Prince And Pride

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Shadows crawled through, tendrils seeped out of the ground. Creatures of darkness rose and chased her. A girl suddenly woke up drenched in swet. She sat up in her bed she looked around gradually her great beautiful green eyes were adjusting to the darkness. She had a nightmare. A recurring nightmare of the shadow creatures coming to get her.

“Sweetheart?” a woman’s voice called.

“Yes?” the girl asked.

A woman walked in and looked at her daughter.

“Did you have a nightmare again?” The woman asked.

“Yes,” the girl said.

“The shadow creatures?” the woman asked, and the girl nodded.

The woman squinted and nodded. She caressed her daughter until she slept again. She then walked out and snuck into a room. She looked around and made sure that no one saw her. She grabbed a silver sliver looking thing from a desk and ran.

She ran over to a room. A boy was sleeping there. She quickly stirred him.

“Wha…” the boy said groggidly. “Uriel?”

“Take this,” the woman named Uriel said she handed the boy the sliver.

“But this is…” The boy said.

“I know,” the woman said. “Get out of here, Walker, do not let Xavier get his hands on the Mask of Damus, no matter what do not let him get it.”

The boy took it in his hands and nodded.

That was some months back. He was running away from soldiers in a forest. When all of the sudden he saw a strange sight. A bipedal wolf, with silver fur. The boy stopped and looked back at the soldiers and then looked at the wolf, he had to decide which was the bigger threat. The creature suddenly grabbed him.

Walker watched the soldiers run pass them. He quickly pushed off and ran away. The creature let him go and he ran and stopped.

“Some way to thank me boy,” the creature said.

“You can talk?” the boy asked.

“Of course, I can talk,” the creature said.

“What…what are you?” the boy asked with a hint of hesitation in his voice.

“I should ask you that,” the creature. “You are no Golordian.”

“You can tell?” the boy asked.

“You don’t smell like them,” the creature said.

“Why are those soldiers after you?” the creature asked. “Did you steal from them?”

“Not from them,” the boy said.

“So, you did steal something then?” the creature asked.

“I didn’t say that,” the boy said.

“Very well,” the creature said and hitched his satchel on my back and started to walk towards the Ocean yet again.

“Wait…” the boy said. “You never answered my question.”

“Neither did you Boy,” the creature. “Didn’t your parents teach you manners?”

“Yes…they did…but well they never told me about things like you before.” The boy said. “My name is Walker.”

“Walker?” the creature asked, and he nodded. “I swear you furless creatures have the oddest names. I met someone named after a plant named Heather once, I was confused about that.”

“So, what is your name?” Walker asked.

“You’re not afraid of me?” the creature asked.

“Well you did save my life,” Walker said. “I think if you wanted to make me into a lunch you would have eaten me already.”

“True,” the creature said. “My name is Behemet.”


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