Prince And Pride

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The Guardian of Metal

Led Gora the highest mountain range in all Asgard and the outer reaches of the On Hiem Empire, after Led Gora one entered Villajengard and the territory of the Duchess Opochatli. Mexcatli had been here just two years ago and yet there were so many things that had changed in that time. For one Led Gora was not as dead as it was two years ago. In fact, it was quite busy, a lot of the Duchess foreign diplomats were gathering together in the outer brim of Led Gora.

Mexcatli saw a couple that he recognized and who recognized him, to his dismay despite sporting a small beard now, due to his gold eyes.

“Prince Mexcatli,” a man said he was an older gentleman even older than Foxx he in fact probably was old enough to be Foxx’s father. He was one of the Duchess chief advisors and Mexcatli had met him in his last journey this far up north. His name was A’ger.

“Diplomat A’ger,” Mexcatli said he walked up to the man and shook his hand. He liked the man he was a very nice old man he was almost grandfather like to Mexcatli the last time he was here. A’ger said it was because he knew Gustav the great and so he in fact treated Mexcatli like a grandson.

“It’s Elder A’ger now, Prince.” A’ger said.

“Ah you increased in rank since I last saw you?” Mexcatli said.

“Indeed, has it been two yeas Prince?” A’ger said.

“Yes, it has.” Mexcatli said.

“Ah I see you bring friends with you this time, Foxx it’s been a long time.” A’ger said.

“Too long,” Foxx said grabbing the old man’s shoulder in a firm manly greeting.

“This is Lady Lucy,” Mexcatli pointed at Lucy.

“My Lady,” A’ger said bowing a bit to her.

“And her guard Janus.” Mexcatli pointed at Janus.

“Named after a two-faced god?” A’ger said.

“His actual name is Alexander, A’ger or so my brother-in-law named him.” Alpheus said.

“Alpheus it is you I thought I recognized you.” A’ger said. And like what Foxx and A’ger did Alpheus and A’ger did the same hand shake. It seemed to represent something, of which Mexcatli had no idea.

“What brings you all the way out here have the Crystals invaded Villajengard?” Mexcatli said.

“So, word has traveled down to Asgard?” A’ger said.

“Not quite we caught wind of it down in Sneg Kholm.” Foxx explained.

“Ah well, I think it’s for the best that Asgard does not know about the crystals.” A’ger said. “Your father wouldn’t come to aid us claiming that there was no such thing as Crystals as the crystals burn our city to the ground.”

“I suppose he wouldn’t.” Mexcatli said he knew it was true, Odin would not come to aid Villajengard because he would say there was no such thing as Crystals. When Mexcatli returned to Asgard he was going to have a word with him.

“I can’t say I am totally surprised to see you, Prince the Lord Huicoatl told us of your coming a few days back.” A’ger said.

“He is here?” Mexcatli said.

“Indeed, and he would be wanting to meet you.” A’ger said.

“Well lead us to him.” Mexcatli said.

Along the way A’ger explained the current situation. The crystals were at about 90% power and Xavier was still not attacking, sources said it was because Xavier is a tactical analyst, he much rather goes in at 100% than go in at 90 in any means. He liked having the favors stacked up in favor of his victory. It was another datum that threw everyone but Mexcatli off that they discussed as they reached Huicoatl’s camp.

“How?” Janus gasped when he heard the title ‘the mask of Damus.’

“We don’t know how, but Xavier has it.” A’ger said.

“What is that?” Mexcatli asked.

“It’s a very powerful weapon.” Janus said. “It was created by one of the Star Builders if Xavier has it…I don’t know your planet could be in even bigger trouble than we originally thought.”

“Why is that?” Mexcatli said.

“Because anyone wearing the mask can lead an army of Shadows in battle.” A voice said from inside the tent next to him. Mexcatli looked at the tent and a mass of a metal man appeared. Of course, Mexcatli looked down at the man who was more of a statue than he was a man and he cursed himself for being so tall. The metal man was just that a man made of metal. He was bulky and strong looking he looked like he could break some one in half just by sneezing.

“Lord Huicoatl, this is Mexcatli On Heim.” A’ger said.

“So, you’re the thing I saw.” Mexcatli said.

“If you mean a few days ago, yes.” Huicoatl said he extended his hand to Mexcatli. Mexcatli grabbed it and shook it. “So, you are the son of Ronja you have her eyes.”

“That’s what they say.” Mexcatli said. “Pity I never met her nor did I know about her prior to a few months ago.”

“All in good time I suppose.” Huicoatl said he suddenly made an anvil out of his hand and hit Mexcatli with such immense force that it sent a ripple through the earth. Mexcatli however was way faster than Huicoatl and he caught the anvil which surprised Huicoatl beyond belief.

“Why did you do that for?” Mexcatli said.

“I am testing you to see if you are who you say you are.” Huicoatl said he pulled his arm back and it formed a hand again. “Just because you can withstand that doesn’t mean anything.” Suddenly these two massive presses came out of his chest and lifted Mexcatli off the ground and began crushinghing. Mexcatli had been in similar presses during combat training so he raged against them.

“It takes 10 metric tons of pressure to crush a body how much does it take to crush you?” Huicoatl said. Mexcatli never found out how many metric tons he was able to withstand earlier but he powered out of the presses and broked them off. The metal liquefied and ran back to Huicoatl.

“Can you please explain to me why you are attacking me?” Mexcatli said.

“I need to see if you are who we think you are.” Huicoatl suddenly charged at Mexcatli and as he did, he made his body into a giant metal steam roller. Mexcatli grabbed onto the side of the steam roller and he was being pushed by it but not being crushed by it. Mexcatli grabbed the roller and he threw it to the side and as it flew it liquefied and resolidified as Huicoatl. “Tell me, what are your limits?”

Huicoatl again charged at Mexcatli this time with scythes as arms. Mexcatli moved away from the scythes he ducked under them jumped over them moved to the left moved to the right before he grabbed onto Huicoatl and tackled him the floor. Mexcatli thought he had him but Huicoatl liquefied and slithered away from him and resolidified back into a man.

“I don’t know my limits.” Mexcatli said. “I’ve never had to get to the point of having to use all my power.”

“Then do it now,” Huicoatl said.

“You don’t want me to do that,” Mexcatli said.

“Why not?” Huicoatl said.

“Because I defeated you already.” Mexcatli held a metal heart in his hands and Huicoatl clutched his chest and he stumbled for the heart. “Interesting device you have here. It was surgically implanted into you, it belonged to the warrior of light was his name Titam, the ruler of metal. You were given it it seems. Because your own heart failed.” Huicoatl’s body started to become flesh as he looked up at Mexcatli.

“How?” Huicoatl said.

“I realized your heart beat was not normal as far as heartbeats go. It was steady while you exerted yourself. Then I realized that when you liquefied you concentrated your metal around a central area where a heart should be and then formed your body again. Meaning you could possibly have an artificial heart. I allowed you then to charge at me full force to test my theory out and when you did I grabbed your heart as you resolidified and you did not realize I did it. And here we stand.” Mexcatli said.

“Tactical knowledge beyond that of an average fleet of generals.” Huicoatl said as if he was quoting. Mexcatli walked over to Huicoatl and placed the heart back in the gaping hole and Huicoatl became metal again. Mexcatli helped him up.

“Don’t attack me again or next time I will keep that heart.” Mexcatli said.

“Yes sir,” Huicoatl said.

“Good, now what exactly were you trying to prove?” Mexcatli said.

“ALL HAIL THE KING OF ASGARD AND CARRION!” Huicoatl said as loudly as he could. Everyone stared wildly at Mexcatli when Huicoatl bowed to him.

“What the devil are you babbling about now?” Mexcatli said.

“You haven’t realized it yet have you?” Foxx said.

“Realized what?” Mexcatli said.

“Mexcatli, you’re the king of the planet.” Alpheus said.

“Come again?” Mexcatli said.

“Your mother was Ronja On Heim daughter of Odin and grand daughter of rulers of two kingdoms. Gustav the King of Asgard and Pinotochette the Queen of the Carrions. Ronja was the heir to the throne per Asgard tradition being the first born. Ronja was the Crowned Princess growing up and she was two years old when Odin…”

“But your ‘grand father’ or foster father had other plans he made a pact with Greed and the Dark Prince.” Alpheus said.

“Yes, I know that but why did you just call me….” Mexcatli said it suddenly sunk in. Ronja was the heir to the throne because she was the daughter of Odin. Meaning that he was the next in line to the throne being the son of the heir. “But Odin…”

“Odin was supposed to turn over reins to you once you were old enough.” Foxx said. “He promised your mother that, but he didn’t, and he hasn’t.”

“So, by law you are the king of the planet, Mexcatli.” Huicoatl said.

“Oh…gee.” Mexcatli said. It was bad enough when he was the heir to the throne but now King of the Planet?

“The Carrions will fallow you, Asgard will fallow you those who remember Ronja will gladly serve you from both kingdoms.” Huicoatl said. “I came to test you to see if you really are who we all thought we all hoped you were.”

“Why do you say hope?” Mexcatli said.

“Mexcatli this is not the first great threat you will face something unspeakably evil is heading here.” Huicoatl said.

“I know the Dark Prince is coming.” Mexcatli said. “We already deciphered that.”

“Then you must stop Xavier.” Huicoatl said.

“Then you have to get me to the horn, the duchess has it right?” Mexcatli said.

“She does, but that’s not the problem.” Huicoatl said.

“What is then?” Mexcatli said and suddenly there was a massive shake of the mountain.

“That!” Huicoatl pointed upwards towards a peak of a mountain range that suddenly moved. It took Mexcatli a bit for him to realize he wasn’t looking at the mountain range. The mountain range was to his left what was in front of him were massive shadow creatures hundreds of them if not thousands of them.

“Really?!” Mexcatli said.

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