Prince And Pride

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“Conrad…” a voice called echoing through a dead crystalline ship.

“Conrad…” the voice called out longly through the empty corridors of the vessel.

“Conrad!” the voice barked and echoed through the contours of the ship. The ruffled static of the transmission hissed and cracked as a man who was collapsed over a counsel covered in ice moved a finger. The man looked like an ice statue before he had started moving. Blue and lifeless but life had not faded from the General Conrad Structhem leader of the Fakir Empire, he was too proud to die so easily.

“Conrad...” the voice hissed through the static as the man moved a bit more. Flashes of what had occurred, what he thought was only moments before. His ship had set out to a planet called Asgard one of the lone remaining warriors of light had sought refuge there, it seemed. He sent his top Captain So Do Poh, but he failed, he then sent his diamond creature: Diamander, but it too failed. The warrior of light was too strong. Not too strong for General Conrad Structhem of the Fakirs, though.

“Get up Conrad.” The voice said.

The man stirred, and he rose from the counsel. He shook himself free of the ice surrounding him. He then twisted his neck around feeling his forehead from the bruise he had got from hitting the counsel. The man was old. He had white hair and a white beard on his face. His face covered in wrinkles from the many ears of living. Though his face was bold and vile it was a face of a dictator at his best. The man wore a crystalline armor around most of his body it was very thick and yet versatile to each of his movements.

“Tell me Conrad what is the last thing you remember?” the voice asked. Confused the man looked around for the source of the voice.

“My lord?” Conrad said hoarsely as if he had not spoken in ages. “Where am I?”

“Ah so you do remember me, good.” The voice said. “Is Caledfwich dead?”

“The warrior of the Carrions?” Conrad asked. “He would have to be my lord I slammed the ship into him.”

It all came back to him suddenly. He was on a planet called Asgard. A warrior and defector named Caledfwich On Heim had sought refuge there from the menace of the followers of his great lord. Conrad had tried sending underlings to destroy the warrior, but it took Conrad driving the massive ship into the warrior to kill him. There was no doubt that the warrior was dead. He must have been knocked out from the crash.

“Good,” The voice said. “Did you secure the horn?”

“No…the warrior didn’t have it with him,”

“Drat,” the voice said. “It must be on that planet…there is a boy there by the way Conrad.”

“What of him?” Conrad removed his broken glasses and tossed them to the side.

“As I’ve grown more powerful the more, I am able to sense things from my location. The boy sensed me as well. I apparently intrigued him. I haven’t seen him in quite some time though. I suppose that he must be a man by now.” The voice said he noticed that Conrad shifted uneasily. “Wait how long do you think you have been unconscious?”

“A few moments.” Conrad said.

“If you think 10000 generations is a few moments then I would agree.” The voice said.

“10000 generations!? But that’s about a million years.” Conrad said shocked. There was no way that he had been unconscious for a million years.

“Believe it Conrad it took me generations just to find out where you ended up then generations more to gather enough power to contact you.” The voice said. Conrad wiped the screen in front of him to see the date, and sure enough one million years had passed since he had driven the ship into Caledfwich On Heim. He cleared another panel to reveal the face of a man with olive skin and black hair. He wore a curious looking shirt and a vest.

“Ah there you are.” The man said looking at Conrad.

“Yes, my lord.” Conrad said bowing his head.

“You are lucky. You know why you slammed your ship into Caledfwich?” Prince Xavier Yanez Zuniga said.

“It was the last resort my lord.” Conrad said.

“Last Resort!?” the prince said.

“Yes, my lord,” Conrad responded.

“You are an insolent fool.” the man said.

“My lord?” Conrad asked in a confused manner.

“Do you not see we could have used him to find Tetzolchil?” The Prince said.

“B….” Conrad started but he was quickly cut off

“Or we could have used him to find the means of escaping here or use that bloody horn he had.” The man sighed deeply. “The bright side of things is that that planet still has the horn.”

“The horn of Jericho is still here?” Conrad said.

“No, its still there. The boy I spoke to you about he knows of it.” The man said.

“Just because he knows about it doesn’t mean it is still here.” Conrad said he asked suddenly. “How did you know this?”

“I told you that I met the boy.” Xavier said. “I was able to feel him long before I felt you. I visited his dreams spoke with him at great length he is a great being in the making. You must find the horn Conrad.” He said which made Conrad bow his head again. “I must leave this prison and take back what’s rightfully mine.”

“Indeed, my lord.” Conrad said. “Are others coming as well to assist?”

“Unfortunately, the only other I know to be around there is myself and the Gorilla.” The Prince said. The video changed and showed a massive man who saluted.

“But we are still light years away.” The man continued. “You have an army with you Conrad.”

“Yes my lord,” Conrad said.

“Show them what your army can do.” The voice said.

“It will be done my lord.” Conrad said he began to move quickly flipping switches pressing buttons, checking power signatures and then he lifted a handle in front of him as he did two massive hands rose a bit from the side of the ship covered in ice. They both rested on the side dead. Conrad sighed, eons of being deactivated meant that his power supplies needed to be recharged. A banner popped up on the haul of the ship the same as the one that was behind Conrad.

“It is time for us to rise!” Conrad said.

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