Prince And Pride

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Stranger at the lake

Mexcatli skipped another rock through the lake as Lady Lucy watched him, she saw the rock make about 20 skips before vanishing in the depths. It seemed like they had been waiting for Foxx and Janus to come back for days, even though they probably waited at most a couple of hours. Ever since Rosen, Janus and Foxx would go on ahead of Mexcatli and Lady Lucy when they were about to enter another area, they were at the tail end of the Lake of the Serol field and they were about the enter the Valleys of Sraes just before getting into the mountains of Sraes. Mexcatli knew what was beyond the mountains of Sraes: the northern city of Nokingard.

“What’s there to see in Nokingard I’ve never been there,” Lady Lucy asked to pass the time.

“Not much, it’s much smaller than Asgard in terms of population but it’s one of the major trading districts of the planet from what my father told me.” Mexcatli said he almost hesitated and said Odin. After what Janus had said a few nights passed he was really starting to question whether he was indeed Odin’s son. “I went there myself a few times on official business with the Nokingard Viceroy, who is a good friend of my father.”

Mexcatli remembered the old Viceroy his name was simply known as Tiger. Mexcatli was unsure if that was his actual name or a name that he took on as a nickname. Mexcatli however had seen Tiger enough times to conclude that most probably the name was a nickname that stemmed from the man’s uncanny strength and speed.

“Can I ask you something that may sound odd,” Mexcatli said as he skipped another stone.

“Sure,” Lady Lucy said after she saw the rock sunk in the water. He doesn’t realize that he is keeping afloat, he can manipulate water too…perhaps he is part of the prophecy. Lady Lucy thought, this was due to the fact she was noticing the rocks were staying afloat way too long sometimes lasting 50 to 100 skips before falling. Sometimes only lasting 20, it seemed to her that he did not have very good control over it just yet but the fact that he was doing it meant something to Lucy; that Mexcatli could wield more than just lightning.

Water was the complimentary element of lightning and happened to be Lady Lucy’s specialty. She was a mistress of water as she was known. She even knew how to manipulate her body, so it could survive underwater. We complement each other so much…It’s amazing it’s almost as if we were meant to be.

“Where are you from?” Mexcatli asked. Lady Lucy skipped a step and nearly fell when she had been walking a second ago it clearly threw her. Mexcatli noted her reaction to the question Its almost the same way that Janus reacted. He observed.

“I am from Villajengard,” Lady Lucy said part of that sounded truthful but there was a way that she said the name that made Mexcatli think it was something different. She had hesitated to say the name of the country. In fact, it was almost as if she was going to call it something else but caught herself at the last moment in hopes that no one would notice, but Mexcatli noticed that slight hesitancy.

“Is Janus from there as well?” Mexcatli said.

“He was born and raised there,” Lady Lucy said that sounded a lot more truthful. Maybe Janus was born and raised in the area known as Villajengard now but if he knew Wrath that meant that Janus was over a million years old and if that was the case then it was perhaps named something else before. Mexcatli knew Villajengard was named something else before the times of Caledfwich from history lessons he had in the Royal Army but what this was called he was unsure what was the name before.

“At the risk of sounding odd, I am going to ask you something else.” Mexcatli said.

“Which is?” Lady Lucy asked.

“Who are you really?” Mexcatli said. Lady Lucy turned red when he asked her this, she looked uncomfortable and then stared at the sand beneath her feet. “I don’t like putting you on the spot, but your friend Janus is the outpoint of Asgard, he doesn’t fit in to it and to top it enough he just about confessed that he was over a million years old. And he supposedly has taken care of you since you were a little girl don’t tell me that you are over a million years old too.”

“Where I come from….” Lucy started she fidgeted with her dress and looked up solemnly at Mexcatli. “I am the equivalent of being around your age, actually a bit younger than you.”

“That doesn’t answer me,” Mexcatli said sighing.

“Mexcatli…. I wish I could explain to you a lot of things.” Lady Lucy said. “But doing that right now won’t do anything.” Including the fact that I really care about you and care about you more as time progresses. You are such a beautiful guy, Mexcatli. What I know is for me to know solely it is my father’s orders.

“I am going to have to trust you then,” Mexcatli said his eyes sparkling this flash of lightning. When this occurred Mexcatli stared at the lake in front of them. Lady Lucy knew he had sensed something, but she could not say how or why he was able to sense something the way that he was able to. Mexcatli suddenly ran to a nearby tree and scaled it with such ease. He was on top of one of the branches that was closest to the ground and he looked out into the lake as if he was looking for something. “There is something off suddenly about this lake.

“What do you mean?” Lady Lucy asked.

Mexcatli looked out at the water he knew that there was something in it something that was making him feel a bit uneasy, it was to say the least of how he felt at that moment. There was something sinister brewing in the waters and he was trying to wrap himself around what it was exactly.

“Are there bad guys who control elements like I do?” Mexcatli asked.

“Bad Guys?” Lady Lucy laughed at how Mexcatli described them. “Yes, but it’s usually because they have some sort of item of some sort that allows them to wield that element.”

“Is water one of them?” Mexcatli asked.

“There is one of those,” Lady Lucy said she sounded a bit skeptical. Truth be told she didn’t know how many weapons existed which had this ability. It was something that she only had some vague knowledge on. From the data that she knew, she knew that items existed that the original 26 members of the Universal Medical Society or UMS which then became known as the Galactic Confederacy, had created over the span of the time that the Sun Eater was setting off to dispose of them all. But at what point did they start making them she wasn’t sure. There also had been rumors around that there were pirated weapons created by other beings when they had tried to steal the weapons and had failed. Just how many pirated weapons existed she was unsure. And there could also be the possibility that there were in fact “Bad guys” who had abilities to control the elements.

The sun eater himself got his name from the ability to absorb the power of the sun and use it on anything he deemed fit. There were others, Lady Lucy was sure. Greed himself was thought to have this uncanny ability to bribe anybody that he had ever encountered. This was why he was called Greed.

“Well whatever is in the water it doesn’t feel good.” Mexcatli said. What the bloody hell is in the water? Mexcatli thought as he looked at the lake. Mexcatli saw the water ripple suddenly. He grabbed onto the hilt of his sword until he saw that it was nothing more than a lake dolphin that had come up for air. Now I am starting to be jumpy. Mexcatli however saw something clear across the lake on the other side. It was an old man with a white beard. He looked as old as the Bard Toniuth he had a sword on his back. The man clearly saw Mexcatli from what Mexcatli could tell, even behind the darkened glasses he was wearing Mexcatli could sense that the man was looking at him. But why? Mexcatli was unsure.

Curious I never met a female that can speak with dolphins.” A low voice hummed in Lady Lucy’s mind she nearly jumped but seeing how uneasy Mexcatli was crouched above a tree like a hawk or eagle looking down at his pray she did not really react.

Who are you?” Lady Lucy asked the voice in her mind

Look across the river, young lady.” the voice responded. Lady Lucy did so and saw the old man which Mexcatli had been looking at too. “My name is Alpheus Chalchiltli the dolphins call me the god of this lake. That boy is different than any being I have seen in a very long time who is he?”

“His name is Mexcatli,” Lady Lucy said.

Bringer of Lightning, curious name for a boy.” the man said.

“Alpheus!” Janus said suddenly said standing next to Lady Lucy which made Lady Lucy almost jump.

“You know the guy?” Mexcatli said.

“Yes, he is.... well my uncle.” Janus said. Mexcatli jumped off the tree and landed next to Janus.

“What do you mean he is your uncle?” Mexcatli said.

“Obviously it would be your mother’s brother,” Foxx said to Janus as he appeared. The way that he said that made it seem like they were discussing pie over tea or something like that. Mexcatli looked at both men one at a time and then he simply shrugged. He was tired of trying to understand half the things he didn’t understand about them.

“Uncle?” Lady Lucy said he looked back at the man. The man suddenly glided across the river. It was no other way to describe it he simply was gliding across the river. Within moments he appeared next to them. The man immediately glided towards Mexcatli and acted as if he was studying him.

“Curious I have not seen a new Carrion male in countless centuries.” Alpheus said looking up and down. The man studied Mexcatli’s hands and height, to Mexcatli’s dismay the man was shorter than him, it was only maybe by a hand or less, but he was none-the-less short. Mexcatli sighed when he realized it was yet another person who was shorter than he but then he realized what he said

“Carrion?” Mexcatli asked stunned. “You mean the bird people?”

“I would highly call us ‘bird people’.” Alpheus said. “You are a bit tall even for a Carrion male, probably the tallest I have ever seen.”

“Yes, yes I am the tallest man on the planet it seems.” Mexcatli said sighing. “I am not a Carrion, I am an Asgardian.”

“Yes, you have Asgardian blood in you alright,” Alpheus said. “But your eyes make you of Carrion blood second generation only one third Asgardian you my friend are more Carrion than you are Asgardian. Your eyes alone tell me that you are the descendant of the late Queen Aca Pinotochette and Gustav On Heim which makes you the son of Ronja On Heim.”

“Ronja On Heim?” Mexcatli said and he looked at Lady Lucy when he said that. Lady Lucy had asked him of that name before. Some days ago, perhaps weeks ago she had asked him if he knew that name. He had never heard of that name in his entire life, however. “I never heard of that name before.”

“Hmm...that idiot of Odin, he does not keep his promise once given.” Alpheus said. “You have a curious party Prince, what brings you two here.” Alpheus didn’t look at Janus or Lady Lucy but they both reacted as if he did. Although maybe through the thick darkened glasses he had looked at them.

“I think the better question would be why you are here Alpheus,” Janus said.

“I remained here after your last visit to this planet Janus,” Alpheus said. “Someone had to make sure that Odin did not destroy this planet before the boy grew of age. Leave it up to me to ignore the fact that maybe the boy had grown up to adulthood in my secludedness of this forest.”

“What do you mean you stayed to make sure my father didn’t blow things up?” Mexcatli said.

“Well my Lord....” Alpheus started he looked at the others and they all seemed to be worried of what he may say. “I can’t really disclose that to you. One thing I feel I can disclose to you however is the fact that you and your party should not go beyond here without a bit of training especially the girl.”

“What does Lady Lucy have anything to do with it?” Mexcatli asked.

“Well if the dolphins are right about her, she is the first female of another species that can communicate with water and the dolphins in a very long time.” Alpheus said. “Since my sister was here. And you Prince, I am afraid I can’t let you pass until you know a bit about what you are really getting yourself into because I am almost positive that my counterparts have not filled you in on everything. Because they are waiting for the right moment.”

“We aren’t waiting for the right moment Alpheus.” Janus said.

“Then you are leading him blindly?” Alpheus asked. “I doubt that the Admiral would have allowed you to do that in that manner. So where do I begin?”

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