Guardians of Bale

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Guardians of Bale VIII (8)

Gideon looked at his mother with pity. No one seemed able to see through her mask, but he could. He surprisingly had no qualms thinking about Alia as his mother as he could already see the ways they were similar. One being negative thinking. Gideon grew up in a house hold where they always thought of the positive first, but now he began to see why he never could. Looking at Alia she reminded him of a female, older, wiser version of him and he could see himself with her features and the more he thought about it the sadder it made him as he realized that he would never get the chance to see what he truly looked like.

“Moon Goddess are you sure I mean Rebekah and I could barely keep this secret from Gideon and we still broke how are you going to interact with the children when you’ll keep thinking about the vital piece of information?” Alia looked at Henry. She let a sad smile cross her face for a quick, so quick you would’ve had to really look at her to see it. “I’m the Moon Goddess I should be able to do this if I could slightly interact with them four eighteen years.” Alia looked at them she knew that they would do what she asked so she simply snapped her fingers and watched as all the things they considered important and needed for day to day function went into two separate bags one for Gideon and the other for his parents. Alia clapped her hands together as she began explaining what was happening and why she was there, Alia proceeded to tell what she had been told making sure not to tell them too much so that they didn’t know any more or any less than Jason’s parents. Alia finished having only been interrupted by Rebekah’s terrified gasps or disgusted moans. Satisfied that they knew enough to hold them over until they met the Feller’s once again.

Before they left Alia turned to Gideon once more. “Listen Jason will be there, but you must remember that he doesn’t know about his relation to you or me and so you must no tell him. Do you understand me?” Alia looked at Gideon with a plea in her eyes and begging in her voice. “Yes Mother I understand.” As the words left Gideon’s mouth everyone in the room froze. Alia blinked her eyes rapidly trying desperately to comprehend what was going on. Alia had never had the chance to be called Mother and though she loved the sound of it she knew that she had done nothing to be called such a wonderful name. She had not even birthed him and so she put her head down and wordlessly held out her hands as she had done for the Feller’s and watched as they grabbed one another’s hands. This timed however Rebekah had done the opposite of Susan and had decided to be in the middle meaning that Henry and Gideon were the ones holding Alia’s hands.

She let out slow careful breaths then she spoke. “I encourage you all to close your eyes as the way I travel tends to make most dizzy if your eyes are open.” Alia watched as they all closed their eyes Gideon being the last one to do so. Alia nodded her head to herself when all of them were closed then she closed her eyes and moved them through time and space. Once they opened their eyes Rebekah’s knees had begun to buckle beneath her weight as she fought to keep the nausea down. Alia waved her hand and watched as a stunned Rebekah looked at the stretcher that had appeared out of nowhere picked her up and begun to hover above the ground. Alia felt a great rush of agonizing pain and let out a gasp as she gripped her heart. “Damian.” She said in a hushed whisper and like magic her husband was there. She looked at him and saw she looked at him with panic she knew that someone was in pain, she watched as he nodded and suddenly she was gone. Alia looked around and gasped as she saw a child no older than eight lying on the ground she ran to him and her hand to his chest as she began to stitch up his wound using her magic. Alia stayed with the boy and cooed into his ear softly as she tried to coax the boy to wake up. When the boy’s eyes finally opened Alia watched as he stared at her. “Am I dead?” The boy asked softly, Alia felt her face soften as she shook her head. “No Nathaniel your not dead.” Nathaniel looked at the Moon Goddess and tilted his head in confusion. “How? I was bleeding out Mother said that I didn’t deserve to live she told me that she was doing what the Moon Goddess had told her to do.”

Alia felt her anger flare. Never has she asked anyone to kill anyone, never had she asked a Mother to kill her own child. “Nathaniel I am the Moon Goddess and I told your mother to do no such thing.” Alia watched as Nathaniel’s eyes filled with tears and she felt pain strike her heart. Alia knew that if she left right now she would never forgive herself so she did what she believed was necessary. “Nathaniel I would like to adopt you, would you let me take you back to the heavens?” Alia watched carefully as the boy scrunched up his face. “Why? I’m not very good at many things.” Alia looked at the boy she didn’t believe that those were his words. “I’m sure you’re good at something. What talents did your mother force you to suppress?” Alia watched as the boy pulled out something it was a dagger. “I’m a skilled hunter.” Alia smiled. “I the Moon Goddess hereby appointed Nathaniel as the God of the Hunt. He shall be one of the Moon Goddess’s children for many years to come.”

Alia watched as the boy glowed for a moment before he looked at her. “You can chose Nathaniel do you want to alter your appearance to look like me or do you want to stay the way you are?” Alia got her answer when she watched Nathaniel’s brown eyes turn blue and his hair sliver. She smiled before she stood up. Holding out her hand she watched as the eight year old God clasped onto her hand and held on tight. Nathaniel couldn’t believe his luck not only was he adopted by the kindest person alive but she also made him the God of something his real mother would’ve hit him for she really want a girl and was disappointed when she got a boy instead.

Nathaniel looked at his new mother and smiled he knew that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, he somehow just knew. Alia watched Nathaniel’s face as he looked around the heavens she touched his shoulder which made him turn around and look at her. “What is it Mother?” Alia felt her eyes fill with water as she kissed his forehead. “I wish for you to meet your father Damian if you feel up to it.” Alia watched her wording she didn’t want to overwhelm him with all the new things going on. Nathaniel smiled happily as he nodded he hoped that his father didn’t hate him. Alia grabbed his hand and pulled him gently to a room which held Jason, Susan, David, Gideon, Rebekah, Henry, and Damian. Damian looked at his wife with a raised eyebrow as did most of the people in the room Alia stepped forward with a smile as she watched Nathaniel shuffle behind her hiding his face into the fabrics of her dress. “Everyone this is Nathaniel, I’ve decided to adopt him.” Alia looked at Damian who was now shaking his head with a smile.

She watched with a curious eye as he stepped behind her and bent down when she came back up he had Nathaniel in his arms. She listened carefully as she heard Damian whisper into his ear. “Hello Nathaniel I’m Damian and I suppose that makes me your new Father if you want me to be?” Alia smiled she should have expected Damian to ask permission to become the child’s new Father figure. Alia tuned their conversation out as she turned to the two families she had kidnapped and sighed as she saw the distressed look upon Gideon’s face. She felt her heart plunge into her stomach as she realized that to Gideon it must look like she was trying to replace he and his sibling’s. She walked towards them and sat down across from the Feller’s and the Stouse’s she placed her hands in her lap clasped and then she looked them in the eyes.

“Ask any questions that you feel need to be answered even if my husband has already explained it I want to make sure you all understand why you are all here.” Alia watched with a passive face as Jason looked at her with confusion written all over his face. “Your husband said that we would obtain powers. How will we control them if there will be no one to teach us?” Alia nodded with a serious look on her face. “You will be taught by your father’s they will naturally understand how to use them, I will watch your progress and when I think you have been taught well enough I shall unveil another secret to you.”

Alia watched with calm eyes as she felt Gideon and Jason’s stare on her back she knew that he wanted to tell his siblings, but she wasn’t sure that she should she had made her decision however Gideon made her want to reconsider. Alia looked at the mortals she smiled lightly and walked over to the boys parents. “Henry. David I need you to follow me. Don’t forget to bring Jason and Gideon.” She looked at their wives and sighed. “I assume you have questions about my new son?” Alia watched as they nodded in unison and raised an eyebrow at the hints of anger she saw in each of the woman’s eyes. She turned around and walked away knowing that all six of them were following behind her. Alia smiled internally as she walked passed a room which showed Damian and Nathaniel talking about anything and everything.

Jason looked ahead and rubbed his chest some how he had begun to have unwanted feelings towards Nathaniel he didn’t understand why he felt like he had something that didn’t belong to him. Jason looked at the other boy who had been staring at the Moon Goddess for quite sometime Jason didn’t understand the look on his face it was like a cross between; hatred, anger, shock, and sadness. Turning his head Jason looked at the Moon Goddess she was very beautiful, that was something even a blind man could not deny, but there was something about the way she carried herself it was like she was being weighted down by something. Alia felt the gaze of her sons on her has she lead them down the corridor past the many doors to many realms.

Alia looked at the door she had stopped in front of and lifted her hands with a forceful push the silver doors swung open and she smirked as she heard the gasp that escaped the mouths of the many people behind her. Turning around she focused her eyes on all of them. “This will be were you all shall train until I as otherwise. David, Henry; you both shall spend most of your time doing things you never knew you were capable of. It will come naturally so that you shall teach your sons how to fight with both their powers and their weapons.” “Susan and Rebekah, because you have no powers I shall be training you in combat as I am sure you do not wish to be useless.” With those words Alia stepped forward into the room and clapped her hands the room changed suiting what Alia needed.

Alia allowed the mortals and Demi Gods to explore the room knowing in her mind and heart that she wouldn’t be able to keep her secret from Jason for long.

A/N: Hey Ladies and Gents I apologize sincerely for not updating I have been going crazy trying to get the things from school as well as enjoy my last month of summer break. So here you go and I hope you enjoy also I have been thinking of updating every Monday and Thursday, or every Tuesday and Friday so if you could comment below which schedule you think is best. Anyway that’s all for now bye!

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