Guardians of Bale

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Guardians Of Bale IV (4)


Alia looked through the window as Gideon ran through the house with his father chasing him, the sight of her son happily laughing soothed her forever aching heart she knew that at least one of her children would not be happy with her choice all those years ago. Alia looked down at the gift she held in her hand and she hoped that Gideon like it. Alia closed her eyes and connected her mind to Henry and Rebekah. She smiled as she felt them shiver at her intrusion. “Forgive me Henry. Forgive me Rebekah, but I had hoped you would not be opposed to me giving Gideon a gift for his fourteenth birthday.” Alia was shocked when she was over come with a great wave of sadness. “Rebekah are you alright? Why do you feel such sadness?” “Oh Moon Goddess!” The woman wailed inside her head. “I just keep thinking back to the heartbroken expression that was upon your face fourteen years ago and knowing that I took your son it breaks my heart of course you may give Gideon a gift.”

Alia smiled and shook her head ‘Leave it to Rebekah to feel sad about something she had no control over’ Alia thought to herself. “Thank you Rebekah. For your words, but I could not be happier with how Gideon turned out I chose only the purest of hearts for them and you have not failed. Now hold out your hands so that you may receive Gideon’s gift since I cannot come to the mortal world to do it.” Rebekah held out her hands as told and when she looked down there was a brown package in her hand. She was curious about what it was, but she shook her head and walked over to the table where they had been lying the many gifts Gideon had been given from the other villagers. “Gideon my sweet, its time to open your presents!” Gideon’s head whipped up as he heard his mother calling for him. Gideon ran down the hall and when he finally made it to the parlor he gasped he hadn’t expected such a big gift he looked closer and saw a smaller rectangle package .

“Wow Mother I hope you didn’t spend to much on me.“Gideon said bashfully. His mother smiled at her son fondly though she still felt a sharp spike of guilt as she thought of the beloved Moon Goddess who had to watch her children be raised by another. “Well my sweet boy, me and Papa love you and you only turn fourteen once and we wanted to make it count, and one of them is from an old friend of me and your pa’s, but I want you to open that one last okay?” Gideon looked at his mother strangely, but nonetheless he smiled and nodded his head he was eager to open them he didn’t care what was opened first. He reached for the big one assuming that that was the one his parents had gotten him. He torn the brown wrapping from the gift and stopped a gasp from escaping. “Mother, Father.” Gideon said astonished. In his hand were two swords, three bows, and four quivers to hold his arrows. He looked at his parents and threw himself at them in a hug.

He was surprised when his mother reached out and gabbed the rectangle gift he had seen previously. “Alright my son I want you to open the one a friend sent I curious to what it is.” Gideon’s mother said he looked at her, she was practically shaking with excitement. Nodding his head Gideon reached for the gift and pulled it from his mother’s grasp, and slowly began to open it. When he had gotten the wrapping paper off the gift he gasped it wasn’t as big as the one his parents had given him, but it was just as wonderful if not more so.

Alia looked down upon her son with an excited gaze she wanted to know what he thought of it she was shaken to her very core when he gently ran a hand over the cover of the book.

Gideon couldn’t believe his eyes. In his hand was a very new never before published spell book that was said to have been written at least three-thousand years ago he brushed over it with a gentle hand and opened the book oh so carefully he looked at the page that was titled:

Dominus Quattor

Hear now the words of the


The secrets we hid in the night.

The oldest of Gods are invoked here,

The great work of

Magic is sought.

In this night and in this hour,

I call upon the

Ancient power.

Bring your powers

To we siblings four!

We want the power!

Give us the power!

Gideon looked at the spell and much like his brother had he turned the page. However instead of the letter being written in the book a small piece of parchment fell out of the book. Gideon reached down and unfolded the parchment. He looked it over then he began to read the letter.

Hello Gideon, my name is Alia I’m and old friend of your parents and I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, and when I heard that you were interested in Wicca I couldn’t help, but send you this book. I heard a legend that came with it, but for the life of me I can’t remember it. I hope you explore this book and all things Wicca.

- Alia

Gideon looked at his parents with a smile on his face and his eyes shining. “What did she get you Son?” Gideon focused on his father and smiled. “She gave a copy of the lost spell book I don’t know how she did it, but she did. Mother, Father would it be too much trouble to write her a letter saying thank you?” Henry looked at his son. He much like his wife felt pangs of guilt as he thought of the Moon Goddess and the Sun God looking down on their children as they were being raised by another and to himself he thought that writing a letter would be a good idea even if the boy didn’t know it was to his mother. “Well Son she was kind enough to send you a gift. I don’t see why we couldn’t send a letter saying thank you for her thoughtfulness. ” Gideon allowed a smile to bloom full force.

“Thank you Father I’ll be in my chambers writing the letter.” Rebekah smiled as she watched her son leave the room his hand still clutching the book she knew that even though he had never met the Moon Goddess he would still feel a pull to her, she was after all his real mother. “Henry. Why did we never tell Gideon who his real parents are?” Rebekah questioned once they were in the safety of their own chamber. “I don’t know my love it wasn’t one of her rules we were always free to do so I think it would be best to tell know that he’s older, that way when he finally meets his real parents he won’t be so angry at any of us.” Rebekah smiled she loved Gideon and she knew that she would do anything for him, but she too thought it was time he knew where he came from she just hoped that he didn’t hate any of them afterwards.

Rebekah nodded and walked to her son’s chambers. She lifted a hand and gently she knocked on the door. Rebekah stood there for a moment when the door swung open. “Yes Mother? Is something wrong?” The woman in question stood in silence for a moment before she opened her mouth. “Gideon I have something that I think you should know if you chose to believe me is your choice, but I no longer wish to keep this a secret.” Gideon looked at his mother in shocked she rarely ever called him by his name and when she did bad news usually came with it. Even more shocking was that he had never recalled a time when his mother kept a secret for more than a day before succumbing to the pressure. “Of course Mother come in.” Rebekah looked at her son and caressed his face before she took a seat on his bed as he sat in the chair.

“My son you know that your father and I love you, yes?” Nodding his head slowly. “Yes Mother I know I don’t understand why you ask such a strange question.” Rebekah looked at her son before she slowly told him the whole truth leaving nothing out. “Fourteen years ago I was called to the temple of the Moon Goddess and there your father and I were asked to aide the Moon Goddess in a special ceremony at the time I hadn’t thought of what the Moon Goddess was feeling at the time all I was thinking was that the Moon Goddess herself had hand picked me for so important.” Rebekah took a breath. “So on this night fourteen years ago four women including myself were chosen to carry the Moon Goddess’s children. I accepted and so the Moon Goddess gave me a child her second born. She told me that his name was to be Gideon.” Gideon interrupted his mother. “Are you saying that I’m not your son? That I’m the second son of the Moon Goddess the bringer of fertility?” Rebekah could hear the disbelief in his voice, but she ignored it for the time being. “The Moon Goddess knew that it would be strange if four different women had given birth on the same day at the same time and she also knew it would look strange if you looked nothing like your father and I. So she told me that you would look like us until it was time for you and your sibling’s to fulfill your destiny. She said that you all would be born on the same day, but it would be four years after one another. If I am correct the youngest child was born today.”

Gideon looked at his mother he loved her and always trusted and believed her. But his was something he didn’t want to believe. He didn’t want to believe that the people who had raised him for fourteen years had been substitutes. “Why tell me today? Why tell me at all? And what destiny are you talking about?” Gideon fire questions at a rapid pace he didn’t understand why his supposed ‘mother’ didn’t just raise he and his sibling’s. He thought about the fact that he had never really fit in with the other children, but he never thought about it. He looked at the woman he had considered his mother for so long. “Why didn’t she want us?” Came Gideon’s weak question. He hadn’t expected his mother to slap him upside the head. “The Moon Goddess looked ready to cry as she gave away her children before they were even born! That is an act that no Mother should have to do. So never think for a moment that she didn’t want you.” Gideon sighed he realized that his mother was right he hadn’t thought about how the Moon Goddess had felt. “I’m sorry Moon Goddess for not thinking of your feelings in this situation.” Gideon thought in his head, but he had never expected a response. “It is alright Gideon I have expect at least one of my children to harbor resentment towards me for my actions.”

Gideon looked around the room with wide eyes. He blinked. Once, twice, three times. Then he shook his head and looked at Rebekah. “Its okay Mother I understand and I’m not angry at you or the Moon Goddess besides everything happens for a reason right?” Rebekah smiled and nodded before she leaned in to kiss his head. “Good night Gideon I love you never forget that.”

Alia looked down she hadn’t expected Rebekah and Henry to agree to tell Gideon about his birth. She smiled as she recalled the way Gideon had reacted to the spell book as well as her voice inside his head. She looked through another window and smiled. Rebekah had been right Constance had indeed been born today. She closed her eyes and went to greet her child. When she got there it was almost as though Constance had been anticipating her. She moved over and just as she had done with Jason, Gideon, and Orpha. She welcomed her youngest into the world. “Hello Constance I’m Alia and I can’t wait until your fourteenth birthday.” She leaned in and kissed the crown of her daughter’s head. She caressed her face and then she was gone.

Alia looked down she was happy her youngest had been born, but she was in pain for the agony that would befall them when they came of age. She knew that the books she had give to both Jason and Gideon would help but she knew that they could only do so much and her children would have to bare most of the burden themselves. She looked at Damian who nodded at her silently telling her that he felt the same pain. She raised her hands and watched as night fell up on the world and the smell of fresh snow fell through the air.

“Good night my sons. Good night my daughters. I Love You.”

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