Prince And Pride

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In the beginning there was a darkness and then came like a whisper through the night. COME TO LIFE! It wasn’t said for how long or to what extent all that it was said was LIVE. Eons passed, and life began surviving on planets just forming after the creation of this universe. Something had postulated this universe into existence something made this universe real to everyone. It was of course agreed upon that this was reality and it was good.

But from this came darkness. There came beings who sought to enslave and control others and these were called the FREE. Lead by the idea that none should survive but those that seek to destroy others the free began enslaving others. With a banner that stated that if one did not survive, they were weak and so they should not then survive. It was from this that they ravaged the universe into a wasteland that was until he came

The story goes that eons ago a being named Hanuman’s home world was attacked by the Trimurti. Lead by the then leader of the trimurti was none other than destroyer Lord Shiva. It was said that Hanuman was a young man…well Monkey back then on his planet. His was a peaceful planet they were known as thought people. People with deep philosophies and sought no more than explorations of knowledge. They wanted to know things.

He was always seen as a prankster, a young man just getting into adulthood who would always do some foolhardy thing such as send friends of his floating in the air as he had lifted the gravity from them. Or he himself floating lighter than or perhaps even flying. It was this power that frightened people it frightened those around them it frightened the free when they found out.

A being that controlled gravity. Such power was almost godly. For gravity was one of the things that is everywhere. It was the stuff that made black holes, the stuff that destroyed suns, moons and planets. Gravity is something that was not to be trifled with.

Despite the warnings from Hanuman about Lord Shiva the trimurti portrayed themselves as being just that. People who were free of anything that anyone else would get bound by some sort of slave machine. Or so they decreed. Those who seek to perish along with the quest for freedom are unworthy of the freedom that they are given. So, goes the motto of the Trimurti. And they went around spreading this philospophy.

They pretended to give help to the planet. They gave the planet quick and easy answers. They were not thought people they were born out of a sea of ammonia. So, the Trimurti claimed that they were nor more intelligent than a basic animal, they had carnal insticts to mate defecate eat and sleep. So, they were no more than just that, animals. Hanuman did not accept this.

“Years went by and Hanuman remained defiant he was not going to let the Trimurti win. Eventually the remnants of the Trimurti allied with the then leader of the FREE, General Manuel Ichim or as Hanuman came to coin him General Manic, they began to create things that they called freedom chambers, by the time, by that time Lord Leonard had taken over as the leader.”

“So, what did Lord Leonard do about it?” Mexcatli asked as Alpheus stared deeply into the flames of the fire that they had made. Alpheus had taken liberty to talk to Mexcatli about the mysterious Hanuman and how it led eventually to the new leader of their group and Lady Lucy’s father a man by the name of Lord Leonard Myers.

“At first he was surviving even though members of the free were threating his life. Those around him started to suffer because of his rebellion. But the simplest rebellion it was at that. All he was doing was not letting them control him.” Alpheus said. This Tetzolchil fellow sounds like a man who was well too self-determined to allow himself to be controlled by these beings called the free. Mexcatli thought to himself.

It was true from what he learned about the leader of their group, this man named Tetzolchil he was someone that you would not stir the wrong way. He controls gravity! By the lord and here I am worried about being able to control lightning. I wonder what would happen if he someone really did anger him.

“He never really got too angry about that,” Alpheus said as if he had read what Mexcatli had said in his thoughts. But it was simply coincidental there was nothing more than simple happenstance that Alpheus had responded in such a way. “That was until the free tried to trap him.”

“Or at least they tried,” Alpheus said simply.

“What do you mean that they tried?” Mexcatli said.

“I mean just that,” Alpheus said. “There are things out there my boy, of which only in your deepest nightmares could you think about. The things that the free use to try and subdue others are one of these said things.”

“But we can get into a forever if we start talking about that,” Alpheus said.

“Very well,” Mexcatli said. “You were saying about the free?”

“Oh yes,” Alpheus said. “There are 13 members of the free you know of three actually now that I think about it. Those members are actually part of an elite faction called the Iron Hand.”

“Three?” Mexcatli repeated.

“Yes,” Alpheus said. “Construct the fool who is here on this planet one, that thing you fought earlier Diablam or whatever his name was, and Xavier Yanez Zuniga is the third and possibly the most dangerous because he is not imprisoned and because he is here with the power of the Mask Of Damus.”

“Who is this Xavier fellow?” Mexcatli said. “Janus acts like he knows him but that would mean that Janus is over a million years old.”

“There are other planets where people age a lot slower than they do here on this planet, prince.” Alpheus said. “At least the Asgardians age quite fast but we of Carrion blood do not age quite as fast. Even so, theare are other things that are in factor here.”

“I’ve heard of that before.” Mexcatli said which was true, the Carrions were thought to have ageless years of a lifespan he never thought that it would entail millions of years. “Does that mean I will not age as fast?”

“Being, part Carrion I am surprised that you are nearing adulthood,” Alpheus said. “And yet you do not show that you are reaching it at the same time you look like you are still a young man growing much like Lucy is still a young woman growing even though she is hundreds of years old. Gift of being part Carrion, I suppose.”

“That’s exciting,” Mexcatli said snorting he always did have a thing for older women. “But that brings back the question just who is this Xavier fellow.”

“Xavier is known as Dark Prince.” Alpheus said simply. “He is the most dangerous man that is on this planet now, that I am aware of at least. What could be worse is if his top general Albert Kingus Kongus was here as well then we would all be in serious trouble.”

“Well now you throw another name, first tell me of Xavier.” Mexcatli said.

“There is a reason why Xavier was named the Dark Prince.” Alpheus said.

“That being?” Mexcatli asked.

“He is raw hatred incarnate.” Alpheus said.

“But why?” Mexcatli said.

“He got himself into power by killing his parents, raping his sister and law and fathering a child.” Allpheus said and Mexcatlli gaped.

“But what is his deal with Janus?” Mexcatli said.

“I married his sister,” Janus said and Mexcatli jumped in place. He had forgotten that Janus was there, he had forgotten that any one else was there even Lady Lucy. He was too enthralled by the tale of these deadly sins that Alpheus was talking about.

“And for that he hates you?” Mecatli asked and Janus nodded.

“You must understand prince having the Dark Prince here is even more deadly than having Conrad Structhem and his entire Axis Army the man is pure hatred.” Alpheus said. “He will stop at nothing to get that horn to free the one you call Magog.”

“That is another question I have how is it that that horn can break the prison when even Magog himself can’t?” Mexcatli said.

“It is only thought it can by the free and feared that it can by everyone else.” Alpheus said. “And so, I must teach you.”

“Teach me what?” Mexcatli said.

“I may not be a lightning wielder the last was long dead millions of years ago, but I can still teach you things.” Alpheus said.

“He knows more than he leads on Alpheus,” Janus said in a warning tone.

“If he does then so be it.” Alpheus said he looked at Mexcatli through his darkened glasses. “The first thing you must learn is to counter your enemies’ weakness what do you think my weakness is?”

“If you can control water than I am your weakness.” Mexcatli said shrugging.

“Don’t be so pompous until you know enough to be such.” Alpheus said.

“Very well then show me.” Mexcatli said.

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