Guardians of Bale

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Guardians Of Bale III (3)

Alia looked down upon the messenger who held the letter Jason wrote, as he made his way through the country side a few miles away from her temple. She smiled at the thought of having something of her son something that he had written. She was happy she knew that many people wouldn’t be, but she knew that her sons and her daughter were being well taken care of, she knew that the fathers would be in for a shock. Little did the father’s know that the stars that had chosen them so many years ago had indeed given them the same powers that the children themselves would grow to have and that they would become their children’s mentors. Alia loved watching Gideon play seeing as Jason was horseback riding or drawing most of the time. She also watched over Ethel to made sure that her pregnancy was going smoothly she knew that Ethel was going to made a wonderful mother.

Alia looked closer at the bubble that held the picture of Ida and Orpha she couldn’t wait until Orpha was old enough for her to talk to fully she did it with Jason and Gideon and when Gideon turns fourteen she would give him a birthday gift as well and then she would do the same for both Orpha and Constance. She looked at the messenger again he was closer to the temple now, but Alia knew that she wouldn’t get the letter until the next day.

Turning her attention from her children Alia listened to the prayers that were sent to her the curses in her name. She listened to the plea to not let death take a woman’s child and another in which a woman prayed for fertility she knew how these women felt and so she took pity on them imaging herself in their shoes and so she descended to the mortal world gliding across the land as though she were a ghost she smiled to herself as she thought of herself as a ghost she knew that many people thought her to be nothing, but a myth however that didn’t mean that she didn’t help them she knew that would brush it off as something such as good luck and she honestly didn’t mind. But she did hate the tales that were told about how she became the Moon Goddess.

Alia had made it to the woman cottage in which she prayed fro her daughters health to be returned to her and Alia glided past the Mother who instantly stopped crying as she smelled the scent that reminded her of a fresh snow fall a scent, that many have claimed to smell before something happened whether it be good or bad she knew that the Moon Goddess was there all she had to do was wait and see what happens, as she knew that there was nothing more she could do.

Alia looked at the girl who was shaking slightly and sweating she looked up and saw death she showed no fear instead she spoke in a soft tone. “I’m sorry Thanatos, but you cannot take her. Not today.” Alia watched as Thanatos pulled off his hood and his scythe disappeared. “You know the rules Alia if not her then who?” Alia closed her pretty silver blue eyes and when she opened them the blue had completely taken over the silver. “There is a man who deserves to die more than this young girl does his name, is Frank Salvador. He is about to rape a fifteen year old virgin.” Alia watched as Thanatos’s lip curled in disgust as she told him why he deserved to die. “Fine, but next time.” “You’ll do exactly what you are doing now, because nothing makes you happier than taking a tainted soul.” Alia knew she was right otherwise she would never have been able to save the girl’s life. Alia knelled beside the girl and placed her hands on her chest and she slowly began pull the sickness out of the girl and absorb it into her own. When Alia was finally done she laid a hand on the girl’s face and began to caress her face as she stole the heat that cause her to sweat.

Alia got up off the ground and brushed off her dress an smiled as she glided away. She then went to the home of the women who was crying as she was infertile Alia felt her heart break as she hear the woman’s gut wrenching sobs. She glided into the house however this time both the wife and the husband could see her clearly. “Bess, Julius.” Alia called out to the couple. Alia chuckled when she saw the looks of awe from the husband Alia looked at the woman and smiled it was no secret that she helped mother’s and women who were infertile more than any other. “I’ve heard your pleas Bess and I feel your pain. And so for a full day during the celebration of the moon you will be at your peak and you will conceive on that night.” Alia loved a lot about her job but her favorite part was knowing that she was doing the right thing she turned to Julius. “Your child shall be born healthy and happy and for as long as I am the Moon Goddess your child shall be watched over as thought it were my own.” Alia watched as the woman through herself at her feet hugging her legs. “Thank you Moon Goddess. Thank you!” The woman repeated in a joyful voice. Alia picked the woman off her legs and hugged her. “I wouldn’t wish for any woman in the world to be barren and I’m trying to change how many there are one woman at a time.”

“I promise you that you will conceive and carry your child and when the time comes I’ll be there to welcome your child into this world this I promise you.” Alia watched as the man stood up and spoke softly. “Moon Goddess?” Alia turned her attention away from his wife and focused on the sullen man in front of her. “Yes Julius?” “I wanted to ask you a favor.” “Well of course what is it you need?” Both women watched as Julius walked away and when he came back he had in his hand a letter. “Could you give this to my father. I said many things that I’m not proud of the day he died and I want him to know that I didn’t mean any of it.” Alia looked at the letter she recalled the day Julius’s father died he had done something similar. Alia smiled and then she pulled a letter out of thin air. “Your father asked me to give you this after he died. He said that there will come a day when I shall need to help you and to give it to you should you ask for a favor. I know not what it says, but I have a good idea of what he wanted to tell you. I shall deliver your letter Julius and remember on the day of the full moon you and your wife shall conceive a child.”

Alia smiled as she gently took the letter from him and gave him, his father’s letter. Alia bowed her head and glided out of the cottage she closed her eyes and when she opened them again she was in the Nether world where all the souls went for judgement she glided over the land until she found Julius Sr. She sat down next to time and wordlessly handed him the letter it was only when she was walking away did she say. “Your son and his wife are to be expecting a child on the day of the full moon. You finally got your wish to be a grandfather.” Alia smiled as she saw the man wiped away a tear which had fallen. “Thank you Alia. Thank you.” “Your welcome Julius.” Alia looked at the old man who one-thousand years ago had raised her as though she were his own and in return she had extended his life span until he wish for the sweet release of death that night she mourned him just as much as his son did. She smiled thinking of his son he was technically her brother, but because she had extended Julius Sr.’s life span he looked just as young when he was with her that was until he decided that he wanted to start aging again.

She smiled to herself, because though he didn’t say it she knew that Julius Sr. saw her like a daughter and that was all she ever needed. Alia snapped her fingers and she was back in the heavens. She walked back to the window in which she watched the world and looked at the messenger and smiled he was almost there. And to ensure that no harm would befall him as he entered the unmarked territory she placed a charm on the man and the she looked at Jason saw him in his room looking at the ceiling as though he could see her. She looked at Gideon who was in his room as well and he too was looking at the ceiling. However it was when Orpha too turned to the ceiling barley a day old and all at once they nodded as the ceiling as though telling Alia we see you.

Alia looked down and smiled and was surprised when she received a smile back from all of her children she had never before considered the possibility of her children being able to look at her though the window as well. However this did nothing to the fact that she would be able to watch over them it just meant that they were aware of it. Alia looked at her husband and spoke softly so as to not alert the children. “Damian did you know that Jason, Gideon, and Orpha would be able to look back at me through the window?” Damian smiled as he shook his head and spoke back just as softly. “No my love I only figured it out when they looked at me through the sun.” Alia looked back at her children. “That means that they’re more powerful than we thought.” Damian chuckled and nodded. “Yes it does.”

The two lovers looked at one another and just like the day before they worked together Alia setting and raising the moon. Damian setting and raising the sun. And together they raised the stars. And when they were done Alia looked back through the window to see her children still looking back at her. And it was then she spoke. “Good night my sons. Good night my daughter. I Love You.” And with those words her children fell asleep each dreaming of a pale woman with silver hair and silver blue eyes.

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