Prince And Pride

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Entering the Tundra

“We need to rest up ahead,” Foxx said as they outer rim of Sneg Kholm, the snow hill.

Weeks had gone by, Kenton and the other towns in between Rosen and Sneg Kholm were not as bad as Rosen. In fact, they were a welcomed relief in the time that they had been journeying. It had been weeks now. Mexcatli had a stubble of beard on his chin, mostly because he started getting lazy in shaving, he had been up to a few days ago. Some of Mexcatli’s beard hairs were a golden red hue and it made him look very odd. Mexcatli shifted in his jacket it was starting to get cold, it had been a few days ago but now it was really starting to get cold.

Mexcatli knew that beyond Sneg Kholm was Led Gora, the mountain of ice it was literally the ice range around Villajengard. He knew the Duchess of Villajengard. She seemed like a nice woman way back when, it was about two or three years ago. Lucas had asked him why he had not pursued the young woman, Mexcatli did not want to because he was pretty sure that there was another girl out there for him that was much better. This was his response to it. Now Mexcatli was unsure of what direction he was going in terms of that.

Mexcatli’s interest in both Aram and Lucy vanished some time ago. As he grew to know Lucy the more, he saw that they lived in two separate worlds or so to speak. She lived in a world where her father was the leader of 26 planets and she was here to prove something. It was not the type of girl Mexcatli wanted interest in. And Aram, there was something off about her that Mexcatli could not quite put his finger on just yet.

“You seem deep in thought,” Alpheus said next to Mexcatli.

“Huh…” Mexcatli said straying from his thoughts. “Oh. I was just thinking about something.”

“You seem to be trying to figure something out.” Alpheus said.

“You can say that I guess.” Mexcatli said.

“You know there is something that I learned quite well and that is never dwell too long on something, its best to let it out than to keep it bottled in like such.” Alpheus said.

“I don’t know what to do right now.” Mexcatli said.

“With regards to?” Alpheus said.

“Well my future in love…I guess you call it.” Mexcatli said furrowing his brow as he said it. It was as if he was trying to figure out the best way to say it.

“I see, and you worry more about this then you do about the evil your world faces?” Alpheus said.

“I don’t worry about it more.” Mexcatli said. “In case you haven’t realized I am here nearly freezing to death heading towards Gora Led, and Villajengard because a psycho wants to get this horn that can possibly free the chaos beast.”

“Yes, you are here physically but are you hear mentally?” Alpheus said. “You seem too troubled by this fixation on love.”

“It’s not a fixation.” Mexcatli said.

“Come now,” Alpheus said cocking his brow.

“Alright so it might be a bit of a fixation.” Mexcatli said.

“You can’t let that get the best of you, Prince.” Alpheus said.

“Well when you are as lonely as I am, Alpheus, even in a crowd of people what else can I do but to hurt every second that I am by myself?” Mexcatli said.

“Is that what pains you?” Alpheus said. “That’s a stupid thing to be pained about.”

“In your opinion maybe.” Mexcatli said.

“No, it is a stupid thing to be pained about.” Alpheus said. “You have a bigger responsibility than that Prince. If you didn’t have such a high responsibility level, you would have never started this journey in the first place.”

“I heard you.” Mexcatli said. He was tired of that sort of response from people. It’s one of the reasons he kept that sort of thing to himself. People did not understand what was occurring with him. There were times growing up that he felt as if he was loneliest person in the entire universe. It was a horrible dreadful feeling of just being by oneself. Even when people were around him, he still felt lonely, he kept an outward enthusiastic appearance just because it was easier for him to do that than to be completely melancholic about everything. Even around Aram he felt the same even around people he thought were very close friends he felt the same. Whatever it was it annoyed Mexcatli and he tried to keep it at bay.

“Screw it,” Mexcatli said under his breath. He wasn’t going to let it get the best of him somewhere out there, there was a girl for him and if he kept that in his mind it really didn’t matter what anyone else said or thought about with regards to that. Just then Mexcatli felt like doing something crazy and wild.

Mexcatli looked up at the city that was coming up ahead. Daly Telo, the art of knowing and controlling your environment. It was something that Mexcatli invented himself. The phrase literally meant “For Body” Mexcatli had noticed that it was easier to adapter your environment to you rather than you adapting to your environment. How could he use his environment to do things that otherwise would be harder to do? Daly Telo was something that he developed over the course of time.

Mexcatli gave a mischievous grin when he saw the outer edges of the city. It was more of a town than a city Sneg Kholm was not densely populated by comparison to say Asgard or even Rosen, but it still was decently populated about 100,000 people lived in the area of Sneg Kholm even in the outer reaches of Led Gora it had about 10 to 15000 people living there. So Sneg Kholm wasn’t a small tiny village or anything like that.

Right by a nearby building he saw a stack of crates they were big, from this distance he thought they were at least 10 feet tall. The crates were lined up along the side of the building which had an archway to it which connected it to a building next to it via a small little bridge-like connection. The next building seemed to have a triangle roof that peaked up and at the peak if one was agile enough you could jump and reach the next roof which was about 10 feet away from the peak of the roof.

“What the devil are you doing?” Foxx called to Mexcatli when he had pulled himself up to the third roof from the peak. Mexcatli had managed to get to the crates scale the building get to the roof run across to the peaked roof and make it to the next roof before anyone had said anything to him. Foxx probably was the only one that probably saw him.

“Oh, you worry too much,” Mexcatli said as he ran across the roof and he looked at the next roof it was about fifteen feet away. He backed up and ran across to that roof and made it safely. Mexcatli then jumped over the side and scaled down. He hung onto window sills and edges of the building until finally he was down the floor.

Mexcatli looked around people had just given him a sideways look as if they wondered where he had come from but then went along their business. Sneg Kholm was a bit busier than he remembered it being the last time he was here. And that sparked Mexcatli’s curiosity.

“Why is it so busy?” Mexcatli mumbled to himself.

“Ah an outsider, have you not heard of what is occurring being the Led Gora?” a man said who heard what Mexcatli had said.

“No, I come from Asgard we have been traveling for some weeks.” Mexcatli said.

“Oh well, if it’s been some weeks then!” the man said. “There is saying that the crystal giants that were slayed by the great King Caledfwich have awoken. And they are currently making their way to Villajengard.”

“You make it seem like there is a lot.” Mexcatli said.

“Aye there is a lot my boy,” the man said he eyed Mexcatli’s attire. “Forgive my tone my Lord I didn’t recognize you. We don’t have young lords passing through these parts much these days.”

“I take no offense.” Mexcatli said. He was glad that the man did not say ‘prince’ his coat and attire gave him away as a son of a wealthy lord but not as the prince of Asgard not many people knew of his coat’s significance. The lightning bolts strewn on it were of his own makings and yet it symbolized him from the day that he created it.

“I did see the Lord Huicoatl come through a few days back, heading to report to the Duchess I don’t suppose.” The man said.

Mexcatli had heard of Lord Huicoatl, he was the general of the Villajengard Guards, he was away from the city the last time that Mexcatli had come. To know that Huicoatl was here meant he finally was able to meet the man. Huicoatl was probably as big a legend as Foxx was. If not more, the man seemed to be immortal because his name was mentioned as far back as the times of Caledfwich On Heim, before Mexcatli thought that it was a freak occurrence perhaps a long chain of sons with the same names but meeting Janus and the rest who seemed to be millions of years old he was no longer sure of that.

“Lord Huicoatl returned at last?” Mexcatli said. “Last time I was here he apparent had been gone for a few years.”

“Yes, that was a couple of years ago,” the man said. “Lord Huicoatl returned from his stay down in Midgard about a year and a half ago he had been here until a few months back, just before the crystal giants started to reappear.”

“I see, well I’d be seeing you then.” Mexcatli said and he headed off. “What the devil was Huicoatl doing in Midgard?”

Midgard was a huge territory to the southwest of Asgard, it was such a huge territory that two of his uncles ruled that part of the continent. Midas who ruled Midgard’s main city of Crete and Minos who ruled the city of Volkensgard (the desert Oasis as it was called sometimes). Beyond Volkensgard was Nidonskagen which was ruled by a cousin or something of Mexcatli it was one of Midas’s sons. Mexcatli looked around he had that strange feeling of being watched he scratched his head and carried on.

“He has Ronja’s eyes,” the metal man said to a woman looking at a glass that showed Mexcatli looking around as if trying to figure out something and then scratching his head before shrugging and carrying off.

“I remember him, he came here about two years ago with his complete opposite.” The woman said.

“The son of Ronja comes here and you did not inform me?” the metal man asked.

“By the time you came back the boy was long gone from my memory, it only now stirs as I see him again.” The woman said. She was a remarkable woman. Pale skin, frost blue hair and matching eyes. Fur covered most of her body, little else did it seemed although her appearance may have given that appearance.

“If he indeed is the one that the prophecy speaks of then that means we do not have much time.” Huicoatl said.

“How long do you suppose?” the woman asked.

“The Pestilence will soon arrive in a matter of months, Jorgmundr will start stirring soon thereafter a great plague is already in the horizon from the pestilence. Asgard will be destroyed in about 4 maybe 5 years.” Huicoatl said.

“Only four or five years.” The woman said.

“Indeed, and I will need to test the boy to see if he is ready to face the challenges he now takes on.” Huicoatl said.

“The way you say that you sound like you are going to give him your all.” The woman said.

“Indeed, I am, I am not going to hold back punches.” Huicoatl said.

“Then don’t kill him before he gets here.” The woman said.

“I won’t that is to say if he is who we think he is.” Huicoatl said. “He will be strong enough to lift a dwarf star ten times over from what the legend says.

“Yes, and even stronger than the gravity of a super black hole. I know the prophecy.” The woman said.

“Then the boy must survive, and he must fight me.” Huicoatl suddenly turned to liquid metal and slithered away the woman watched Mexcatli in the mirror she was staring at.

“Such a long time to come back Caledfwich I really hope that you have come back before the chaos beast has been freed.” The woman said.

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