Prince And Pride

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Paths of water and lightning

“The path of water and the path of lightning intertwine.” Alpheus said to Mexcatli. It was now his second week of being here studying under Alpheus. If it were up to him, he would have left 10 days ago but he was out voted, and he really did not want to fend for himself against whatever else was out there in the forest or let alone the next neighboring city. If Kenton was anything like Rosen, well he best spent as much as he could training for what lay ahead.

“Along time ago your ancestor was married to a woman who controlled water.” Alpheus said.

“Come again?” Mexcatli said.

“Yes, it’s not widely known, Adrian was one of the first of the warriors of light to die at the hands of one of the Trimurti.” Alpheus said. Mexcatli gave this look as if he had heard that name before. But where then he suddenly heard Charles’s voice when he first stumbled upon his prison when he was a boy.

“I heard that name before.” Mexcali said.

“From who?” Alpheus said.

“Does it really matter?” Mexcatli said.

“No, I suppose not.” Alpheus said he looked out at Lucy who was trying to catch fish by rolling up her sleeves and making water jump up with fish in it. A trick that Alpheus had taught her days ago. “Do you like her Prince?”

“Lucy is alright,” Mexcatli said shrugging. “I keep thinking that there is a better person out there for me.….err…other girls that I liked in the past. They just don’t seem to be for me.”

“I understand,” Alpheus said he suddenly got up. Mexcatli looked at him and he somehow got Lucy to stop. Janus and Foxx had been roasting fish a second ago they too were…listening. As if they were trying to hear whatever they heard again.

“Atlas,” Janus said smirking.

“Are you sure?” Alpheus said.

“I don’t forget idiot fugitives that have gotten away from me.” Janus said he grabbed the sword from his scabbard and it started glowing a serious plasmatic blue.

“He is a Master at Arms, dealt a lot with fugitives.” Alpheus explained.

“I was more wondering about that sword of his,” Mexcatli said.

“Anti-matter weapon.” Janus said he looked around trying to see where this Atlas was coming from. “Atlas is a no-good thug, he was wanted on ten planets for grand theft and looting, there was a hit on him, but I managed to silence those who wanted to kill him and nearly brought him to justice.”

“What happened?” Mexcatli asked.

“He disappeared off of the radar now I know where he has been for the last million years.” Janus said. “There you are!” Janus suddenly jumped easily fifteen feet in the air and clashed with another man who had a spear in his hand. The both landed on opposite ends and looked back. “You little weasel.”

Janus charged at Atlas. Mexcatli saw it all before it happened. Janus was a good sword master he was quick and to the point his wrists were quick, but they were being blocked by Atlas. Atlas had to him upper body strength probably from use of that spear he carried around. He blocked Janus’s attacks before he reached him entirely.

Atlas spun his spear and fended Janus back. Janus fell back but he didn’t look thoroughly dissuaded by Atlas.

“You are not getting away from me this time,” Janus said.

“You are always such a cop Janus.” Atlas said as he charged at Janus.

Mexcatli saw it all. Atlas used his spear to propel himself at Janus, but Janus countered it by blocking with something like the windmill falls at noon, a maneuver that required a lot of skill and dexterity and yet Janus did it with great ease and while falling back. Janus countered when he blocked with a windmill motion and lunged at Atlas with a maneuver that looked like Rising Scorpion. Atlas fell back but he used his spear to straighten himself and attacked again.

“They seem evenly matched,” Foxx said.

“No, Janus is toying with him.” Alpheus said. “Just end it Janus.”

“What?” Janus said he looked at Alpheus and he shrugged. “Very well.”

Mexcatli saw it, he saw what Janus was doing first Janus motioned his hand over his sword quickly making his sword burn bluer. He then motioned his wrist in a three o’clock position and lowered his right hand to the hilt of the sword. Janus then charged at Atlas. Atlas lunged at Janus with his spear which Janus was waiting for and broke with a side swipe of the sword.

Before Atlas could react, Janus had grabbed him and threw him on the floor. Janus grabbed cuffs from his back and then placed them on Atlas’s hands he then touched them with his hands and they glowed blue like his sword. Janus sheathed the sword and hit Atlas with the butt of the sword. Atlas fell to the floor unconscious.

“You’re under arrest you son of a pig.” Janus said.

“If you could have done that why didn’t you do that earlier?” Mexcatli asked.

“Where is the fun in that?” Janus asked.

“Are we going to interrogate him?” Mexcatli said.

“Why?” Janus asked.

“He may know something.” Mexcatli said.

“Get out of here he is low on the food chain.” Janus said snorting.

“Even the lowest mutt may know what the master is cooking.” Mexcatli said.

“I’m not wasting my time if you want to you can.” Janus said shrugging.
“Then so be it.” Mexcatli said.

A while later Mexcatli poked at Atlas with a stick.

“Are you seriously poking him with a stick?” Janus said from where he stood away from Mexcatli and Atlas who was sitting in front of him.

“Hey, you refused to interview him.” Mexcatli said shrugging.

“Damn it,” Atlas said stirring. He was an older man with a graying beard he had a stern look to his face and had this feel to him that made one thing he was too old to be a fugitive.

“Hello sunshine,” Mexcatli said.

“Sunshine!?” Janus said slapping his forehead.

“Oh, shut up and let me do the talking.” Mexcatli said to him then he turned to Atlas. “So what do you know?”

“You seriously think I would tell you anything?” Atlas said.

“See I told you he knows nothing.” Janus said.

“Yeah, I suppose we can drop him off of this cliff then.” Mexcatli sighed. Atlas looked shocked and he looked around behind him was a log which he was tied to but behind that was a sheer drop of at least 200 feet into jagged rocks down a water fall.

“Your bluffing.” Atlas pronounced.

“Bluffing?” Mexcatli asked he kicked Atlas a tad and he inched back several inches closer to the cliff edge. “We don’t have time to bluff.”

“You’re not really tossing me over the edge, are you?” Atlas said sounding nervous.

“Hey that was Janus’s idea apparently you can be sentenced on the spot by a Master at Arms he said death sentence for your murders.” Mexcatli shrugged. “I said what if you had information and convinced him you probably did so you should thank me for still being alive now.”

“I will thank you for nothing.” Atlas said Mexcatli kicked him again and he inched back even closer to the edge.

“I would be a little bit politer, if I were you.” Mexcatli said.

“I told you he knows nothing,” Janus said. “Just toss him over the cliff and get it over with.”

“You know something right?” Mexcatli said poking him with the stick. “What do you know?”

“I don’t know anything,” Atlas said.

“Geeze,” Mexcatli said he was about to boot him again.

“Wait….” Atlas said and Mexcatli stopped. “I know that Wrath got into power and he is running the show now.”

“We suspected that,” Janus said.

“He wants you all dead, he will probably send The Gorilla here after you next now that I failed.” Atlas said sighing.

“The Gorilla?” Mexcatli said.

“He is a servant of Xavier,” Janus said. “And he is extremely dangerous and powerful.”

“You idiots won’t know what hit you.” Atlas said.

“Your manners are gone again.” Mexcatli sighed raising his boot.

“Wait!” Atlas said and Mexcatli stopped again. “He thinks he knows where the horn is, he is gathering as many of Pride’s army as he can before invading her territory.”

“Her territory?” Mexcatli said.

“Opochatli, the Duchess of Viallajingard.” Atlas said.

“The last of the Carrion cities, of course,” Alpheus said. “I should have suspected the Carrions would have had the horn. Perhaps out of respect for your mother they have kept it to themselves.”

“So now we know where it is,” Mexcatli said.

“You are letting me go right?” Atlas said.

“Nope,” Mexcatli said punching Atlas unconscious again and grabbing the log before it toppled over. “There you go, see I told you he knew something.”

“I stand corrected.” Janus said shrugging. He then walked over to the unconscious Atlas and put a strange thing on him. Within seconds he vanished without a trace. “For a moment I thought you were going to kick him over the edge.”

“I would have probably,” Mexcatli said shrugging he wasn’t afraid of harming another in a justifiable cause. “He did almost kill us.”

“My original assessment of you is perhaps faulty.” Janus said.

“What do you mean by that?” Mexcatli asked.

“You are a better warrior than I initially thought.” Janus said he suddenly threw his hands to his sides and when he did, they were glowing a bright blue.

“Oh great,” Alpheus said sighing. “We don’t have time for this Janus.”

“What are you doing?” Mexcatli asked.

“He doesn’t like being out done by people,” Lady Lucy said smacking her head. “Alexander are you really going to fight Mexcatli just to prove a point?”

“Stay out of this Lucy, this is between him and me.” Janus said.

“Are you out of your mind?” Mexcatli said. Mexcatli threw up his hands and he sighed. “If you want to fight then fight me.” Mexcatli didn’t like people who thought too highly of themselves. It was something that Mexcatli saw in Janus, he thought he was probably the strongest by far in the group. Truth be told Mexcatli thought that Janus was by far. Especially after seeing him toy with the much bigger and seemingly stronger Atlas.

It was all like Mexcatli thought it was. Janus was thinking he could easily defeat him if he just toyed with Mexcatli like Janus had done with Atlas. Janus attacked Mexcatli with a series of jabs, cross arms and swipes of his hands. Mexcatli saw it all coming so he blocked them all before they even reached them. But Janus wasn’t noticing that Mexcatli was way ahead of him. Mexcatli saw each move that Janus was trying to do. Even with the anti-mater plasmatic energy flowing through his punches they weren’t doing much harm to Mexcatli because he was catching them before they gathered enough force to hit him for real.

“You think that you are so great, don’t you?” Janus said angrily as he tried to kick Mexcatli in the chin.

Mexcatli saw it though he saw Janus’s left leg start to compress as to strike. He anticipated the thrust by seeing how much Janus was pushing onto his leg muscle, Janus wouldn’t right away go for the gut, he was too arrogant of his mastery of fighting to something like that, no Janus would go for the knock out blow quickly against an opponent he thought he out matched. However, Mexcatli saw it as it was happening and stopped Janus’s kick to the face by grabbing Janus’s leg before it hit him.

“So, you blocked by Fut K Podorodok? Very well I am a master at Boyevyye Iskusstuva have more from where that came from. Sleva Lokot K Podorodok.”

Mexcatli saw Janus’s left elbow tense up as he was talking and knew that Janus was still trying to knock him out. Janus was going to use the momentum from his body turning left to hit Mexcatli in the chin with his elbow. But Mexcatli saw it happening as it was happening, so he easily stopped the blow from hitting him. Mexcatli was trained in the Asgardian Army he knew how to defend himself well so blocking blows with his bare hands wasn’t something new.

“I am not the one who thinks greatly of himself Janus.” Mexcatli said.

“Skorpion Zhalo,” Janus said Mexcatli saw it though. Janus tensing up his right arm for an upper cut Mexcatli backed up with his head raised making Janus think that it had connected. Janus then grabbed his right arm and pulled Mexcatli towards him.

Mexcatli saw Janus’s left leg tense up and so he prepared for a kick to the right side of his gut and he managed to put his elbow there before Janus could hit his abdomen. Janus the circled his right arm over the top and Mexcatli saw it head towards his head. Mexcatli stopped the arm in mid strike and he stunned Janus for half a second but not to be outwitted Janus tensed up his left arm as to attack his side. Judging from the way he was preparing it Mexcatli was easily able to determine that Janus was going to try to knock the wind out of him.

Mexcatli quick lowered his elbow and struck Janus arm away from him and countered with a calf bend, a strike at the space in the back of the leg, you know the area where your knee joins the upper part of your leg to the lower part yeah that part. This caused Janus to tumble back but Mexcatli grabbed Janus and pulled his head towards him and locked it in between his right arm and is gut. He then pulled his weight down and face planted Janus onto the floor. Mexcatli got back up and Janus held his head and wiped the blood off of it.

“Tkihiy Noch’?” Janus said rubbing his forehead. “How is it that you were able to perform that maneuver?”

“I don’t know what you just said,” Mexcatli said honestly.

“Very well I will not let my guard down,” Janus said.

“Will you knock it off!” Alpheus said. “We don’t have time for your games Janus.”

“Quite old man!” Janus said. “Ognon Stil’.”

The blue aura that Mexcatli had seen earlier appeared all around Janus’s body. Mexcatli saw from where though, it came from the sword on his back. The sword must be some sort of conductor of dark matter which acted as a sort of vessel for Janus. Janus then some how was able to channel it through his body. It must be this Boyevyye Iskusstva that has made him able to use the dark matter. Mexcatli assessed.

If that sword of his is the source of the anti-matter energy, then removing it from him would render him basically harmless. Mexcatli thought

“Ognon Udar,” Janus said.

Mexcatli saw the anti-matter energy flow from the sword through him and condense in his right arm. Mexcatli put his arms out and caught the punch even if it was stronger than he thought it was, as it sent him flying up from the force of the blow. Mexcatli did manage to catch it and the shock of Mexcatli being able to do that distracted Janus long enough for Mexcatli to grab the sword from Janus’s back.

“I’ll take that, thank you.” Mexcatli said as he grabbed the sword and then grabbed Janus and shoulder tossed him down to the ground.

Mexcatli landed on the floor and he looked at Janus’s sword. It looked like any other sword, but it had a pocket inside of it. A pocket where anti-matter seemed to emanate. Mexcatli pondered about it before he tossed it towards Alpheus and extended his arm out to Janus.

“You are a good fighter I must admit that.” Mexcatli said

“How the devil, were you able to do that?” Janus said he looked like he wasn’t going to take Mexcatli’s arm, but he did and Mexcatli pulled himself up.

“I am an Asgardian soldier,” Mexcatli said. “I trained in the Asgardian Army, we learned to handle ourselves in hand to hand combat and counter basically anything as long as you can figure out how the mechanics work. I of course extrapolated on it and designed my own fighting style. I am working on the name for it right now the going name is Molinya Volk. Lightning Wolf.”

“You and your wolves,” Foxx said snorting.

“I can say the same thing about you and foxes.” Mexcatli shrugged.

“Its different I got my name you just name everything after wolves.” Foxx said.

“In any event I think we overstayed our welcome here,” Mexcatli said. “We should start heading out.”

“Who died and made you boss?” Janus asked.

“Nobody died and made me boss, its just bare facts.” Mexcatli said. “We need to keep moving in case you haven’t noticed the bad guys know where the horn is, and if they get there before we do well, I don’t want to know what happens if they free the chaos beast.”

“He’s right Alexander.” Lady Lucy said. It was the first time that Mexcatli noticed something about her, her features weren’t the same as they used to be. Her brown feathery hair had gradually gotten darker, her pale skin was a hue of bronze now. Perhaps it was the weeks that had passed since he first met her that had made her change. Perhaps it was something else that was going on.”

“Very well can I have my sword back then?” Janus said.

“No,” Alpheus said.

“I am the ranking officer here, I should have my bloody sword.” Janus said.

“Look no one cares about your rank.” Mexcatli started. “You attacked me and until you get your head together, we are not giving you your sword back nor are we keeping our backs to you.”

“I am not going to betray you, if that’s what you are worried about.” Janus said.

“To some degree you already had Janus,” Mexcatli said and he turned around and started heading North East through the forest.

“He has the makings of a great leader.” Alpheus said mostly to himself and he followed Mexcatli with Foxx and Lady Lucy shortly behind them. Janus sighed, and he followed them.

A short distance away a drop of liquid metal ran down a tree. More drops puddled around and began to move across the floor. The puddle soon reached a foot of a metal man.

“The Asgardian Prince here?” the metal man said. He was massive, although he was still probably shorter than Mexcatli, he still was a man to behold. He was very wide very strong looking. He looked like he could break a tree in half with a single blow. “I must tell the Duchess.” And he suddenly liquefied into a puddle of silver and slithered away.

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