Prince And Pride

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The Gorilla

Mexcatli looked out at the mountains of Led Gora. He knew what the mountains entailed for him. It was quite some journey to get this far. Over 20000 km from Asgard to Sneg Kholm, it has taken him weeks, no months to get this far. Mexcatli had lost track of how many days he had been away from Asgard. He just could remember how long it had taken him to get to Sneg Kholm the last time. The last time he was on an envoy from Asgard to Villajengard they had stopped at Sneg Kholm along the way. The envoy carried a lot of supplies so could not go faster than a few hundred kilometers an hour. It took them weeks to get from Asgard to Sneg Kholm, 16 if Mexcatli wasn’t mistake.

This time around Mexcatli and his gang were partly on foot and party on motor bikes they were significantly faster than envoys, but he was certain that they were going on the twelfth week of journey to Villajengard. Which meant that he had been heading towards the snowy kingdom for about four months. Plus, the additional few weeks that they had stayed outside of Rosen until he convinced Alpheus they could go by beating Alpheus in a fight. It wasn’t a simple fight Alpheus had seen Mexcatli fight and so actually gave Mexcatli a bit of a challenge (it took Mexcatli a while to recognize the maneuvers that Alpheus was doing once, he did he took control and beat Alpheus, it still only took him about fifteen minutes total to defeat Alpheus it took him about 7 to defeat Janus).

“Oh, there you are.” Mexcatli heard Lucy’s voice behind him. Mexcatli gave a half glance at her before looking back forward.

“I wonder something,” Mexcatli said.

“That being?” Lucy asked.

“If I had known that Duchess Opochatli had the horn of Jericho would I have taken it with me two years ago.” Mexcatli said.

“Well you can’t really change the past no matter what a psycho wearing a bug for armor says.” Lucy said.

“What do you mean?” Mexcatli said cocking his eyebrow.

“Never mind, forget I said that,” Lucy said.

“Now you have to tell me about that.” Mexcatli said.

“Have you ever heard of the Inklors?” Lucy said.

“Of course, I have,” Mexcatli said he thought back to the particle resonator that Lucas was studying when he left Asgard all those weeks ago.

“You…oh right your grandfather, King Gustav On Heim who was one of the most well known and most loved kings in recent memory his rule saw Asgard expand to the empire it was today and looked up to the sky for space exploration. One of the explorations landed a friendship with a nearby sentient race named the Inklors. The Inklors had accidentally almost killed the Asgardians thinking that the Asgardians were no brighter than a mule.” Lucy said.

“Yes, what about it.” Mexcatli said.

“Locust somehow either through stealing it or hearing of it through his slaughter of the Inklors knows about this thing and claims that he has designed one to help him come back in time.” Lucy said.

“Come again?” Mexcatli said.

“He claims he is from the future from a time in which he had seen the dangers of my father’s flotilla and decided to take a stand against my father’s oppression.” Lucy said. “The man is mad Mexcatli, I needn’t go on any further beyond that.”

“Did he do anything to prove he was from the future?” Mexcatli asked just out of curiosity.

“Mexcatli, I shouldn’t have said anything about it.” Lucy said. “Forget I mentioned it.”

“Just answer me this, did he say anything which may have proven he was the future?” Mexcatli said.

“I don’t know, the records we have of him he has only shown himself in a swarm of bugs he claims it’s because he can’t travel back into time yet. The best he can do is transfer his consciousness to Locust which is what he has been doing for a very long time.”

“He claimed he needed a second one in a different to for it to work.” Lucy said. “But it’s all balderdash Mexcatli”

Mexcatli suddenly remembered what Lucas had told him about the particle accelerator showing a different time that did not exist yet.

“Oh, dear god what did he say about that?” Mexcatli said.

“What did he say about what?” Lucy said.

“About him needing two for it to work?” Mexcatli said.

“What does it matter?” Lucy said.

“Because my brother has one!” Mexcatli said and Lucy’s eyes bulged.

“What!?” Lucy said.

“He’s stole it from my father’s keep where he was keeping away from public eye my brother let curiosity get the best of him and he started researching it.” Mexcatli said. “Lucy the mad man of the Dark Prince may not be from a different time but if he is from a different space a different reach of the cosmos, he could be using his particle accelerator and my brother’s to link himself with this world. If you know what he said would happen if he had two tell me now.”

“Mexcatli, there’s nothing we can do…” Lucy said.

“What do you mean?” Mexcatli said.

“That particle accelerator, it once belonged to an ancient being named Damus before on different planet. We have seen that usually he has some scientific brain study it. Ever since it was repurposed, when the scientific brain realizes enough of the particle accelerator links itself to a web as Damus use to call it. Once the one the scientific brain had used and then use it as a sort of anchor to lure them in to the planet where that accelerator was at. I have read billions of dissertations about that happening to billions of planets over the years.” Lucy said.

“Wait what?” Mexcatli said. “So my brother thinked this thing to some sort of web?”

“He did,” Lucy said.

“So, This Dark Prince person is potentially heading to Asgard.” Mexcatli said he snorted. “Looks like that’s going to be my next problem isn’t it I mean after I handle this horn thing.”

“We think he is here already,” Lucy said.

“That is damn fabulous!” Mexcatli said.

Mexcatli loved the irony that there was some named the Dark Prince here.

“I would move back if I were you,” Mexcatli said to Lucy.

Lucy did not understand so Mexcatli threw her. Lucy landed about ten feet away from him, she felt the earth underneath her rumble and she angrily looked back up and saw Mexcatli holding a fist of a much wider ape-like man in one hand. Mexcatli had stopped the man’s punch with one hand. The force of the man hitting Mexcatli had caused a small crater around the two men.

“So, you’re stronger than I thought,” the ape-man said as he pulled back his hand and flexed his arms.

“Why are you in your underwear its like 10 degrees out here.”

Mexcatli was right on both ends. It was about 10 degrees outside, and secondly the man was wearing red trunks that looked like it was just his underwear and little else. The man flexed his muscles before he looked back at Mexcatli.

“You seem to have some sort of sense of humor.” The man said.

“I’ve been known to throw some quips here and there.” Mexcatli said.

“Let us see if you can defeat me,” the man said he charged at Mexcatli full force. Lucy stayed back she had seen Mexcatli taken on a similar way back when she first met him. Ole Bull was his name. But there was something different about this man that was now attacking Mexcatli.

“Your fast for a fat guy,” Mexcatli said as he caught another of the man’s punches which again caused a crater around the two.

“Do not call me fat!” the man said angrily.

“What’s all the…oh shooting stars it’s the Gorilla!” Janus said.

“I didn’t know you were here Janus,” the man said trying not to look away from Mexcatli.

“Mexcatli this guy is dangerous if you know what’s best for you, you should let me handle him.” Janus said.

“Umm…I’m the one that beat you and you want to fight this guy?” Mexcatli said.

“Fine be that way don’t cry when he breaks your back.” Janus said.

“Go ahead The Gorilla or whatever the heck you call yourself.” Mexcatli said.

Mexcatli was not taking this man lightly he was much stronger than anyone that Mexcatli had faced but Mexcatli had trained under grueling circumstances. He learned to power out of a press that would have crushed anything on his second week at the Royal Army. He however was not taking that for granted, not at all in any way.

“He was a guy who defeated thousands of fighters across the cosmos, Mexcatli.” Janus informed.

“And I defeated you, so that makes me a better opponent for him.” Mexcatli said he caught another one of the punches.

Each punch the man was throwing at him was the equivalent of a tank going at him at full speed. Mexcatli however had thrown a tank on its end on several occasion during his training he knew how to defend against something that weighed tons. Mexcatli was studying his opponent’s moves. Each blow had a tremendous amount of force to it. Mexcatli saw all the muscles involved with the force that the man was exerting at Mexcatli. But the man was not just throwing punches any more he was now trying to kick Mexcatli using a barrage of very swift and precision kicks. Mexcatli saw how each kick occurred he as well knew how the man was preparing the kick and where the man was going to kick.

Mexcatli countered one of the kicks and dropped the much more massive man to the floor with a thud. The man was shocked he was on the floor in fact for a second it did not look like he recognized that he was on the floor. He however eventually did, and he got back up.

“You are a trained fighter I take it.” The man said.

“Trained in the Royal Army my friend.” Mexcatli said he put his arms up in a fighting style. Mexcatli had his sword on his back but he did not see the reason to pull it out just yet.

The man charged again and Mexcatli simple pushed the man’s arm away from him and countered with a huge blow to the man’s side. When Mexcatli did this Lucy saw Mexcatli’s eyes glow with lightning surging through them. It was the same thing that he had done to Ole Bull. But this man was tougher than Ole Bull and it was evident when the man pulled back holding his rib cage with a singe of where Mexcatli had just lightning punched him.

“Son of a bitch!” the man said holding his side, but he didn’t look like he was seriously wounded internally it seemed like he was gasping in pain because of the electrical burn rather than being injured himself. “You’re much faster than I anticipated.”

“You know the funny thing about that is that I am holding back.” Mexcatli said.

“Don’t!” the man said. “Give it all that you have, and I will show you why I was champion!”

“Umm…” Mexcatli said. “If I do that you will be a fried gorilla not a The Gorilla.”

“You dare!” the man said he charged at Mexcatli.

“Suit yourself.” Mexcatli said. Mexcatli watched the man as the man started to blink.

Mexcatli grabbed the nearest arm to him and pulled it extremely hard. The man did not move as his blink entered 1/100th closed. Mexcatli twisted his arm around the man’s back and pulled on it again. 2/100th closed. Mexcatli then hit the man’s left calf with a hard-deadly chop. 3/100th closed. Mexcatli went to the next calf and kicked it as hard as he could 4/100th closed. Mexcatli grabbed the man’s free arm and pulled it towards his gut as hard as he could 5/100th closed. Mexcatli then grabbed the man’s left shoulder with one hand and chopped it with the other 6/100th closed. Mexcatli then rolled to the man’s other shoulder and did the same thing. 7/100th closed. Mexcatli chopped at the man’s sturdy abdomen with a series of fast but powerful jabs. 8/100th closed. Mexcatli then worked his way up the man’s chest palmed his hand and pushed towards his chest as full force. 9/ 100th closed. Mexcatli then punched the Man’s face up with a devastating upper cut. 1/10th closed.

Mexcatli then reached around the man’s back and hit him several different times along the back. 1/5th closed. Mexcatli grabbed the sword off his back and he slashed at the man towards seven O’clock then up towards three then to the side to 9 then down to 5 up to 11 to 2 then across to 8 across again to 4 then up to ten then down to 6 then up to noon. Mexcatli then placed his sword back on his back and stood exactly where he had stood before the man started blinking and the man blinked, and he was on the floor in pain and bleeding severely.

“What just happened?” Lucy said she hadn’t blinked, and she knew that Mexcatli had not moved from where he was standing and yet there was a man bleeding severely from gashes that were obviously from Mexcatli’s sword and bruises all over his body that started to now appear.

“He is a lot slower than I am.” Mexcatli shrugged.

“But you didn’t even move from where you were standing.” Lucy said

“You blinked.” Mexcatli said shrugging again. “Look I’ll show you I moved, I was off when I came back to here.” Mexcatli pointed at the ground where he was standing half a centimeter away from where his boots where was impressions of his boots on the ground as if he had been standing in the space half a microsecond ago and walked back and was off by a tad bit.

Lucy could not believe her eyes, most definitely the boot impressions gave away the fact that Mexcatli had moved even though she did not see him move at all.

“What the hell are you?!” The Gorilla said in pain. “There is no way anything is that fast.”

“Well I am,” Mexcatli shrugged. “And that’s not even my top speed I was calculating how fast you blinked as I was watching you yammer. I can go much faster than that at least I think I can, I haven’t really been able to test out a lot of my abilities. Like summoning lightning, I have this idea that I can travel through it and even use electromagnetism to fly. Of course, don’t quote me on that.”

“Does that mean you were holding back against me?” Janus asked.

“Well you were such an arrogant jerk that you defeated yourself way before I even did anything.” Mexcatli said. Mexcatli looked around he had that strange feeling of being watched again. He tried to see from where exactly.

“What’s going on?” Janus said.

“Someone is watching us,” Mexcatli said he turned around and he saw a sheen of light glitter in the distance on the Led Gora. The sheen last there for several seconds before it seemed to slither away. Mexcatli’s vision was known to be like an Eagle he knew what he had seen, it was almost metal like, a liquid that was moving as if it had a will of its own. Mexcatli thought of it as odd and kept a mental note of that.

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