Prince And Pride

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Mexcatli is the crown prince he doesn't want all the attention. One day he saves a beautiful young woman and it changes his life forever Mexcatli On Heim wanted his life to be simple. He wanted to have friends to laugh and play with he wanted to study all there is to know, he wanted to settle down and find a gorgeous woman and marry her. Of course, this was all nice and grand but there was one problem. Mexcatli was the crowned Prince of Asgard. He was the older of two sons of Odin On Heim and Anza On Heim King and Queen of Asgard, so his life is never simple. One day he saves the life of a beautiful young Lady named Lucy, and it changed his life forever. An ancient evil has been awakened by an Evil Prince named Xavier Yanez Zuniga who has arrived on Asgard to awaken the long thought dead general, in hopes of finding a long thought to be lost treasure of the Star Builders: The Horn of Jericho. Armed with a army of shadow creatures thanks to the power of the Mask of Damus, Xavier is hell bent on getting his hands on the ancient treasure! This stand alone story takes place in the same expanded universe as the Chronicles of the Wolf. Can Mexcatli stop Xavier from getting his hands on the Horn of Jericho?

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Mexcatli On Heim wanted his life to be simple. He wanted to have friends to laugh and play with he wanted to study all there is to know, he wanted to settle down and find a gorgeous woman and marry her. Of course, this was all nice and grand but there was one problem.

Mexcatli was the crowned Prince of Asgard. He was the older of two sons of Odin On Heim and Anza On Heim King and Queen of Asgard. Mexcatli hardly had fun at all and the few friends he had were a tad strange to say the least. One was a legendary warrior and the other was a computer program named Sophocles.

What a foolish thought that he only had two real friends, and both were odd. The only other connection he had was a young Major of the Royal Army named Christopher Wolfe. Part of his “royal” upbringing, as he so lightly phrased it, was going and training in the army which of course he loved with such vigor of course he was being sarcastic.

Mexcatli really wanted to see the rest of the world outside of the places that he had been. He had been to Asgard providences of Midgard and Valvengard, but both had been to visit uncles that were viceroys in those territories. The other journey he had was to Villajengard, the palace of ice to the north...

Mexcatli was a bit of a rebellious prince. He would give whoever would sit him hell when he was a child, and few ever did sit him no matter how much was offered for doing so. One person did tolerate his attitude and that was Jacquin Faterie, the Foxx as he was known as.

Mexcatli sat on his bed in the palace recollecting his small adventures with Foxx, before, he laid down on his bed and stare at the ceiling Someday I will go on an adventure. He thought as he looked up. Mexcatli heard some cheering from outside and he suddenly remembered it was the Day of Jericho.

The day of Jericho is a very old tradition for the Asgardians. It went back hundreds of thousands of years it is said way back to when the On Heims first came to rule Asgard with Caledfwich On Heim. The Day of Jericho celebrated a victorious blow by Caledfwich On Heim against a beast known as Forsaken and it was known to be the turning point of the war against Magog and his forces.

Magog was the dark one, the chaos beast itself, destruction was what fed it and he had many followers. Caledfwich defended against three followers. So-Do-Poh, the man of diamonds. The Dragon of diamonds: Diamander and Construct the god of pride, or so he claimed. All were followers of Magog. No one dared say the name of Magog aloud for it was said that Magog would hear you and haunt you and made you do as he willed. It was a silly thought. Mexcatli at least thought, although he never would be caught dead saying the beast of chaos’s name.

The beast was sealed by the creator in his prison in the beginning of time and there he will stay until the Tempest rids of him. Mexcatli mumbled under his breath after thinking of the chaos beast the sun eater. A knock came at the door which made Mexcatli jump.

“Who is it?” Mexcatli looked at the door lazily although but a yard or so away he felt extremely lazy at that second. Another Day of Jericho without a girl to be interested in Mexcatli sighed.

“It’s Lucas, brother.” His brother called.

“What is it?” Mexcatli said.

“Mother said we can go to the market to watch the Day of Jericho Parade of we wish.” His brother said.

“Oh?” Mexcatli sat up he had gone to them before but the idea of being out of the Asgard palace not on any urgent treaty assignment or on a military campaign sparked Mexcatli’s imagination. Mexcatli got up. He was a tall slender young man. He was the tallest Asgardian he had ever seen or ever met. And the same went with everyone he had met. All commented on the fact that he was the tallest Asgardian they had ever seen. He easily towered above anyone and was accustomed to looking down when speaking to people.

Sometimes Mexcatli wondered if he was his father’s son for, he had fair dark brown hair and amazing gold eyes like a falcon or an eagle they told him. By contrast his brother, Lucas, who entered the room when he opened the door, had their father’s former jet-black hair, as it is white now and their mother’s big blue eyes. Lucas was a full head shorter than Mexcatli, as he has always been. He walked in wearing his princely green coat with the symbol of the Asgard Royalty on his back. It was a great golden eagle with a snake in its beak. Eyes like fire, claws like daggers feathers like the leaves of a tree. It was the great symbol of the On Heim family, which literally mean “Serpent in the mouth” in some old dead language.

“She doesn’t expect us to go out with a whole promenade, does she?” Mexcatli asked after looking at his brother’s coat.

“No, but she does want us to at least represent our family while we are out.” Lucas said. Lucas was a stark contrast to Mexcatli, personality-wise. Where Mexcatli wanted to live by adventure Lucas pertained to science and scientific methodology. Lucas was a lead scientist in Asgard his research and development was highly praised by the scientific community.

“Come now brother you said that you wanted to live and adventure it all.” Lucas said and Mexcatli shrugged and he grabbed his own royal blue coat from a nearby closet. His didn’t have the On Heim symbol his had lightning bolts on the back a flashy silver-gold set of lightning bolts.

“That jacket again?” Lucas said sounding annoyed.

“Most people know me by my jacket.” Mexcatli said shrugging and he walked out of his room.

A strange place was the palace of Asgard. It was a solid diamond structure about four or five hundred stories tall and about five acres big by itself. The story went that the palace was made of the remains of a moon sized creature named Diamander. It was one of the creatures of Magog that Caledfwich had fought on Asgard. The only reason anyone knew that the legend to be true was the sword of Caledfwich was jammed into a skull that was inside of the very palace itself. Everyone knew that this legend was real.

Mexcatli eventually made it out of the palace walls with his brother. Asgard, the city was very beautiful. Buildings much smaller but none the less large than life scattered about Asgard Prime. Every building in the city of Asgard was built essentially to match the palace. They all were massive they were all white the only thing which was not similar was that the buildings of Asgard were made of a very hardy form of white concrete.

The hustle and bustle of the city streets during the day of Jericho’s parade hardly ever made anyone turn and look at Mexcatli or Lucas twice. Mexcatli smiled moderately after he spent a few minutes walking through the streets. No one noticed the great Prince Mexcatli out of the palace.

“Apparently there is supposed to be a bard performing later at the flying fisherman down Emeryn road.” Lucas said as he returned from gathering some drinks for, he and Mexcatli.

“Oh,” Mexcatli said as he grabbed a cup from Lucas. Mexcatli liked bards they always put some spunk into stories that no one else did. “I suppose he’s going to be performing the Day of Jericho?”

“Obviously, he’d be a dimwit if he wasn’t.” Lucas said.

“I’d like to see that. Come let’s go see what else we can find.” Mexcatli said and he and his brother walked through the streets of Asgard Prime as if there was no care in the world.

Not far from where they walked a man put a way his looking glass and pocketed it. He was an older man with graying black hair. His face was rugged with a hideous scar down the left side of his face. An eye patch covered his left eye. He wore a sword on his back and he had a cloak over his clothes. A great red fox was drawn on it. The man was on a motor cycle he turned it on with a loud roar and he spoke calmly to a screen in front of him on his motor bike.

“He’s a bit young to be sent off to do this.” The man said, and a woman appeared on the screen.

“The commodore saw the resume that you sent him on the young prince. He wants the horn of Jericho to be found. The forces of the sun eater stir. Someone must find the horn before they do.” The woman responded. The woman looked a bit more mature than young, but she looked too young to be mature.

“Indeed.” The man said. “How am I going to convince him to travel halfway across the world to find a legendary horn?”

“He is young, Jacquin he seeks adventure you said so yourself.” The woman said. “Imagine a boy seeking an adventure and the first adventure that comes to him is searching for the Horn of Jericho.”

“Yes, I would have jumped at the chance as well at his age.” Foxx said he sighed. “Why does the commodore suddenly want to find the horn now?”

“The Sun Eater’s forces are stirring, Foxx, the commodore has encountered more and more of his followers who seek to free him. The horn of Jericho is one of the few things that could damage one of the prisons you know that.” He woman said.

“Aye, I know that only four do.” Jacquin said.

“And one of these four is the horn, and it is easily accessible.” The woman said. “Darkness rises my old friend we must find the horn before one of Magog’s followers do.”

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