Prince And Pride

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Lucas and The Dark Prince

In the meanwhile, back in Asgard Lucas was just now recovering from the original time he tried to turn on the particle accelerator. He had worked diligently to prevent his mistakes from before. Lucas was studying some of the algorithms from his computer and he realized something. Embedded in the algorithms was a strange looking code that he could not wrap his head around.

“What the bloody hell does that mean?” Lucas said as he came up with the same answer again. He looked at his scrawled hand writing on the paper that he had, and it made no sense to him what-so-ever. Thirteen numbers were written in thirteen different variations and they made thirteen words, at least it did when Lucas realized that the mathematics symbolized words.

“With this comes a bleak and dark future” Lucas looked at the words over, and over again. He didn’t know what it was that the letter was talking or why he would use it on his mother.

“Lucas the last thing we need is for you to become a recluse now that your brother disappeared.” Odin said behind Lucas which made Lucas jump. Lucas looked back at his father and smirked after doing so.

“You scared me half to death father.” Lucas said. “Is there still no word of my brother then?”

“None,” Odin said.

“I suppose that he might have left on some fanciful adventure like he said he was.” Lucas said.

“Did he tell you anything else anything at all as towards where he was going?” Odin said.

“No more than what I told you father.” Lucas said.

“Chasing that Horn what a stupid idea! If I ever heard of one....” Odin’s voice trailed off as he walked down the hallway beyond Lucas’s hearing.

Mexcatli’s absence had made it interesting on him and his family. His father for one seemed more worried about the fact that Mexcatli was missing than anything else. Lucas had not told his father where Mexcatli was going just because he wanted to give his brother the benefit of the doubt of knowing what he was doing but seeing his family like this really was something else. He hadn’t seen his mother in some days since Mexcatli left. Weeks have gone by now brother how far have you gotten in your travels? Lucas said it was then that he thought of visiting his mother she had not shown her face even to dinner the past few days.

Lucas looked at the equation again and he wondered what it meant about using it on his mother. It was then that he realized it was a metaphor the mother cell was a mitochondrion which means that he needed to use something on a mitochondrion.

THIS must stand for something, something that a mitochondrion might get effected by. T-cells is one of them that is something that can come from a mitochondrion. H perhaps Histamines? No, bloody hell I wish I knew what THIS meant. With THIS comes a bleak and dark future what does THIS mean? Lucas was about to head out when all the sudden he heard something fall to the floor from the side of the particle accelerator. Lucas walked over to it and saw a vile on the floor with THIS written on its side. Lucas looked at it confused. Where had it come from?

Lucas looked at the letters again, Maybe it did mean mother...but why...I am going to have to see.

Lucas pocketed the vile and headed towards his mother’s chambers. As Lucas walked, he tried figuring out the mathematical symbols again in his minde, and again it came up with the same conclusion it was a note from someone telling him to use THIS on his mother but what did THIS stand for? Am I going mad? Is it like the legends says about the mask I saw?

Lucas had heard of the stories, mad men babbling about a mask, a demonic mask plaguing their dreams. Usually they were extremely incoherent but from what he managed to decipher he knew that he did not have much time to really get to understand what was occurring with him. The mad men went mad quickly and he did not want the same faith as they.

Lucas carried the bottle with THIS scribbled on the side of it as he walked. There was something familiar about the bottle. It was as if someone wrote it who he thought he recognized the hand writing of. This is madness I don’t recognize the writing…what does THIS stand for?

Lucas made it to his mother’s room where he knocked, he still was debating what THIS stood for.

“Yes?” his mother called.

“It’s Lucas mother,” Lucas said.

“Come in,” his mother said.

Lucas opened the door and he walked in he looked around and saw his mother staring out the window.

“Did your father ever tell you about his promise he made?” his mother said.

“My father made a lot of promises,” Lucas said he eyed his mother wonderingly.

“You know of Ronja right Lucas?” his mother said.

“Father’s older daughter that died during the war,” Lucas said.

“How much do you know about her?” his mother said.

“Only that she was part Carrion.” Lucas said.

“That’s more than I think even Mexcatli knows.” His mother said sighing. “Do you ponder why your father is acting so dispersed since Mexcatli left?”

“Well his eldest son and crowned prince is missing.” Lucas said.

“So, little you know so little.” His mother said mostly to herself. “What great dangers lay for him? I wonder, he is supposed to have a traitor in his blood. Is it Odin who betrays him? Or is it someone who lays in wait amongst him did I betray him by not carrying for him as much as I should have?”

“Mother, are you well?” Lucas asked

“You father made a promise, Lucas.” His mother said suddenly as if remembering he was there. “When Mexcatli was old enough and found a decent woman to marry he would hand over what is rightfully his to him. Lady Lucy Meyers is a good woman for Mexcatli, your father saw that the other day when she was here. And with that he saw the end of his reign as King of Asgard and the beginning of the reign of Mexcatli.”

“Why would father do such a thing?” Lucas asked confused per Asgardian law the King only was replaced by his eldest child upon his death. “Unless he is stepping aside before he dies?”

“He made a promise Lucas, that he would hold reign until Mexcatli was old enough.” His mother said. “Now his promise is here, he is old enough, Lady Lucy will be a good queen for Mexcatli the heir of two empires.”

“What do you mean?” Lucas said She’s mad Mexcatli is not an heir of two empire. Ronja was the last heir of the Carrion empire she…. “Mexcatli is Ronja’s son?!”

“Your father promised her he promised her,” his mother said.

Rage began surging through Lucas. Not only is Mexcatli heir to the Asgardian Empire, but he is the heir to the Carrion Empire too? That will make him unsurpassed king of the world. Of all the blind luck that fool has! There has to be something I can do. Lucas stared at the vile in his hands and he smirked at it. Whatever THIS is it’s supposed to be the future let us see what it does. Lucas pulled the vile’s cap off and sprayed its contents on his mother.

“What was that?” his mother said after she got splashed by the contents.

“It is the future.” Lucas said shrugging he waited to see what would occur what would happen.

“The future of what?” his mother said.

Suddenly the buzzing sound of of black figures came out of nowhere and gathered around them. From the darkness came a man who was wearing a demonic mask.

“The Dark Prince!?” the woman gasped.

“Greetings Azna daughter of Hera, Usurper Queen of Asgard.” The form of Xavier said. “I have come to wreak Judgment upon you in the name of the Dark Prince!”

“I have served you Dark Prince, for years” The woman said,

“And yet the boy wields the sword of Caledfwich, and yet the boy journeys for the Horn of Jericho and yet the boy loves a Golordian traitor. Too lenient have we been upon you” the shadow said.

“I do here judge for I the Dark Prince that ye be sentenced for penance by THIS” the shadow said and Azna started babbling incoherently a bit too much for any remote way of understanding or knowing what she was talking about. Lucas was holding his hands to his head trying desperately to drown out the horrible sound. Lucas looked down trying not to hear the noise, but the swarm of shadows made a hand and pulled his face up. “You wondered what THIS was Lucas, see for yourself the glorious future!”

Lucas watched her mother squirm and shake violently as something was happening to her. Lucas was holding his head desperately still trying to drown out the noise of the swarm of the black shadows which now accompanied his mother’s scream.

“Do not worry Lucas you will get over it with time, witness the power of THIS” the shadow said as he was forced to watch his mother start changing.

Her body was ripping through her clothing as it twitched as he grew as it expanded. Her body pulsed as it twitched. Lucas watched in horror as his mother became some creature unrecognizable, an unmentionable beast. The creature that was once his mother it had utters attached to them it had six arms and just as many legs it’s disgusting half human face was at the bottom of its body. It had a scorpion’s tail and at least one thing pulsating as if it was about to lay eggs. “The Humanoid Interspecies Scorpion is what I call it, isn’t she beautiful?” the swarm of shadows laughed or it buzzed as if it was laughing.

Good lord what have I done is this my doing? Lucas thought still holding his ears a look of terror ran across his face.

“She was a good servant for me as the Dark Prince now she shall serve him even better. As THIS Azna will be a true queen, the queen of a new breed that will infect this planet!” the swarm buzzed in laughter again. “The Dark Lord thanks you Lucas, may he bless you for your assistance. We will meet again soon.”

With that the swarm was gone and so was the noise and so was THIS creature that once was his mother. Lucas looked around Did I imagine it all? Lucas looked around he saw nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing he found was his ears bleeding. But that was usual every time he heard the buzzing noise his ears would bleed.

Good lord am I really going mad? Lucas thought as he got up and walked out of his mother’s room. Behind him in the room a strange looking egg pulsed besides a cabinet his mother had in her room waiting to hatch.

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