Prince And Pride

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Lucas's Lust

“Calculations,” Lucas said looking at the calculations on his board. He has spent days trying to figure out what had happened. “Did it really happen?” Lucas said to himself as he looked over the calculations again and again. “Mexcatli was right that thing is devil’s sent.”

Lucas looked over at the particle accelerator, if he had not messed with it he would have never gotten into this situation in the first place. His mother would not have become that….thing.

“Lucas you are still cooped up in here?” a voice said behind him and he turned around and saw his mother standing there.

“Mother?” Lucas said sounding shocked. “You are well?”

“Yes, why do you ask?” his mother wondered.

“Its nothing,” Lucas said Lord did I really imagine it all? he thought.

“Why don’t you go out for some fresh air?” His mother said.

“That would be a good idea.” Lucas said. “Has there been any word from Mexcatli?”

“No,” his mother said. “And it has your father worried sick. I just hope Mexcatli is safe out there. I don’t know where he is or why he left the way that he did. I just hope that he is doing well.”

“As do I,” Lucas said.

“Well don’t forget to go out a bit,” his mother said.

“I won’t.” Lucas said his mother parted and Lucas stared back at the particle accelerator. He sighed I need to destroy this thing it’s driving me mad. Lucas however decided to postpone it at least long enough so that he could at least get some fresh air.

Asgard Prime hadn’t changed much since Mexcatli had left. At least the day of Jericho was long behind them. What was odd was that Odin had ordered that one would talk about that diamond creature that had appeared. And Odin had not mentioned the sword of Caledfwich disappearing. Odin was keeping very good public relations about where Mexcatli was. Away, usually was what Odin had responded and when he was asked, “where to” Odin responded with: “Just away.”

Lucas didn’t quite think people were happy with that answer. He knew that he himself would not have been happy if he was given that answer. Then again what could his father say? Odin did not even know that Mexcatli was heading towards Villajengard. The ice kingdom. It seemed like eons ago that he and Mexcatli had gone up there to talk trade with the Duchess, Opochatli (or so that’s what he thought her name was he could have been wrong.) She was a gorgeous woman, young from what Lucas remembered could not have been older than Mexcatli and if she was it may have been only by a few months perhaps even weeks older.

Lucas remembered her well, she would have made an interesting wife if had pursued her. Mexcatli had no interest in her, Lucas remembered asking why and Mexcatli had responded, “There is most likely another girl out there for me. Though the Duchess is beautiful I just don’t seem myself with her.”

“Always the modest one aren’t you, brother” Lucas said out loud.

Lucas wondered about Mexcatli and his journey he almost wished he had gone with him. Perhaps things would have been different had Lucas gone with him. Perhaps he would not have started hallucinating things the way that he has been.

“Perhaps with my brother gone….” Lucas’s thought strayed. He envied his brother he wanted no part of a world with him as leader. He never did. He just pretended to like his brother, but he hated him with such pure and unadulterated malice. “Why was it that I was in his shadow for so long? He doesn’t even look like our parents! Yes, he is the son of Ronja I forgot that bitch who thought she could rule the world being the eldest daughter a half-breed mutt!”

Lucas laughed, it was more of a cackle. Lucas walked and breathed in and out. These dark thoughts weren’t new to him he had thought of them before. But he thought them gone he had not had them in a very long time. Lucas managed to scrimmage himself into a bar where he sat down and ordered a drink. Lucas looked disheveled and wasn’t wearing his emerald green attire so he was not easily recognizable. The bartender brought him the drink and he gulped it in one shot.

“Give me a few more,” Lucas said. The man nodded and prepared him three more shot glasses and then went off to tend to another customer.

“Then I saw when the lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, ‘Come.’ I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a scepter a great scepter of pestilence; and then a crown was denied to him, outraged he went out conquering and to conquer with a great plague to make all suffer. All will suffer who had denied him his kingdom.” A woman said next to Lucas he was startled at first, he hadn’t seen her a second ago. It was curious because she was kind of hard to miss.

She was a gorgeous woman. She was tall, taller than Lucas was but still probably shorter than Mexcatli. Is any one taller than Mexcatli? Lucas wondered. The woman was a bit older than he was she looked more mature, Lucas could not asses however how much older, she seemed about Mexcatli’s age if not a tad older. She had light brownish-beige hair going down the side of her head it was being held up by a blue hair pin on her right side of her face. On the pin there was a decorative blue rose. It of course wasn’t a real rose.

The woman had amazing frost blue eyes, the most beautiful blue eyes Lucas had ever seen. They looked like ice though, cold and piercing ice. Her face was a bit oval shape it was being caressed by the bangs down her somewhat short hair. Her nose was like a button on her face it was very cute and her mouth was pursed as if she was annoyed with something. The woman had long legs, Lucas had to guess that her legs were longer than the top part of her body, it didn’t look unnatural though they looked very beautiful in her too short for comfort dress. She had black stockings on and midnight blue heels that would turn the attention of any girl in envy or any guy in lust.

The woman was wearing a very short midnight blue dress it was backless and rounded off at the small of her back. It was hooked up at the top to the back of her neck. On her neck itself was an interesting necklace it was almost like a collar it was black, and it had a snow flake shaped crystal in the center of it.

“What did you just say?” Lucas asked.

“It’s a part of a prophecy,” the woman said her voice was almost song like, but it was full of melancholy at the same time.

“What sort of prophecy?” Lucas wondered.

“Does it matter?” The woman said swinging her legs a bit, almost seductively.

“No, I suppose not,” Lucas said he turned back to his drink and downed another shot.

“Do you rather drink you way out of misery or speak to a woman who is sitting next to you?” the woman said.

“I am sure you don’t want to be around me,” Lucas said. “Sometimes I wonder if I am losing my sense of reason.”

‘“And from his hands come a punishment, a punishment worse than death. As he brings a plague worse than any plague known to the cosmos a plague that is a cancer to all living things and he will rejoice in the blessings of the Dark Prince.”’ The woman recited.

“The blessings of the what?” Lucas asked.

“The Dark Prince my sweet,” the woman said her frost blue eyes looking almost serpent like beneath her cold as ice stare. “Do you not enjoy what the dark one has sent you? Do I not please you by the way I look?”

“What the devil are you talking about?” Lucas said he stared at her wildly her eyes looked even more like a serpent than a few seconds prior. But despite that she still looked amazingly gorgeous far more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen.

“The Dark Prince my sweet,” the woman said. “He sent me to you, the great Xavier Yanez Zuniga looks out for people in your position.”

“My position?” Lucas said he squirmed when the woman said the name of the chaos beast out loud. People of Asgard called him Magog “the unnamed” as the name means. Not like what many texts say that the name means chaos beast. Lucas had figure that out on his own. If it was chaos beast the name would have been something else.

“Yes, you lust for power.” The woman said. “Companionship, revenge everything the dark one can give you. And I am the icing of the cake if you will. I can consummate the agreement if you catch my drift.”

“Come again?” Lucas said.

“Please Lucas don’t be so shocked you have been dealing with things you shouldn’t have the dark one took note of that.” The woman said. “He needs a scientific mind like you on our side. We can do much with a man like you in our ranks.”

“You’re crazy I am not joining your Dark Prince,” Lucas said.

“And you don’t want to exact your revenge on this planet?” the woman asked. Lucas froze when the woman said this. “The Dark Prince knows everything Lucas, you want the kingdom to yourself, Asgard is first and then any other planet around here. Everything will die in your wake or suffer long and agonizing. But not you, you will be the left arm of the dark one, second only to Greed in rank. And I am your prize my sweet are you ready to unwrap me? I ache for your pe….”

“No!” Lucas got up and he ran away from the woman in fear.

Lucas stumbled outside, and he stumbled around until he was far away from the bar. There he stopped and caught his breath.

“What the hell is happening?” Lucas said.

“I told you already,” the woman said standing next to him Lucas jumped three feet back and stumbled to the floor. “I am the dark one’s prize for you don’t you want me don’t you want to fill me don’t you want to caress me and my bre….”

“ENOUGH I HAVE NO SAY FOR YOU!” Lucas said he got up and ran away from the woman again. He ran quickly through the streets the flashes of the woman pulsated in his head. Pictures of her nude form flowing in, pictures of her submitting to his will as he mated her, pictures of her glorious skin being soothed by his hands. Lucas tried to get the pictures out of his head.

Lucas looked around the crowded streets it looked like he was free of the woman. But there he stood in front of a strange looking church he had never seen before. It was a black church with a strange sun shaped symbol on the door the sun had these two serpents crossing each other. A man with a cloak pulled over his head appeared at the door.

“I’m impressed with you,” that dark voice said again. “Not many men can disobey a command from Lust.”

“Who are you?” Lucas said. It was some sort of projection of a man with

“I am Hunraken, prophet of the Dark Prince!” the man said.

“I want no part in the dark one’s dealings!” Lucas said.

“Oh?” the man said. “Really? Don’t look now Lucas On Heim but the dealings of the dark one started the moment you turned on that particle accelerator for the first time.”

“What do you mean?” Lucas said.

“Anything that will happen to this planet Lucas, will be because of you.” The man said.

“You lie!” Lucas said.

“You turned on the particle accelerator this alerted the Dark Prince to this location. Which then entailed to your brother journeying off to find the Horn of Jericho.” The man said.

“You guys are not real,” Lucas said holding his head.

“Enough!” Hunraken said. “We are called the Iron Hand, I am the prophet of the Dark Prince. Sandra over there is a direct servant of the Dark Prince she came here looking for you.”

“I am not joining you!” Lucas said.

“Sandra maybe you should strip to show him what he’s missing.” Christopher said.

“Don’t tell me to do that!” Sandra said.

“I’ve had enough of you,” Lucas said, and he turned around and started to walk away when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

“Going away I see?” a projection of a man with black glasses stood in his path. It was eerie man. A man like no other man he had ever seen before. The man was as tall as Mexcatli, hell he looked just like Mexcatli except for the black glasses. “Figures, I told everyone you would.”

“Who the hell are you now?” Lucas said backing away from the man.

The man was a spitting image of Mexcatli, just as tall just as thin. The same type of hair style the same chin the same pretty much everything. But where Mexcatli was good and resonated all good this man was evil.

“They call me many things.” The man said he pulled down his bandana over his eyes.

“Adam Live?!” Lucas said he felt faint.

“We came to offer you greatness Lucas.” The man said, and Lucas felt his head spinny.

“Greatness?” Lucas said. “And what do you want in exchange my soul?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” The man said. “In exchange we want you of course.”

“Me?” Lucas said.

“Yes you,” The fallen said.

“We can rule this planet sweety,” Sandra said. “Together I can be your empress I will be able to subdue so many men and women too they will come to you like a pack of wolves come to a heard of sheep.”

“Why do you want me?” Lucas said.

“It is you who want us,” the man said. “Do not deny it Lucas you want more than what you are given here. I offer you more.”

“What must I do?” Lucas said.

“Bow before the great lord of darkness and claim yourself to him.” The man said.

“It’s you again!” Lucas said talking like he was mad seemingly swatting at nothing.

“Hmm you took longer than I did,” the man said “Perhaps it’s different this time around. Whatever you cannot escape your fate Lucas.”

“A fate worse than death?” Lucas said.

“It’s not so bad,” Sandra said her seductive serpent-like eyes piercing into Lucas’s mind. Flashes of her built up in his mind. He tried to resist it. Lucas realized the woman was doing this, she somehow was putting images of her in his mind.

“Get out of my head!” Lucas said.

“Don’t resist it Lucas,” the shadows suddenly called to him. “Bow to the Dark Prince and receive a great prize a beautiful willing wife and a kingdom the kingdom of Asgard will come to you when you relinquish to the dark one.”

“The idiot is a little chicken sh….” Christopher started but he was suddenly bopped over the head by Hunraken with a staff that he had.

“Gee Christopher don’t you know when to shut up?” Hunraken said.

“Maybe I should show him what he’s missing.” Sandra said she reached around her neck and un-hooked the collar which was supporting her dress up. The dress fell to the floor. She kicked it to the side. Lucas felt a great pressure around his forehead it was squeezing his temples. He tried to look away from her, but she was so gorgeous so luring in her natural form. “Do I not please you Lucas? Does your reward not fit you?”

Lucas fell to his knees he couldn’t stand the pressure in his head anymore. Sandra walked seductively towards him and braced his head to her abdomen when she was close enough.

“Serving the Dark Prince isn’t full of pain and suffering like serving the light. God takes away things that one most wants. The Dark Prince gives rewards to those who fallow him unlike God, God never does things like that.” Sandra said her piercing eyes reaching ever deeper into Lucas’s eyes. Flashes of her entered his mind poking and prowling making his head hurt and feel as if a vice was crushing in around his head. “Like you God forsook me, he denied me what I wanted the most he put me in a family where my very father denied me. All because all I wanted to do was to mate with everybody, I was denied love by God, Lucas and you were denied a kingdom the dark lord brings you your kingdom and he brings me love. I will love you Lucas like no good light fallowing wench can, I will love other women for you or men if you like that.”

“I can’t,” Lucas said he tried to look away.

“The dark one does not punish Lucas only the light punishes.” Sandra said putting her hands to his chin and putting his face up. Lucas heard a crack of thunder above and he saw a flash of black lightning streak by. Soon rain began to fall a huge torrential down pour. “Embrace the darkness my sweet and take me as your prize.”

“She will make a great queen Lucas, you know that.” The Shadows told him. “Think of it a woman by your side who can lure millions under her just by her looks alone. You will be impossible to be defeated even those who rival you will be befallen by her beauty.”

Lucas did not doubt that. Sandra was a gorgeous woman. Her wet form was within his hands now she was amazing lush and willing.

“What must I do?” Lucas asked. It was a dangerous question to ask.

“The dark one needs an army,” Locust said. “He thinks you are the best man for the job of building it.”

“What do you mean?” Lucas asked.

“An army has to be built,” Locust explained. “You saw THIS earlier, more creatures like that need to be made. The unmentionables would rise from you.”

“If you made that thing,” Lucas started. “Then why can’t you make more?”

“I am still on my way here,” Locust said. “I will not arrive until some months from now and when I do I will assist you in making more unmentionables.”

“Why should I help you?” Lucas said.

“Because your brother will fail, and the Dark Prince will win.” The shadows told him said. “All who turn their back to the light will be rewarded.”

“Especially when you get rewarded with me,” Sandra said seductively.

The pressure around Lucas’s head increased it was even worse than before. Was Sandra causing this? He wondered or was it his own struggle between the light and dark that was causing it.

“Plus, you will be able to exact your revenge on you brother.” Locust said. “How dare he be king when he is not as scientific or logical as you?”

“Come my sweet join me and fulfill your destiny,” Sandra said.

“I’ll…” Lucas stopped he saw a glimmer of a strange figure in a gold cape. The figure was too far away from him to really see who it was. The caped figure had his arms folded and looking as if he was trying to see what Lucas would decide. Lucas felt this pang of feeling as if he knew this figure as if he was betraying the figure by finishing the sentence. I’m sorry but you gave me nothing for my long years of suffering.

“You will suffer more.” The caped figure said.

“What are you staring at?” Sandra said scanning the space where Lucas was staring but she saw nothing.

“I tried helping her also, but she was too far gone by the time I got to her.” The caped man said. “You aren’t Lucas you can still change your fate.”


“You are more lost than I thought you were then,” the caped man said. “Betray me and you will not see the light until you make up the damage.”

“I no longer serve the light! The light will burn for what it has done to me.” Lucas said out loud.

“So be it,” the caped man said sighing. “You will regret doing this Lucas.” The figure suddenly crouched and made a crater around him when it did this the rest of the group saw it invisibly happen.

“What the devil?” Hunraken said.

“Remember Lucas, its never too late to come back to us.” The caped man looked at him before he jumped up and with a crack in the sky he was gone. The crack was like black lightning.

Who was that man? Lucas thought flashes of Sandra entered his mind making him forget about the man. He could no longer resist her. He got up and kissed her. For reasons he didn’t understand he sobbed while he made love to Sandra, sobbed like a little girl who lost something. He wasn’t too sure what it all meant it was as if he had betrayed something, he knew he shouldn’t have. Lucas sobbed even when he had reached a climax with Sandra lightning cracking in the air as he sobbed.

“He’ll get over it,” The shadows said.

As Lucas laid on the mud drenched floor, he suddenly saw a man standing besides him. It was the actual man with the diabolical helmet. Not the shadow of him but the actual man himself.

“So, you did like my prize?” the man said.

“Yes, my lord,” Lucas said realizing who it was. Lucas laughed a bit psychotically when it dawned on him who it was. “I enjoyed her quite well.”

“I thought you would.” The man said.

“I bow before you oh great Dark Prince.” Lucas said as he got up and knelt before the man.

“Good, your first task then is simple.” The man said.

“Which is?” Lucas asked.

“Kill your brother.” The man said.

“It will be with great pleasure, my lord.” Lucas said smiling sadistically.

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