Prince And Pride

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Lady Lucy

Not far ahead of the theater a beautiful young woman walked with a tall white-haired man. In all reality the man’s hair was blue, there was sprinkles of blue all throughout his hair but overall his hair was so light in blue hue that in fact most people mistook him for having premature white hair. The man didn’t look old, but then again, he didn’t look young either. He looked like he had easily 10-15 years on Lucy on appearance alone. His eyes and the small bit of wrinkles on his face was the dead giveaway on his age being older than her. The white-haired man pulled out a cigarette and lit it up as he walked.

“Do you have to smoke?” Lady Lucy asked.

“I just got humiliated by my father and you don’t expect me to smoke?” Janus said.

“No one would have noticed he was your father,” Lady Lucy sighed she had told him this while they were sitting in the theater, but Janus was just not believing her. Find you bone-head just continue thinking the whole universe revolves around you. Lady Lucy thought as they walked through the streets.

“Did you see that guy with the gold eyes?” Janus said.

“I did,” Lady Lucy said she felt her cheeks get hot when she thought about him. He was very handsome; more so than she originally thought he was from the description of him from reports from Foxx.

“What did you think?” Janus said.

“I definitely felt something in him.” Lady Lucy said. “I don’t remember feeling for a really long time.”

“He’s about your age, I know, but you don’t need to go off and say that you are in love with....” Lady Lucy jabbed Janus in the gut hard enough to make him cough.

“Stop being an imbecile.” Lady Lucy said she suddenly stopped when she felt like she was being watched. Lady Lucy looked around and didn’t see anyone, well in reality she saw everyone around her. Yet it was the gold eyes of Mexcatli looking in her direction through the crowds that made her flush a bit. Why am I acting so giddy around him? She thought, she didn’t know how it was that Mexcatli saw her through the crowd of people between them, but he did. He smiled a bit and then fixed his coat and walked away. A shy prince? I never would have thought that, I thought he was top in his class?

“Who are you looking at?” Janus asked as he recovered finally from getting the air knocked out of him. Janus knew of only two other people aside for Lucy who could do that to him. One was the Commodore and leader of the flotilla himself and the other was the third in command, Lieutenant Admiral Zephyr Ezekiel Platinumus also known as Zero, both were leagues ahead in power and strength to Janus, but few others were. Most people just assumed that because Lady Lucy was a girl, she was a bit less powerful than men, but she punches hard. Janus’s bruises to the side he scanned the people walking by before he noticed that Lady Lucy was gone ahead by like four paces into the crowds. Janus ran quickly and caught up.

“Why did you just take off like that?” Janus said.

“I saw the prince over here; if we can catch up to him, I want to at least introduce myself to him.” Lady Lucy said. I need to get closer to him, that feeling inside of him it reminds me of the others that existed before like father, could he be a warrior of light? She thought as she walked through the crowd. Most people stopped for her, she was a beautiful young lady and people of Asgard were usually chivalrous, as she had observed. Whereas Janus, behind her was immediately swallowed up by the people who had parted to let Lady Lucy walk by.

“You have to walk so fast?” Janus asked.

“If you cannot keep up maybe we should meet up somewhere else.” Lady Lucy said.

“Oh, I will stay caught up with you.” Janus said. And so, he managed to do so.

Lady Lucy looked around, she felt him which was impressive considering the fact she felt very few people on this planet. Asgard was a backwards world that had somehow gradually gotten worse since the times of King Caledfwich On Heim to now. And yet this boy was there in this space his presence was clear as day. Lady Lucy felt him from where she stood, which she gathered was at least 100 or so paces back of him. Behind her he heard someone say.

“Watch where you are going whitey.” Lady Lucy turned around and saw a man twice as vast as Janus pick Janus up the ground by the scruff of the cuff; it was some undertaken considering Janus could fend for himself. This fact alone made Lady Lucy stop. The fool if he uses his abilities here our cover will be blown.

“Unhand me you overgrown calf.” Janus said.

“Great,” Lady Lucy sighed she turned around and walked back in the direction of the man. “Can you please unhand him?”

“Nothing personal lady but this boy bumped into me.” the man said.

“Boy!? All have you know I....” Janus started

“He’s my guard my dear sir can you please release him?” Lady Lucy asked politely.

“Guard this scrawny pipsqueak?” the man said eying Janus deeply.

“I happen to be highly trained in....” Janus started but again Lady Lucy cut him off.

“Yes, he is my dear sir,” Lady Lucy said.

“Very well.” the man said he threw Janus across the crowd into a nearby stand that collapsed on top of him when he crashed into it. “I could be your guard now.”

“ thanks I think I better get him somewhere to receive medical treatment.” Lady Lucy said nervously. Fool Janus, you are supposed to protect me not the other way around.

“Come on pretty thing I am pretty sure Ole Bull, can protect you just fine.” the man said as he picked her up easily with his massive arms.

“Unhand me your big oaf!” Lady Lucy said.

“You heard her,” a voice said but it wasn’t Janus it was someone else’s that at first Lady Lucy did not recognize it was until she saw Mexcatli appeared through the crowd holding one hand behind his back and looking down at the shorter man. It was quite interesting Mexcatli was half a head taller than this man, but the man was twice as vast as Mexcatli. His massive forearms were bigger than Lady Lucy was wide.

“And who may you be?” Ole Bull said.

“I suppose if there are still some people on this planet that don’t recognize me. And yet again I meet a man shorter than me.” Mexcatli said he sighed when he realized he was still taller than this man despite his initial outward appearance. “Why don’t you leave the girl out of it and we settle this like men.” Mexcatli drew up his hands in front of him and Ole Bull laughed.

“Sure...” he laughed hysterically again he “gently” let Lady Lucy go which is what Mexcatli expected him to do. He knew that he wasn’t going to harm the young lady, he was pretty sure this man, apparently named Ole Bull, was a father of a young woman about the same age as Lady Lucy. This man probably just wanted some money out of her because she looked like a lady which she undoubtedly was. “We will settle this like men.”

Lady Lucy saw it happen the man charged at Mexcatli like a raging bull with a full force jab. Mexcatli did not move an inch as he drew closer and closer and closer. Mexcatli suddenly just absentmindedly pushed the man’s massive forearms away from him. She winced when she saw it happen, she tightened her toes nervously and watched in awe. Lady Lucy was positive she saw Mexcatli’s eyes suddenly spark with lightning for a fraction of a second before he watched the man stumble pass him and he punched the man’s gut before he reached too far. This was a tremendous punch that sent the man flying up about ten feet away from Mexcatli unconscious. Lady Lucy looked up; she heard a crack of thunder but was surprised when she didn’t see a cloud in the sky. She looked back at Mexcatli. A lightning wielder!

“Are you injured?” Mexcatli asked Lady Lucy. She quickly dusted herself off and shook her head.

“Where is that bozo?” Janus suddenly said appearing with a strange looking glowing sword in his hand. Mexcatli looked at it, twisting his head in curiosity.

“Put that away.” Lady Lucy said.

“Good god what happened to him?” Janus said after he noticed Ole Bull unconscious on the floor beside Mexcatli. Mexcatli still stared at the sword which made Janus quickly sheath it in a sheath by his side. Mexcatli stared at the man he was certain he had seen the sword glow, but swords didn’t glow.

“This man took care of him.” Lady Lucy said she couldn’t help but to stare at him again. Why did he have to be a lightning wielder? I don’t remember any of that on the reports. Good lord does he not know? She thought feverishly.

“But he’s....” Janus voice trailed off for a second.

“I am Mexcatli on Heim,” Mexcatli said to Lady Lucy mostly in a very chivalrous and correct manner to introduce himself to a Lady.

“The Crowned Prince of Asgard?” Janus said cocking his eyebrow in disbelief. “Not that I don’t doubt your royalty, but I don’t remember people saying that you had gold eyes.”

Everyone knows I have gold eyes, everyone! There is something suspicious about this blue hair fellow. Mexcatli thought and Lady Lucy cleared her throat to make sure that no fight broke out between the two men. Janus looked at her shrugging and she shot a glance at him to which he just looked back at Mexcatli without a word more.

“As unbelieving you maybe I am the crowned prince,” Mexcatli said Lady Lucy wondered he said his title in a sarcastic manner as if it was something that he did not like at all. It is like the report says he doesn’t like being looked up to like a royalty, could my father be wrong about him? Lady Lucy thought to herself. Then again, he did just show the ability to channel lightning, ability that I think no one has seen since the days of the Warriors of Light. She quickly did a small curtsey.

“I am Lucifer Anne Meyers,” Lady Lucy said. “But you may call me Lady Lucy if you wish or just Lucy if it so pleases your majesty.”

“Don’t call me your majesty my lady,” Mexcatli said smiling a bit at her. Mexcatli thought the name over a few times, Lucifer was an old name for light bringer or source of light in the old speech. It was the first time he had ever seen anyone use this name.

“Very well,” Lady Lucy said. “Lord Mexcatli then?”

“That will do for now.” Mexcatli said he couldn’t stop smiling at her for a moment. Lady Lucy could not stop smiling at him either. There was an obvious attraction between the two of them and they seemed worlds apart for some moments before Janus cleared his throat to bring them back to down to Asgard. “Yes....well...” God damn that white haired imbecile. Ignore him Mexcatli, just asked the beautiful girl in front of you to join you for dinner. “I was wondering if perhaps....” Good continue Mexcatli nothing is going to blow up if you just do it. “.... you would be interested in joining me for dinner.” YES! GOD DAMN YOU! I DID IT!!!!!!!

“I’d love that,” Lady Lucy smiled brightly.

“You wo....” Mexcatli started. Don’t do it you imbecile you are in the clearing she said she’d love to just leave it like that. Mexcatli cleared his throat and continued. “That’s great, where do you stay?”

“My father has a building he owns not far from here we are visiting now, it’s what he calls a vacation house whatever the devil that means.”

“I see....” Mexcatli said. Lady Lucy gave him the directions to her father’s vacation house and she departed. What the devil is a vacation house? He thought after wards.

“You’re on this planet for 1 day and you finally break your streak of saying no to people?” Janus said.

“You sound jealous Alexander,” Lady Lucy said.

“No, I am just pointing out that you never said yes before today is this part of your father’s plan?” Janus asked, and Lady Lucy snorted.

“You know as well as I do that my father doesn’t exactly approve with the fact of me even being here.” Lady Lucy said. If I didn’t convince him to at least let me go with you as my tag along you wouldn’t be here either. Lady Lucy thought.

“Why did you want to come?” Janus asked suddenly it was something in the few weeks that she had decided to come to Asgard he had never thought to ask. Truth be told it was something about the file that Foxx had sent to her father on Mexcatli. There was something about him that was just different than the status quo; it was enough to perk her father’s interest and her as well. She was here now because of that mutual interest and he was here, in a way, as well.

“This is where Caledfwich fought that Diamander thing and Pride by himself.” Lady Lucy said. This was as much of a legend as any other Pride and his Crystal giants invading a planet where Caledfwich On Heim had resided. Lady Lucy knew the true nature of Caledfwich On Heim he was one of the members of the legendary warriors of light. Beings that were said to have the ability to wield light and lightning as well as destroy it, it was contrary to any physics that she had ever encountered, as one famous physicist once said energy could not be created nor destroyed. The warriors of light proved otherwise. There had not been a warrior of light since the death of Caledfwich at the hands of Pride, but with Pride’s apparent death happening as well. Lady Lucy of course knew that Mexcatli was Caledfwich’s distant relative about 10000 generations passed between Caledfwich and Mexcatli. If he is Caledfwich’s heir, it could explain how he is a lightning wielder. But why doesn’t he know he can channel lightning? Lady Lucy thought to herself.

“You saw something in him, didn’t you?” Janus asked looking at her suspiciously.

“It something I need to talk to my father about.” Lady Lucy said. “I need to head there now.”

“Good, the commodore will have my head if I don’t get you back, so you can change for your dinner-date with the crowned prince.” Janus said.

Lady Lucy and Janus in tail headed south from the theater through the market to the biggest manor that existed outside of the palace of Asgard. It was an heirloom of Caledfwich’s family that was never given to Odin; Odin did not care for the thing. When Lord Leonard, Lady Lucy’s father, heard of this he immediately sent out to buy the property and restore it. The manor itself was on a hill not far from the Marquee and ran down Asgard Road, the main road of the Asgard Capital in which many markets put up their stands for sales and stuff of that sort. Caledfwich Road is what this should still be called. For some strange reason after Odin came to wear the crown a lot of things suddenly changed. Asgardians were no longer interested in space exploration; they did not care what was out in space if it did not bother them. A lot of things that was famous in Asgard that was part of Caledfwich legend was removed of torn up or sold, such as the manor. I bet he would have sold that sword if it wasn’t stuck to Diamander’s head. Lady Lucy thought as she walked.

As Lady Lucy and Janus appeared in front of the 15 acres or so in front of the manor, they saw the manor from afar. It was a beautiful building very much made in Asgardian granite very solid very nice. A greenhouse existed to the left of the manor, Lady Lucy’s mother’s pride when she came here with her father.

“My Lady,” one of the guards said as they approached. There were two guards in front of the manor. Both were wearing sky blue uniforms very much Asgardian in nature, but the thing that set them apart was a buckle on their breeches, it was a gold laurel wreath with a star in the center of it above the wreath. The wreath had twenty-six leaves to it and it was in front of a navy-blue background. It was a symbol hardly anyone on Asgard would recognize. The men looked at each other a bit surprised.

“What’s the matter?” Lady Lucy asked.

“Lord Leonard just asked if you had arrived about a minute ago or so.” One of the guards said.

“Typical,” Lady Lucy rolled her eyes. Her father always seemed to be a step ahead of her no matter what she thought. She didn’t even throw him when she volunteered to come here. In fact, he was the one that said it when she walked into his office a few weeks prior.

“He is waiting,” the second guard said, and Lady Lucy nodded. They opened the doors and they walked in. The second she stepped in her attire changed completely. From the nobility attire of a female lady of Asgard to a uniform. It was a strange uniform if any Asgardian might have seen her. It was a navy-blue blazer and matching skirt which was down to just above her knee cap. A white shirt was underneath the blazer and a black tie pinned to the collar. Other things changed in her physically though. Her hair suddenly became darker in color it became black her eyes became blue like an ocean. It seemed like she had shrunk just a tad maybe a few inches but not more than maybe two. Her face even more beautiful, if it was even possible it was very smooth and wrinkled free and amazingly beautiful. Her skin had become a tad more bronze in hue. It was not much but she didn’t look pale anymore she looked like a healthy young woman. Besides her Janus didn’t change much the only thing that did change was the cloak he was wearing became a black leather coat that ran all the way down to his knees.

Both wore epaulette’s but Lady Lucy out ranked Janus, she wore the markings of a Lieutenant Junior Grade he wore the markings of an Ensign. The only thing that seemed to have not changed on Lucy was her pearl white shoes. They clicked on the floor as they walked down the hallways. Lucy had been instructed by her father to change her appearance because she looked a bit too much like a Carrion. Her feathery hair was the giveaway; she got this from her mother who was a Carrion. Odd how it all seems to stem from this planet. Lucy thought to herself.

A man a bit older than Lucy appeared to great them as they arrived. He was wearing a Captain’s uniform with three stripes up his sleeves, but he had the same symbol the guards had on their belt over the stripes. It was a symbol of being the Captain of the flotilla ship. Lucy knew this well. The man standing in front of them was her father’s right hand in the Flotilla.

“Sir,” Lady Lucy said giving a slight bow

“Your father is waiting.” the man said they started but he stopped Janus. “Sorry Alexander, whatever he wants me to meet with him and her it is only for me and her to know and no one else I am afraid.”

“Very well, I guess I can go linger in the meanwhile.” Janus said shrugging he took off taking a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it as he walked.

“Come your father is waiting.” the man said.

Not far from where they stood Janus walked almost right into a much taller man than him. He towered above Janus but at least two heads if not more. He was a young man, there were some age lines on his face but not many it was of a man who had seen enough days to have them but not enough to have more. He had short dark red hair; it was almost a burgundy in color. He had red eyes almost the same hue as his hair. The man was wearing a military style uniform, also red in color; it was that of a ground team member with combat boots, pants and a tank top he had his coat in his arm over his shoulder. The coat itself had all sorts of decorations on it. It had four stars on it a rank of a military General and so he was at such a young age. Janus grumbled a bit when he almost bumped into General Michael Steven Redd leader of the Golordian Army. Because of the extravagance of Redd’s men, such as he is wearing nothing but a hue a red and others wearing nothing but their own colors such as Vincent Gould wearing nothing but gold, and Aleksandra Sylver wearing nothing, but silver Redd and his people became known as the Color Guardians to the others.

“Alexander, best you watch where you are going.” Redd said swiping at this red hair. He had bangs over his head which he moved out of his face. The rest of his hair was shorter than the bangs. Apparently, from what Janus knew this was the custom of Golordian army men to have their hair as such if they had any that is.

“I am sorry General,” Janus said he didn’t really like the man. Golordians once had a vile leader named Jason Black who wanted to enslave them all eons ago. In the war that followed between those who favored Black and those who were against him the Golordian capital planet of Golordia Prime was decimated and remained lifeless. Or so it was said. Redd claimed he and his family were banished to Golordia Prime before he was born and somehow, he survived into his adulthood on the forsaken planet when he finally left, he found his people in disarray and lead them against the dictatorship of Black’s descendants who had ruled the areas for time immemorial. Apparently, Redd’s father’s only crime was: loving a woman who was of a different race than Golordian and so they were banished when she was carrying Redd.

Aside for the dictatorship of Black and his descendants there was also the notion that the insanity of the Chaos beast came from Golordia Prime also. Eons ago as it maybe Golordians were seen to be irrational and thirsty for power. Something that even Redd admitted he longed for when he was on the forsaken planet growing up.

“Indeed, did you and Lucy come back from being in the city already?” Redd asked.

“Yes, we were there temporarily,” Janus said.

“Very well...” Redd said he started breathing hard as if he was trying to catch his breath. “Carry on...” Redd breathed. Janus watched him walk off a bit faster in his step. Apparently, Redd was used to the low oxygen levels of Golordia Prime and so when he got too much oxygen in his system, he would almost drown in too much oxygen in the air. Redd compensated by having his quarters set at a very low oxygen level. Sometimes he would be in there for hours to recover if he had been out of there for more than 10 hours. Redd surely was trying to find a way to perhaps design a mask for himself it seemed.

Redd walked quickly shortly ahead of Janus. He cursed himself for working a bit too hard in the excessive oxygen levels of the ship. Redd entered his room quickly and closed the door behind him he breathed easily after a bit and he collapsed on a nearby couch. He put his hands to his eyes and moved his hair out of his face again.

Redd heard something stir behind him.

“Why are you in here?” Redd said not really moving from where he sat.

“Why do you have your oxygen so low?” A woman’s voice said behind him.

“I grew up in worse oxygen than this; unfortunately this is the lowest I can set it on this ship.” Redd said he got up and turned towards the much shorter woman she stood at about his chest. She was a pretty little woman (at least by comparison to Redd), a bit petite but she had a figure to her. She wore a silver dress with silver earrings and silver heels. Her hair was extremely platinum blonde it almost looked silver in the light. Her eyes were a light blue almost silver in hue. Her name was Alessandra Sylver, known as Silver to most of the Golordians. “You didn’t answer my question why are you here?”

“We got a message from....” Silver started she looked uneasy as if she was thinking of how to say it. “Him” she said Redd looked at her his face getting pale.

“No....” Redd said in disbelief. “How....he couldn’t have he was trapped in that prison. He hasn’t escaped has he?”

“I sincerely hope not.” Silver said. Redd shuttered she didn’t have to explain who she was talking about. When Redd’s family was banished to Golordia prime they soon realized they were not the only ones banished to the planet. There is a prison that was built on the planet to hold the likes of the devourer of suns. Redd met the man. The man they called the devourer of suns. It was someone he thought he had escaped. Like a fool when he was young he had pledged himself to the devourer because of the fact that he was dying now he wished he hadn’t done something so foolish. “I thought we were free from him!” she said as she clasped her arms around Redd looking worried, her engagement ring he had given her, it was shining brightly in the light.

“I think as long we are here we will be safe what did his message say?” Redd asked.

“Just three words.” Silver said.

“Which where?” Redd asked.

“Pride is alive.” Silver said.

Red’s eyes bulged he knew of Conrad Structhem the insane leader of the Axis, crystalline creatures that were enslaved by Conrad eons ago. Conrad became a dictator and leader of several planets after the devourer had been captured. His malice and disregard for other beings was well known throughout the cosmos. He can’t be alive the war on Asgard was over a million years ago. Redd thought as he and his fiancé worried. They worried about what the future laid for them. If the sun eater was indeed trying to contact him and indeed Pride was still alive then indeed there were some dire days ahead of him. Days of which he hoped did not become too dismal.

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