Guardians of Bale

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Guardians Of Bale V (5)

Alia looked down as she watched Ethel play with the day Constance she loved hearing her child’s laughter it was the most beautiful melody she didn’t think any thing could compare. Alia looked away from her children and once again listened to the prayers only this time it was a plea to curse someone. Alia listened to the tone of the man’s voice and realized that he was either asking her to curse the person or he would kill them she knew that this was one of those obstacles that she hated. Alia had always had a fragile heart and while many people thought that she had always been the way she was she remembered quite clearly what life had been like as a human. She remembered always worrying about whether or not things would go as planned or what others thought of her.

‘A shame that I had to die in battle before I realized that it didn’t matter what people thought of me.’ Alia thought to herself. She knew that she had to make a decision either the man gets what he’s praying for or he kills a woman because his heart is broken. Alia did the only thing she could think of. She called in three other Goddess’s she knew that if it was an odd number of votes then it would easier. She looked at Demi, Gemma, and Selene she knew that they were fair and just and would give a fair trial. “Sister’s I call you hear today for your judgment a man prays to me to curse a woman for breaking his heart. His heart however has hatred in its depths and his mind thoughts of poison. That should make this and easy judgment however the woman too had poisonous thoughts and a hateful heart. I am conflicted.” Alia looked at the three women they looked at one another and then they nodded. Demi stood up first and spoke, “I think that the man should be granted his prayer even if his heart is as dark as you say. Cursing her will not only keep the woman alive, but it will make her pay for her crimes.” Selene stood up next. “I think that the man should be allowed to fulfill his inner desire for if this woman is as vile as you say then perhaps she deserves to die.” Alia nodded taking in their answers and then turned to Gemma. “I think that you should punish both, if you fulfill the man’s prayer then he has still done a heinous crime he will just have used the Moon Goddess to do it. And the man’s heart will still be dark. I say you punish the man for his thoughts as this is considered a threat and the woman to be punished for the crimes you see in her heart.”

Alia nodded and stood having decided which Goddess’s answer sounded just and fair up she closed her eyes and when she opened them she had full silver eyes and she began to speak her voice hilarious with power. “I the Moon Goddess hereby punish Armond Harrison and Elizabeth Dawson for their crimes against humanity. Let this be a warning that the Moon Goddess does not fulfill curses with ill intentions.”

Alia blinked and she nodded at the Goddess’s. “Thank you for coming to my aid.” The Goddess’s dipped their heads in respect went back to their duties. Alia sighed before she moved over to the window and looked out and smiled as she saw Ida and Orpha smiling and playing.

Orpha squealed as her mother picked her up and swung her around. She walked around dizzy until her mother picked her and walked into the house. She looked at her mother and smiled showing the teeth that she had lost. “Orpha darling go wash your hands while I prepare dinner.” Orpha sighed as she trudged up the stairs she didn’t want to wash her hands and she didn’t want to eat. Because after dinner she wasn’t allowed outside anymore and more than anything she liked to feel the wind blow through her pretty brown hair. She knew that her mother didn’t approve so she didn’t protest, but that didn’t mean that in the privacy of her own heart that she didn’t scream and kick and throw a fit. She opened the door to the wash room and stuck her hands in the wash bin. She looked in the mirror and smiled Orpha liked to look at the teeth that were gone she liked to watch as they grew with her.

“Orpha darling come down dinner is ready.” Orpha looked down and dried her hands shouting back, “Yes Mama I’m coming.” Alia watched as the beautiful little girl ran down the hall and into the dinning room she climbed into her chair smiling widely at her father, before she folded her hands and bowed her head in prayer. Alia closed her eyes as she received the prayer she loved get them because when Orpha’s mother finishes she says something amusing in her head it was different and more random the next day and it was done so many times, Alia often found herself anticipating them. She loved listening to her daughter’s voice even if she didn’t know that the Moon Goddess could hear them. Alia chuckled to herself as she thought about the face Orpha would make if she knew that Alia heard every single one. She smiled sadly. Alia often had moments when she would have unexplained moments of depression she knew it was the guilt of giving up her children for the greater good. She remembered the time she had thought about never telling the children that they were her children and instead allow them to believe that the people who raised them were truly their parents, but she couldn’t do that because Rebekah and Henry were a little too pure hearted and they couldn’t help but tell the truth.

Alia looked around she hadn’t heard any prayers and she didn’t have anymore obligations until it was time to raise the moon. She ran a hand through her hair and watched as it turned black she ran a finger over her skin and watch as her skin usually the color of wet sand turned lighter. And finally she ran her hand over her eyes and looked into a pool of water only to see green eyes looking back at her. She smiled at the reflection and with a snap of her fingers she was in the middle of nowhere and with a bright smile she brought her fingers to her mouth she let out a sharp whistle a black horse came out of nowhere she ran to it and even though she was aware that she wasn’t supposed to ride bare back she couldn’t help it. She ran a hand through her horse’s mane. “Hello Shadow its been a while boy I’ve been watching your calves they are beautiful and I thank you for letting Jason have your son as a gift.” Alia climbed onto Shadow’s back and she gently grabbed his mane before she kicked at his sides and they were off. She let out a laugh as she looked up at the sun waving at her husband before she and Shadow were going to a place long forgotten.

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