Guardians of Bale

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Guardians of Bale VII (7)

Alia felt all eyes on her as she explained what has been asked of her and what she has been told. Alia made sure that they knew that she going to help them even if she didn’t have their support she knew that she was going to keep her promise, but still she felt cheated her youngest daughter was only just born she isn’t old enough to train her powers. Alia let her head fall into her hand she hated what she was about to do, she knew that it was needed if she wanted her children to stay alive. Alia snapped her fingers never lifting her head and when she did she looked around the cottage and smiled she knew this place just by looking at it. She turned around and saw three people looking at her she bowed her head in respect and looked at Jason she had never been so close to her son before and she felt tears slide down her face as she looked at her son.

“Moon Goddess are you alright?” Alia let a small smile creep onto her face. “Please Susan we are practically related after all. Call me Alia.” Alia chuckled at the look of shock on Jason’s face she knew that the letter she had given to him on his fourteenth birthday had the name Alia signed on it. “You’re the Moon Goddess?” Alia nodded her head gingerly she wasn’t quite sure how she should go about telling him why she was there, but she was certain that she wouldn’t tell him that she was his mother it wasn’t her place. “Jason do you mind if I speak with your parents for a moment? Afterwards I shall answer any question you like.” Jason nodded his head dumbly for a moment before he tore out of the room like a bat out of hell. He was still in shock he ran to his room and grabbed the sketch book that she had given him four years prior to this day, it had at least one hundred different drawings not counting the one she had drawn for him. He touched the face of the girl in the drawing he had seen the Moon Goddess for the last four years and hadn’t even known it.

Down the hall and in the parlor there sat Susan and David Feller and of course Alia. Alia looked at them with pain in her eyes and sighed; a deep heavy sigh, one that conveyed something bad was about to happen. “Susan, you remember what I told you that night eighteen years ago?” Susan nodded and looked frightened, “Well I’m afraid that day has come a lot sooner than I had anticipated and I feel like I’m cheating you when I say this, but I shall have to take your husband and your son.” Alia winced internally when she said the words it was a painful truth she needed both males if she wanted her son to survive. “What! Why? You never told us that you would break our family apart for his destiny to be fulfilled!” Screamed Susan. Alia blinked as the woman got closer to her finally it was when she had begun to get too close that her husband yanked her away before she did something that would bring nothing, but tragedy. “That is because it was never my intent. And if you have let me finish Susan you would have heard me say that I will allow you to come along.” Susan looked down at her hands feeling like a trouble some child as her cheeks heated up with embarrassment. “I’m sorry Moon Goddess I-” Susan never got to finish as Alia held her hand up with a smile. “I told you to call me Alia.” Susan smiled back, and the she looked at her husband who had been silent for the entire conversation. Alia looked at him and smiled. “Yes David you may ask your question.” David looked at her in awe. “Why do you needed me I thought it was Jason’s destiny.” Alia looked at him with a suddenly serious face.

“I cannot tell you here. You will not need to take anything as you won’t be there indefinitely and clothes have already been provided for you. If there is something you wish to take you may go get it and put it in this bag.” Alia held up her hand and watched as a bag that had been enchanted to hold anything appeared. Alia looked at the couple. “May I go speak to Jason?” David and Susan’s eyes couldn’t have gotten any bigger. “Well of course you can he’s your son isn’t he?” Alia smiled sadly. “He’s more your son than he is mine as you had the pleasure of raising him.” Susan was stunned into silence as she watched the woman walk out of the parlor and into the hallway making her way to Jason’s chambers.

Alia knocked softly on the door yet loud enough that Jason would hear it. “Jason I said that I would answer any questions you had. And I shall ask any question you like.” Alia looked at him taking in his features she sighed and wished inside the privacy of her own heart that she had been the one to raise him. “You’re the Moon Goddess so why did you send me a birthday gift?” Alia looked at him and shook her head. “I can’t answer that. Its not my place to.” “You’re the Moon Goddess why do you have to answer to anyone?” Alia’s head snapped up from looking down at her hands. “Just because I have power doesn’t mean I don’t have respect for those I rule.” Alia shook her head internally at herself. She knew that it was a horrible thought, but she was glad that he had said something like that just so that for once she could give him some advice and not just motherly advice; any advice she knew that she shouldn’t think like that, but she was aloud to pretend to be human at least to her children if anyone right.

Alia looked at her son she was so close she couldn’t help it anymore. She got up and walked up to him and pulled the upright and tugged him into a hug. She felt Jason tense before he relaxed into the hug. Jason couldn’t help but tighten his arms around the Moon Goddess he felt like he was home and though he didn’t quite understand why she felt safe and secure and he felt like he had known her his whole life. Jason reluctantly let go of the Moon Goddess as she moved back to hold him by his shoulders and look at his face he was shocked even more when she kissed his head.

She smiled and waved her hand. Jason gasped as all of his clothes and his drawing books were suddenly in a bag. He looked at Alia in confusion. “Moon Goddess what are you doing with my stuff?” Alia sighed she knew that unlike Susan and David, Jason wouldn’t call her by her birth name out of respect. Alia held the bag out towards him. “I have already told your parents I need your family in the heavens I shall tell why when we get there.” Jason looked at the woman and sighed shaking his head he knew that it was no use arguing with her Moon Goddess or not he knew not to mess with a woman when she was determined.

Alia walked out of Jason’s room leaving to ponder what he had been told. Alia walked back into the parlor and sat down thinking about how she was going to explain to Jason’s parents that she has decided that she wouldn’t be the one to tell that she was his biological mother, that was if they chose to at all. Alia sighed, between Him being back and having to do this ahead of schedule she didn’t know if she would be able to tell Jason at all and somehow now that she knew who her children were destined to defeat she suddenly thought that perhaps it best that her remaining children be oblivious to who they were to her. The distraught Moon Goddess shook her head as she thought about Damian she didn’t know how he would react to this idea. And suddenly what Damian would think didn’t matter as she remembered that Gideon had already been told.

Alia closed her eyes she wasn’t ready for her children to fight she wasn’t prepared to yank them from the peaceful and quiet life they knew and so she decided that even if her husband hated her for all of eternity she wouldn’t let them know. She would tell Gideon not to say anything she would have to, if she wanted to keep them safe it would be best for them to think of her as the Moon Goddess or as their mentor anything other than their mother.

Alia stood and approached the family they looked nervous. Alia smiled as she recalled her first time to the heavens, of course she had been dead, but that was a minor fact or at least it was to her. Alia held out her hands and watched as Susan and Henry grabbed each leaving Jason in between the two of them. Alia looked at him and nodded her head. Jason sighed and grabbed his parents hands. “I advise you all to close your eyes as the first time to the heavens can be slightly dizzying.” They did as told and closed their eyes; Alia following suite it didn’t matter that she was a Goddess it was dizzying for everyone.

Alia opened her and smiled as she took in the shocked gazes on the Feller family’s faces. “Welcome to the heavens. The next time you see this place is a long way from now so enjoy it while its fresh in your mind. Please excuse me I shall be back and then I shall answer your questions. If you have questions that can’t wait please ask my husband as he will answer them just as I would.” Alia smiled and closed her eyes and when she opened them she was no longer in the heavens she was in front of the Stouse’s cottage. Alia sighed as she tried to shake her nerves she hadn’t been scared to meet Jason, but that was because he didn’t know that she was the woman who had willingly given away four unborn children. Gideon did and for that she was scared of the way he would react.

Alia walked up to the door and knocked loud enough for them to hear. Inside she could hear rustling as someone approached the door. Alia felt the air leave her lungs as she stared at her youngest boy. But knowing that she wasn’t allowed to be a Mother is was made her snap back into reality. “Hello Gideon, I’m Alia and I need to speak with your parents.” Alia looked at him she knew that he would recognize the name, but she was almost sure that he wouldn’t connect it to being the Moon Goddess until she saw his parents. “Alia? The one who sent me a present on my birthday?” Alia nodded with vigor she was happy she had expected him if anyone to connect the dots as to who she was, but she was in no hurry to see his anger and hatred through his gaze. “Yes the very one. Now if I may come in? It is terribly cold out.” Alia shook as she felt the coldness finally worm its way underneath her cloak and into her bones.

Gideon looked at the somehow familiar women though he was pretty sure he had never seen nor met the strange silver haired woman, yet he opened the door and stepped aside as he watched the woman stumble into the home. It was at that moment that Gideon noticed her lack of shoes. “Miss Alia if I may ask, where are your shoes?” Alia looked down at her feet in shock and then she remembered that they didn’t use them in the heavens and so she had forgotten about needing them when in the mortal world. “I seem to have forgotten them. Gideon do you think you could go fetch your parents. It is of the up most importance that I tell them.” Gideon looked at Alia. ‘What could she possibly have to tell my parents? ’ He thought to himself. Gideon bit his tongue deciding not to ask the question out loud after she didn’t look like she would answer the question until she spoke with his parents.

“Of course Miss Alia I’ll be right back. But before I go is there anything that I can get you?” Alia looked at Gideon fondly. ‘Yes.’ Alia thought, ‘They raised him well.’ Nevertheless Alia shook her head and watched as her son walked away. The curious Moon Goddess looked around the room, she had seen the room dozens of times she knew the house itself like the back of her hand. Yet there was something more satisfying looking at it from a mortal’s point of view.

Gideon went outside to fetch his ma and his pa, while he was walking he had begun to think. The woman Alia had sent him a gift on the same day his mother had decided that she couldn’t handle the pressure and the guilt any more and told him about his true heritage and now a month later he had a woman named Alia show up at the door looking more Godly then anything he’d ever seen, as he kept thinking about everything suddenly clicked in his head. The Moon Goddess was in his parlor, Gideon stopped walking and began to run. He had just spoken to his real mother and she had said nothing about his relation to her almost like she was rejecting the idea-

Gideon didn’t allow himself to finish that thought as he remembered his mother’s words. The Moon Goddess had almost cried as she gave up her children, not to mention something told him that she felt just as strongly about what to do and how to act as he did. Gideon started panting as he wondered why his father chose to skin the sheep and not put it off like he usually does. “Father I need your presence.” Gideon knew his father well enough that if he said Alia’s here, he wouldn’t be believed so he did the best thing possible. “Father the Moon Goddess is here and she is requesting the presence of you and Mother.”

Henry Stouse’s head peeked out from what looked like thin air and narrowed his eyes at his son. He knew that Gideon wouldn’t lie about this kind of thing, so he wiped his gloves off on his jerkin and washed his hands free of any blood that had trickled off the gloves. He pulled the jerkin off and put on the causal one. Henry walked out of the slaughter house and as he neared his son, he kept thinking of situations that would force the Moon Goddess to physically interact with them, not to get him wrong. Henry knew that the Moon Goddess loved his son seeing he still had her blood running through his veins, but she preferred to keep a distance so as to not confuse the children about why she disappeared at random times.

When he walked into the house he saw that his wife; Rebekah had already been serving the Moon Goddess some tea. “Hello Henry, Gideon you shall need to be present for this seeing as it involves you the most.” Gideon looked at all three of his parents in confusion. He knew that he had some great destiny, his mother told him that why he was raised by mortals. However he didn’t understand how bad it could be that the Moon Goddess had to leave the heavens to alert them. Alia took a breath and turned to Gideon needing to address him first. “Gideon as you know I am the Moon Goddess and as your mother has already told you, you are my second born child. Now know that if I had things my way I wouldn’t have had to meet you until you were eighteen. It sounds horrible, the words but I assure you that it would’ve been preferred for the both of us.” Alia looked at Rebekah and Henry this time. “I told you that he would cease to look like you when the time came to fulfill his destiny with the help pf his siblings. But I have decided a new course of action.” Alia stopped as she watched Gideon’s mouth open.

“What do you mean by a new course of action?” “I have decided that I will not be telling the rest of my children their relation to me and I beg of you Gideon do not tell them who I am to them I will them the prophecy, but they will otherwise have no knowledge of the relation between us.” Alia looked Gideon he looked sick. “Are you alright? Is he alright?” Alia looked at Henry and he nodded his head in response to her question. “Gideon seems to have picked up on your guilt levels. I hope you can forgive me in time, but if you do not it would be fine as you would be happy. You have no idea what would happen if I told all of you if only one of you know is fine if all four then it would be horrible.” Gideon looked at Alia he knew from the books written that she always thought ahead, but for once Gideon wondered if she was thinking ahead, so much as thinking about the negative out come instead of the positive ones.

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