knew that only a human can raise a child to be human. Alia looked at her husband soft tears fell from her eyes she knew how cruel it can be to be reunited with your family whether it be God or mortal they will always harbor a resentment towards you and you will always feel guilty it is only when you are forced to do the same that you understand why your parents did what they did.

Alia had promised herself a long time ago that if she ever had to watch her children make a decision that would force them to feel the pain that she felt now. She wouldn’t let them she would deal with the pain a thousand times if it means to spare her children that pain even if she is helping them in the long run. Alia looked up at Damian as he wiped her tears and kissed her gently before going back to do his job. Alia looked back down just in time to see her first daughter be born and Jason give the letter to his parents and then start drawing in the book she had created for him. She wanted to see if he could figure out what made that book so special if he couldn’t then she would tell him. Alia looked down on her new born daughter she was happy that she was finally born though all of the children were given to the mother’s on the same night she knew that even she couldn’t make them come out any sooner she was to give her children away and the only thing that she knew for certain is that they will all be four years older and younger than one another. It was set is way so that when it was time for battle they would all have experience under their belt.

‘If the girls are anything like me they will be wonderful at a lot of the combat.’ Alia thought she was wonderful in archery, hand to hand combat, sword fighting, sai fighting, daggers, knifes, whips, chains, and more, but she had struggled with her powers unlike Damian who had gotten how to use them fairly easily and he struggled with combat. Alia sighed as she remembered that once the girls were born it wouldn’t be long until tragedy struck as much as she wanted to prevent this she knew that it would be the start of a new era in which those who had been forgotten will come back for revenge and those who have been waiting will submerge themselves in the blood of their enemies once again. Alia knew that she and her husband were expected on the battle field and there they will be, but they wouldn’t be the one to defeat the great evil this time. No, for now it would be the destiny of their children who will take over the legend that had followed them over the course of one-thousand years.

Alia looked down as she listened to Ida Clarson coo to her beautiful baby girl as she and the other mid wives poured over how beautiful the baby was and what a woman she would grow up to be. Alia smiled and she closed her eyes when she opened them again she was smiling down at her little angel and she kissed her forehead as she reached out her tiny arms to grasp her finger. She smiled again knowing that she was the only one who could see and hear her. “Hello Orpha I’m Alia and I promise that nothing shall ever befall your family before it is their time.” Orpha let out a squeal as Alia placed another kiss upon the baby’s head. Orpha opened her yes very briefly just to see who the silky voice and the softly lips belonged to it was so fast that no one other than the Goddess saw it she smiled and kissed the baby’s head once more before she left. Alia looked at the world and lifted her hands they begun to glow a silver blue and she and her husband worked together as Alia set and raised the moon, and Damian raised and set the sun. They clasped hands as together they raised the stars.

Alia looked down on Jason, Gideon, and Orpha as she softly threw her voice through the wind and a gentle caress that Jason, and Gideon, heard and Orpha felt as she said the words she longed to say to them in person. “Good night my sons. Good night my daughter. I Love You.”

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