Prince And Pride

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Dinner Date

Lady Lucy waited nervously in front of her father’s door. She could see him in there writing something with a green pen. The door to his office was made of glass it had long gold handles to them. The office itself was marvelous it was made of nothing but beautiful burgundy wood. There was a fire place in this room even though the fire was artificial in the room it still heated up the room if it was needed. On top of the fire place was a model of a 10 sail, sailboat, named the Wizard (it was apparently one of her father’s favorite boats he drove back home when he was younger). Through a side door her mother walked in carrying a plant in a pot. It was a beautiful Lotus flower. She set it on his desk and he looked up when she did. He smiled, and she walked out of the room.

Leslie Mary Myers was her name she looked like an older version of Lucy with one exception there was a birth mark on Leslie’s face that Lucy did not have.

“Hey mom,” Lucy said her mother smiled.

“Your father is in one of those writing moods again.” Leslie said.

“Oh, I did see him, I wondered what he could be writing about.” Lucy said.

“He was writing about his adventures way back when he was a warrior of light.” Leslie said. Lucy shot a glance at her father.

Lucy’s father was a mysterious person even to her. He knew something that very few beings in the cosmos knew. Lucy often wondered the nature of her father, he seemed to claim that he was as old as time itself. Lucy had gone back in the records of the Soldiers of Light since its date of incorporation eons ago. Her father’s name appeared on every document that she ever found. The number of times his name appeared on anything having to do with the group was limitless. It seemed that his name was never not on a document.

The Soldiers of Light themselves existed way before any local government existed in this area did there was at one point a society called the Universal Medical Society, with her father as the leader of that society as being the wisest and strongest and most loved amongst them. That society paved way for the unification of 26 planets that became known as the United Galactic Confederacy of which her father said he was also the leader of. He has led his people for countless of eons, or so he claimed.

Lucy never understood any of this. It seemed like days ago she was a little girl who had accidentally gotten herself trapped aboard a shuttle pod and launched herself off into the emptiness of space. Only to drift into the path of the alleged most diabolical creature in the cosmos, or so people would say. My father never did believe him to be a total lost cause. Lucy thought to herself.

“Well you shouldn’t keep him waiting,” Leslie said, the man next to her gave a polite bow to her and she headed away.

“Ah about time,” the man said behind the desk.

He was an older gentleman with fire red hair which had some spots of white in it but his hair was still obviously red. He had a gentle nature to his face, he looked like he never harmed any other being, although he had in just causes. He was wearing a white shirt with a cap to the right of his hands it was the cap of a fleet admiral. The man wore a strange buckle on his belt barely noticeable behind the desk he was on. It was a swirl design as long as Lucy has known her father, she had seen him with this swirl, he remembered asking him when she was young what the meaning was, but she didn’t remember what his answer was, and she felt embarrassed to ask again.

“So, you have a date with the prince tonight huh?” He asked.

“Yes,” Lucy said she felt herself flush. How does he do that?

“So, I guess letting you tag along wasn’t such a horrendous idea.” the man said jokingly. “Jokes aside, we need him to get going to find the Horn of Jericho.”

“Is it really here sir?” the man named Zero said next to Lucy.

“It is,” her father said.

“I would have thought Caledfwich would have left it to his heir and Odin sold it by now.” Lucy said in a sarcastic manner.

“No, it was one thing that he didn’t have on his person, apparently, when they found his body.” Her father said. “The fact that they didn’t find it and no one came around this planet for several eons until Toni decided to play home sick a few years back and bumped into Foxx and recruited him, means that it is definitely still on this planet.”

“Are you totally certain about that sir?” Zero asked.

“I don’t have a doubt about that,” Her father said.

“I don’t either actually I heard rumors while I was in the city of strange looking men asking around looking for a map they said.” Lucy said. “That must mean Pride must think its here if he is indeed still alive.”

“No doubt that Conrad must have woken up his human subjects first, the Crystals probably need to be recharged being in stasis the way they have been for the past million years.” Her father said.

“If the Crystals recharge, we are going to have no choice but to defend this city,” Zero said.

“We will do nothing of the sort.” Her father said simply.

“What do you mean?” Lucy said.

“We came here to observe Mexcatli On Heim, if the Crystals do regenerate and attack Asgard it will be Mexcatli who will have to defend the planet not us.” Her father said. Lucy rolled her eyes. She knew what her father was doing. It was one of the tests that every member of the flotilla had to face, an impossible challenge. “Yes I know you want to journey with him and I won’t stop you. I actually find it quite interesting your name meaning Light Bringer and his name meaning Light or lightning wielder. At least that’s what Toni said.”

“His name means lightning wielder?” Lucy said sounding shocked. Good lord he is a warrior of light no wonder my father wants to test him so there would have to be hundreds of frozen Crystals in Pride’s army. Lucy thought.

“That’s what Toni said not me,” Her father shrugged. “It’s like my name, means gravity apparently, somewhere.” he shrugged again, Lucy knew what her father meant, Leonard Robert Mayers was a name he went by when he was on planets where his actual name may cause too much disturbance. Not knowing if more friends than foes existed here on Asgard, they all were going by assumed names. Even Lucy using her phony name of Lucifer Anne Myers was one of the many things that they were doing to ward off any possibility of being spotted as being members of the Galactic Confederacy. Her father’s power had no say here he was in a different part of the universe far away from the confederacy. He left his aides to run the confederacy while he came here. It was probably the first time he had personally come to see about a potential recruit.

“What is it that you see in this boy by the way?” Lucy said.

“Probably the same thing you do.” her father said, and Lucy flushed deeply. “Oh, don’t get embarrassed about it he’s probably the most intelligent person on this planet and probably one of the most aware of this planet as well. You can start with plan B by the way tell Erica to com here.”

“Yes,” Lucy said and was all that she said. Neither Zero or Leslie said anything it was almost as if it was a communication between the two of them and no one else.”

“So, what is the plan going forward?” Zero asked.

“First you must find the map.” her father said looking at Lucy. “Or at least help Mexcatli find it. In the meanwhile, Zero you observe everything that is going on, I think darker things are occuring here on Asgard than what we are seeing right away.”

“Very well sir,” Zero said suddenly there came a buzz.

“Yes?” her father said.

“Sorry to bother you sir, but there is a carriage here from Prince Mexcatli to Lady Lucy.” one of the guards outside said.

“Very well tell them she is on her way.” her father said.

“Yes sir,” the guard said.

“Well go on scoot,” her father said, and Lucy gave both men a bow and she walked off.

“What do you think sir?” Zero asked.

“She saw him channel lightning.” her father said.

“He will be the first since that girl Alexis died that has shown the ability to do so.” Zero said.

“Indeed, but I don’t think he knows he can, frankly I don’t think anyone else knows either.” her father suddenly grabbed a file about the size of a thick book from next to his left hand. “Foxx accurately describes him wielding lightning and yet Foxx isn’t even aware that the boy was doing it.”

“So, we were right to come here,” Zero said. “I can’t believe Hanuman was brash enough to send tose girls here without any support.”

“He wasn’t really,” her father said looking at Zero suspiciously. “Michelle was with them, I need to know more about his mother Ronja, was she also experimented on?” He pushed a button next to him suddenly. “Lucy, I want you to find out what you can about Ronja On Heim.”

“Who is she?” Lucy asked she had managed to stop before she had left the room.

“You will find out when you get me the data.” her father said.

“Very well.” Lucy said.

“Sir....I was wondering something.” Zero said.

“What’s that?” her father said.

“Could he be the one who the prophecy spoke of?” Zero asked silence fell in the room. Her father studied the profile a while then looked back up at Zero.

“That would be something my old friend that would be something.” her father said. “I need to find all the scripts on the prophecy.... now, if you excuse me.”

“Yes sir,” Zero said as he watched her father get up and look at the books behind him. Zero had only heard of the legends. But there was something that made him suspect that this boy was who the prophecy spoke of. The fact that in the prophecy there was a part that called for a man who could not be. Apparently born to women who could no longer bare men. Zero thought it was hogwash until he realized that this boy was born to a Carrion woman named Ronja. Carrions had not born a male in countless eons, supposedly. If this boy was indeed part of the prophecy then the universe as they knew it was about to change forever.

Mexcatli nervously dusted his blue jacket off with the lightning bolts on it. He never had a girl over for dinner before, well at least one that he invited most of the time his parents invited some random girl he never met to dinner in hopes that Mexcatli would court the young woman that they bought. He never did, although some of them were gorgeous. Mexcatli put the jacket on slowly and then he looked in the mirror.

Okay I hope this doesn’t go bad. He thought as he fixed his hair. He didn’t consider himself bad looking but Lady Lucy was the first girl he had met in the years he had been looking for a beautiful girl to be with and marry that actually said yes to his courting invitation. Courting invitation? You invited her to dinner you idiot not to court her....maybe I should ask her to court me she is a noblewoman, I am sure my parents wouldn’t mind it much. He hoped at least.

“You’re not going to join us for dinner?” Mexcatli said he knew his brother was standing behind him the second he felt him

“How do you...never mind no I am not I am researching this strange disturbance we are getting in the subatomic structures.” Lucas said.

“What sort of strange disturbances?” Mexcatli said.

“I can’t quite wrap my head around it just yet.” Lucas said.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with that thing that was given to our grandfather does it?” Mexcatli asked. King Gustav On Heim was one of the most well known and most loved kings in recent memory his rule saw Asgard expand to the empire it was today and looked up to the sky for space exploration. One of the explorations landed a friendship with a nearby sentient race named the Inklors. The Inklors had accidentally almost killed the Asgardians thinking that the Asgardians were no brighter than a mule but when they saw the space craft with Gustav On Heim’s greetings they sent the satellite back carrying a translated script of their own language to Asgard it was addressed to Gustav explaining they were sorry they almost invaded their planet thinking that there was no intelligent life on it and to show for it they sent Asgard something that would help them explore space a lot faster. It was called a particle accelerator. Although Odin openly denied such an incident took place and stated the particle accelerator is actually a devil’s toy somehow Lucas managed to be studying it now to learn more about it.

“Yes it does its registering something that doesn’t make sense.” Lucas said.

“Which is?” Mexcatli asked.

“Do you remember the story of the pestilence?” Lucas asked.

“How could I forget it, the pestilence is supposed to bring Asgard to its knees. It is supposed to almost destroy it with a snake of the earth and he would make fish die and have the buzzing swarm of locust in his wake.” Mexcatli said shuddering next to the sun eater: the chaos beast Magog. The Pestilence was one of the most feared prophecies of the Asgardian race. “But what of it?”

“‘A time will come where time that does not yet exist will, this will be the first sign of his coming.’” Lucas said. Mexcatli remembered that part of the prophecy he always thought it be a bit excessive how could time that did not yet exist, exist? “This machine that the Inklors gave to us. I measured something in it that could only be explained as being a time that did not exist yet.”

“What the devil do you mean by that?” Mexcatli said.

“For a brief moment while testing it something hit a wall behind us and for a second it burned the wall but just as quickly as that happened it was gone the scorched mark and everything gone.” Lucas said. “And when I came back earlier today there it was the mark on the wall it was caused but a chemical explosion of one of my experiments that mixed the wrong way over night. It was the same mark brother.”

“Father is right then, the device is a devil sent.” Mexcatli said.

“I don’t think it maybe, think of what we can do with this thing.” Lucas said.

“I fear it may drive you mad,” Mexcatli said earnestly. Mexcatli had seen Lucas scour around this thing like a fly on a rotten piece of meat. Lucas wanted to learn more about this thing that the Inklors left behind. Lucas heard his brother’s warning but he seemed unblemished by it.

“Maybe it will....” Lucas said simply. “But I must know about it more.”

“Very well.” Mexcatli said and he left it at that he had more pressing matters to attend to Lady Lucy would arrive at any moment.

“So....” Odin said at the dinner table as servants served them. Odin was an older man who looked like an aged Lucas rather than an aged Mexcatli. He had the same dark color hair mostly gray now and the same long nose. It was the mostly white beard covering his face that set him apart to Lucas, and Odin’s eyes were brown while Lucas’s was blue like his mother.

King Odin doesn’t look at all like Mexcatli, it’s a wonder that Mexcatli did not openly deny kinship to the king more loudly. Lady Lucy thought as she sat at the table next to Mexcatli, the servants saw it so, it was something that they have always done when there was a girl there that Mexcatli was supposed to be around. This time was the first that Mexcatli had invited a girl over and not his mother. Some servants were relieved of this.

“Lucy, tell me where you hail from.” Odin said as he grabbed a nearby fork and knife.

“I come from the north of Asgard my Lord.” Lady Lucy it seemed to Mexcatli she was using her words carefully as if she was trying not to say exactly where she was from. Mexcatli wondered why.

“Your name is Mayers they tell me,” Azna the queen of Asgard said. She also did not look anything like Mexcatli she was an older woman with bright blue eyes and mostly white hair on her head. She had fine wrinkles to her face but she was none-the-less beautiful still.

“Yes my queen,” Lady Lucy said pleasantly.

“You must be the daughter of Leonard then, he visited here once years ago he bought the manor from King Odin said he had a daughter about Mexcatli’s age back then.” Azna said as she cleaned her the side of her lips in a sort of snobbish manor.

“Yes my queen he is my father.” Lady Lucy said and Mexcatli shot her a glance.

Blast I knew it was too good I am sure that my mother and Leonard probably spoke about arranging me to her or something. Mexcatli thought as he took a sip of his water.

“How is old Leonard?” Odin asked.

“He is fine as ever, sire” Lady Lucy said. “We are vacationing at the manor.”

“Indeed,” Odin said. “I thought as much I saw his banner raise from the manor a few days ago. Funny that he could not join us.”

“He has been busy sire,” Lady Lucy said then she quickly added. “But I am sure if you should invite him he will come.”

“Indeed.” Odin said. “Is your father pursuing this farce of the map of the horn of Jericho as well?”

“I do not think it‘s a farce my lord with so many people looking for it.” Lucy said.

“Bah,” Odin grumbled. “That legend is nothing but that such ridiculousness about a horn that can shatter through the earth and make trees crumble. Its an excuse to make people go to war.”

“I am afraid I don’t understand sire,” Lady Lucy said. “My father told me that your father was one of those people who also looked for the horn before his passing.”

“That he did,” Odin said. “Gustav may have been a great king but during his latter years he lost more and more of his sanity he pursued ghost where there were none. Especially up in the emptiness of space. Such rubbish as other people from other planets.” Mexcatli shifted uneasily in his chair. Lady Lucy was not allied with any of his parents he could tell by the way his mother looked at her with contempt as if saying how dare she say such travesty in this court.

“But why...” Lady Lucy started.

“ENOUGH!” Odin barked angrily slamming his fists on his table. “I will not have such stupidity be spoken in my presence about my father pursuing stupid things such as sending things into space to find intelligent life. Millions of man hours spent looking for things outside of this planet where there is none.”

You would openly deny the existence of Diamander if the skull was not in your grounds. Lady Lucy thought but to her surprise Mexcatli said this out load to his father standing up when he did. Lady Lucy stared at him, she saw the gleam in his eye again.

“I will not have you talk to her that way father I don’t care who the devil you are she is my guest.” Mexcatli said with a raised voice but it didn’t sound like he was angry. It was a strange sight. He is more powerful than probably anyone on this planet. Lady Lucy thought as she looked at Odin and Azna they both looked a bit worried, maybe they knew he could wield lightning maybe he accidentally did something when he was younger that caused such worry.

“Very well.” Odin said reluctantly. “If you excuse me.” Odin got up and dropped his kerchief on the plate in front of him and he walked out of the dinning room. Azna looked at them both and she did the same without saying a word more.

“I am sorry,” Lady Lucy said after a moment of silence.

“Nonsense,” Mexcatli said he pushed his plate aside he was suddenly no longer hungry. He crossed his arms suddenly he looked up at her, a sort of shy smile appeared on his face. “Do you want to see it?”

“See what?” Lady Lucy asked.

“Diamander’s skull.” Mexcatli said Lady Lucy’s eyes bulged.

You don’t know what’s jammed into that skull do you? Lady Lucy thought she knew what was jammed into the skull of Diamander, it was the reason that Caledfwich was dead now instead of still probably ruling this planet. He did something that very few had done before successfully.

“Come on I will show you.” Mexcatli grabbed her hand gently he flushed red when he did and Lady Lucy felt herself do the same. They both walked out of the dinning room scurrying off to see the head of a legendary beast.

As Mexcatli and Lady Lucy passed by a door Lucas walked into it shortly a while after he watched his brother and the beautiful young woman scurry passed him.

“Looks like he’s finally found someone.” Lucas muttered.

“Sir?” a voice called from behind the door.

“Oh it’s nothing just grumbling to myself.” Lucas said as he entered the room. The room was empty but on a screen next to him a face appeared of a blue man. It was a computer program that Lucas designed he called it Sophacles, it was an extremely intelligent artificial intelligence.

“Has anything new occurred in my absence?” Lucas asked.

“Not as of yet,” Sophacles said.

“Very well.” Lucas said he walked into a room that had a giant tube twice the size of him in height and width. The tube had all sorts of strange markings on it. “I wish we could decipher more of this Inklor text scrawled all over this thing.”

“I have been trying sir using the small amount of the alphabet that they did share with us.” Sophacles said. “The one thing I have deciphered most of it is a warning of not rummaging through this without first understanding certain principles of particle acceleration.”

“Yes, yes I read that book.” Lucas said dismissing the warnings. Lucas walked out and he started messing around with the controls on the other side. “I want to see what happens if we try to see something in the future.”

“But sir!” Sophacles said.

“Oh, you worry too much.” Lucas said as he thought: I hope.

Lucas set the calibration of the particle accelerator. It suddenly started humming slowly like it usually would and so it stayed this way. Lucas looked around to see if he could see anything different about his environment, he saw nothing. Suddenly he saw a man staring back at him on the screen in front of him. He looked like a man he had never seen before.

The man had olive skin, dark hair and was wearing a nice shirt and a vest. The man looked curiously at Lucas. Lucas stared at the man wonderingly. He was wearing this diabolical looking mask. A mask of total darkness.

Then will come a man from he darkness he will come. He will show himself first to a prince who was but trying to learn about science. Lucas’s thought rummaged through the prophecy. The man looked like he was talking but all Lucas could hear was static.

Suddenly the accelerator started up again, without him even touching anything there was no static sound this time.

“Lucas On Heim!” a voice called from the screen.

“Who are you?” Lucas said looking up at the insect-man

“I am called Prince Xavier Yanez Zuniga,” the man said. “Thanks to you I have now established a connection with your planet. I waited for you for a while Lucas, I waited for you to activate that particle accelerator, so I could finally make a more solid connection with that time. Thank you, Lucas.”

With that the man’s face disappeared and so did the light shining out of the tube. Lucas didn’t know what that meant. It couldn’t be that the plague itself had just talked to him. Lucas felt soiled, dirty as if the foulest thing in the cosmos had just spoken to him. This was what was said the plague was, the foulest creature in the universe pestilence itself. Lucas got up and a short second later Sophacles reappeared.

“Sir are you alright?” Sophacles asked.

“Yes,” Lucas said. “Sophacles can you find me everything you can about an Xavier Yanez Zuniga.”

“I can sir, but why do you need that information?” the AI asked.

“Just find me this data please.” Lucas said.

“Very well sir,” Sophacles said and the program was gone.

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