Guardians of Bale

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Guardians of Bale VI (6)

Alia grimace as she looked around the wasteland that was once a beautiful place she used to call home. She hadn’t noticed that Shadow had taken her back to Bale she hadn’t been paying attention she was shocked he could still find it she hadn’t thought about this place in so many years. She had been to focused on her children and the coming war that would change the course of history. It would be a legend in its own time. And while she knew that she was eighteen years too late she couldn’t help, but hope that maybe it wouldn’t be as catastrophic as this. She closed her eyes as memories before the war happened she remembered her mother she was always happy and she never seemed to have anything bad to say about anyone.

Alia wiped the tear away from her face she looked at the place where the castle once stood she felt fury bubble beneath her hurt as she remember what had lead to this once beautiful place becoming so barren the King, he was so arrogant he hadn’t noticed that the Queen and the Head Warrior were paying people to kill him. He thought that he was above them and it was only when he was being tried with death did he finally break character and beg for mercy. Alia felt sobs overcome her body as she remembered the way he crawled to her trying to appeal to her kindness. Alia felt that she could no longer support the weight of her body and she fell to her knees as she remembered how she had stepped back with a look of disgust on her face as she looked at the Coward King as many had called him for she was the one who had caught him when he tried to sneak away from the battle in which millions fought and died for him.

She felt a scream in her throat rise as she remembered the way the invaders had pillaged the town and had forced her mother to die by being impaled upon the flag pole where all could see her. Alia began to fist the ground as thousands of emotions attacked her reminding her that she had been human once proving to her that she was still alive even though her mortal body was dead. Alia finally let the the scream rip from her throat as she remembered being the first to discover her mother’s body as she remembered being cruel enough not to give her mother’s killer a fair trial like she would have wanted and instead she had him impaled upon a flag pole in the very same manner. She remembered looking at her blood covered hands and thinking how this hadn’t made her any better than the very man she had just killed. She remembered Damian hugging her body to his own as her life force drained away from her.

She remembered meeting her mother in the heavens. Alia shook her head trying to stop the flow of memory to stop the rush of emotion she felt as she recalled the monster she had been she still to this day reminds herself that her mother was stupid enough to make her; A Monster the new Moon Goddess she didn’t want to have that power she knew then just like she knew now that she wasn’t good enough wasn’t pure enough and too this day she tried to find the light in her that her mother saw and she still couldn’t. So she hid her emotions of doubt and guilt behind her beautiful face silky voice and her selfish smile. And then she understood that her giving up her children wasn’t just for the sake of the mortals it was her punishment for being so cruel. For being stupid enough to think that she was any better than the men and women she punished she pretended to be fair and just when she knew that deep in her heart it was just as black as their’s she didn’t understand how they could all worship a monster.

Alia placed one hand on the ground as she felt her sobs turn into shuddering gasps which soon gave way to the weakest of whimpers. Alia knew that she could pretend to believe that she deserved to be who she was for so long before she completely broke she just hoped that when she did she would have chosen a worthy successor. She opened her eyes and looked up only to see what looked like a shadow of a man. She pushed herself up off the ground and looked around there was no one there, but her and the shadow man she looked around more there was no sign of her horse. She looked into the purple eyes of the shadow and for once she felt like there was something she didn’t know. Alia walked closer to the man only for him to take just as many steps back, and some where in the back of her head Alia knew that the shadow man wanted her to follow him.

And so throwing all caution to the wind Alia looked at the figure and watched as he turned around and began to walk not looking back to see if she was following. Alia made sure to keep quite it had been to long since she had fought and she didn’t think she would be able to survive and ambush if she woke whatever was sleeping in the forest. She looked at the man and and couldn’t contain her shock when he turned to her and began to speak. “Hello Alia. My name is Theodore and I’m in desperate need of your help. Actually we all are.” Alia furrowed her eyebrows she didn’t understand she was told that when her children were born she wouldn’t be able to help them like the once did. “Why do you need my help? For what purpose?” Theodore narrowed his eyes at her he knew that she would ask questions, but he didn’t expect to hear such authority. “You’ll have to see for yourself Alia.” Alia looked at the man and walked forward she peeked around the area there was nothing there and just when she was about to snap at him it happened the forest around them disappeared.

Alia looked at the place that had been hidden and she felt a pain sting her chest she knew this place she knew it all to well. “Why have you brought me here?” It was no secret that the Moon Goddess was tortured by others so that they might learn how to harness her powers, but over the years her true name had been forgotten and instead she was permanently called Moon Goddess, but this was when she was a mortal woman with the powers of a Goddess and those who wished to possess that magic would stop at nothing to get it. Alia looked around the room and noticed something out of place. She looked at the man. “Why are there magical cloaks around this area?” She watched closely as the man blow air out and instantly Alia was surrounded by shadows and stone. Theodore looked at her closely he didn’t know if she would help them or if she even remembered her promise, but if she remembered them or not she was going to help them.

Alia looked at the stone figures and touched one and was shocked when she felt like flowing through it she let out a gasp as she covered her mouth as she realized that they weren’t shadows and statues at all they were people. She turned to Theodore. “Who did this?” She said it in a broken whisper, because the longer she looked at them the more she recognized them. “You know who did it Alia you’re the one who said that he wasn’t dead. You’re the one who said that he was just sleeping. You’re the one who said that when he woke up he would exact his revenge. You were the one that said when the time came you would help us.” Alia looked at the man Theodore he said his name was she let her eyes widen she understood all at once He was back and then something else made her heart stop and her throat constrict. She and Damian had barely defeated Him. And now she had to send her children up against Him. Alia looked down she was right when she said it would be a legend in its own time she was right when she said it would change the course of history.

But she also knew that the prophecy was wrong her children wouldn’t be the only ones to fight it seemed to her that history wasn’t done with her yet and she knew that this war would be the start of many. She looked at Theodore. “I remember what I said you’ll have to give me times to gather warriors who will be willing to fight.” Theodore nodded and with a snap of her fingers Alia was in the heavens she clapped and watched as familiar faces of the living and the death mortal and God alike looked at her. She looked at them all her eyes completely silver and she said. “He’s back.”

And chaos erupted.

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