Prince And Pride

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Feel My Wrath!

“Watch out!” Mexcatli said as he ran through the battlefield and grabbed A’ger before one of the giant diamond creatures could crush him. The battle had been going on for quite sometime. Mexcatli was the one that provoked the diamond creatures. He was not going to allow these massive things to get at 100%. The diamond creatures of course attacked him back. There were thousands of them on the battle field each of them capable of crushing anyone. Anyone that is but Mexcatli. Mexcatli was too fast for these stupid things.

He had already destroyed about a hundred of them being faster than the diamond creatures. The diamond creatures had the disadvantage of being huge and being huge made them extremely slow. Mexcatli wasn’t going super fast, not this time he didn’t really have to plus he was still recovering a bit from the fight with Huicoatl. Mexcatli did not fully know how he did half the things that he did, he just did them and when he did them, he wondered how it was that he did them and tried to repeat them later often he failed. It has always happened to him. Ths faster than the speed of light thing and pulling out an enemy’s heart thing was actually a brand new never before tried thing that he had done.

“There is something that doesn’t make any sense.” Mexcatli said as he stopped by Janus who had melted a crystal giant using that blue fire of his.

“Which is?” Janus said.

“If your friend Xavier is here in Villajengard and these things are jumping about where the hell is he?” Mexcatli said.

“He has a point.” Alpheus said. “Unless….”

Ahead Xavier Yanez Zuniga tossed a guard to the side and he walked into the castle of the Duchess Opochatli. Xavier oozed with this black mass that came out of him. These black tendrils simply pushing people away from him.

“What a bunch of idiots,” Xavier laughed to himself. “To think they of all people, would think they have outwitted me, the Prince of Fakirs!”

Xavier walked through the corridors easily defeating the gaurds in his wake. He was the Prince of a Planet he wasn’t going to let himself get defeated by somebody that was nothing more than a guard.

“Ah there you are.” Xavier said as he saw the woman with the blue hair in front of him. There was blast of cold air that came out of her hands and Xavier passed right through it. “I know your little secret Opochatli, you are the daughter of Captain Toniuth Joetche and Nitrogen, and twin sister to Cassandra Joetche no one really talks about you because the two of you look so similar that daddy dearest thought it best if you came here.”

“And I know who you are Xavier,” Opochatli said. “Eldest and cruelest of the Yanez Zunigas the Prince and Pride of the Fakirs. You let Conrad Structhem get out of jail, and forgave Norman Hunraken, and you are after the Horn of Jericho for god knows what reason.”

“Oh, so my plot has been foiled.” Xavier said sarcastically.

“I know all about you,” Opochatli said.

“No matter though,” Xavier said shrugged. “I stand here now just inches away from victory the dark one will reward me greatly he will reward you too if you decide to join us.”

“I will rather die!” Opochatli said.

“Suit yourself.” Xavier shrugged while pulling this mass of darkness out of his coat and placed it on his face. When had done so he disappeared into the shadows beneath his feet, Opochatli looked around as she knew what this was, she had to find him before…

“Too late,” Xavier said as he rammed the piece of solid ice even deeper through her back and into her abdomen. A great big horn on top of a pedestal shinning in the distance.

Xavier walked to it and with great triumph he lifted it up.

“I, THE GREAT PRINCE XAVIER, HAVE TRIUMPHED!” Xavier laughed he placed the mask on his face.

Seconds later Mexcatli came barging in he some how had cracked lightning through the door but he had transported himself in the lightning. Mexcatli looked around and saw a beautiful blue haired woman clutching her abdomen.

“Duchess!” Mexcatli said recognizing her.

Mexcatli turned and saw Xavier Yanez Zuniga for the first time.

Xavier looked at him and twitched his head.

“So, you’re that guy who wields lightning?” Xavier said.

Mexcatli had no idea what he was looking at. Xavier was wearing this diabolical mask, but it was white faceless, just swirls of blackness that occasionally moved in the mask. Horns kept growing or disappearing or changing to something different.

Xavier was tall, he was slender he was wearing this very sharp looking black suit, black tie and a white shirt. He had these shadow tendrils coming out of him, along with this dark aura around him. This thing was from nightmares.

“What the hell are you?” Mexcatli said.

“Me?” Xavier said pointing at himself, his hands were getting distorted, extremely slim and thin fingers pointing at himself. “I am Xavier Yanez Zuniga, I am known as the Dark Prince.”

“The hell you are!” Mexcatli said.

Mexcatli charged at him with lightning but that black mass, it stopped him mid stride.

“You seriously think you can defeat me?” Xavier said laughing he threw them to the side with such ease. Mexcatli got back up but Xavier was gone.

“Come out and fight me coward,” Mexcatli said.

“Part of my planet is in Darkness,” Xavier’s voice called. “I used to run in there and kill these things as a boy. These things that serve me now, my kind called them Shades.”

These weird tendrils came out again and grabbed Mexcatli. Mexcatli saw Xavier reappear and pull him towards him.

“I will suck the life out of you,” Xavier said tendrils reaching up to kill Mexcatli. It was quick and swift. Mexcatli was on the floor dead. Xavier sighed, it was a lot more boring than he thought it was going to be.

Xavier raised this dark mass around the body of Mexcatli.

“Xavier!” A voice called from somewhere.

“What?” Xavier said.

“Don’t dispose his body we need it,” the voice said.

“Very well.” Xavier said shrugging he simply snapped his fingers and the body of Mexcatli was gone. Xavier looked around and saw the dutchess clutching her abdomen still.

“Well looks like I killed your boy toy,” Xavier said.

“You monsters will never win,” Opochatli said.

“You think so huh?” Xavier said. “I am just a few steps away from getting the Horn of Jericho. I have the Mask of Damus, and I will have the horn of Jericho.”

“That’s where you are wrong,” Opochatli laughed.

Xavier looked up and the horn was gone. He looked around and didn’t see it anywhere.

“Where is it?” Xavier demanded.

“You’ll never know you son of a…” Opochatli said in her final breath.

“Forget the Horn, we will have to compensate.” The voice said.

“With what?” Xavier asked.

“I know of another thing we can use back on your home planet.” The voice said.

“Fine,” Xavier said. “I guess I can have fun with this planet in the meantime.”

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