Prince And Pride

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Mexcatli and Lady Lucy soon were in front of a massive crystal skull. It was in the shape of a giant lizard of some sort. Lady Lucy’s mouth gaped she knew that this thing was. It was the legendary creature named Diamander. The head of this massive creature as about twenty feet tall and about 40 feet wide it towered high above them with a shiny sword jammed into the skull. Lady Lucy looked at the sword it swirled with lightning in it she knew what this sword was and was pretty sure that Mexcatli did not know what it was. I wonder what would happen if he should wield it. Lady Lucy thought. I wonder if father knows it’s here.

“Well there it is,” Mexcatli said.

“Has anyone ever tried to remove the sword?” Lady Lucy said.

“Probably everyone.” Mexcatli shrugged his eyes glistened when he looked at the sword.

“Including you?” Lady Lucy asked he looked shocked at that question it threw him off.

“Of course, I have...” Mexcatli said nervously his eyes shifting about. He pulled it out! Lady Lucy concluded from his stumbling and his shock that she had asked him this. Lady Lucy looked back up at it.

“I don’t think you have.” Lady Lucy said.

“Why the devil not?” Mexcatli asked.

“Because you wouldn’t be so nervous if you had.” Lady Lucy said.

“I did pull....” Mexcatli stopped himself and thought of how to finish the sentence without Lady Lucy noticing but she did notice. “ah.... on it.” he sounded relieved when he said in this manner. Was that what happen? Did he pull it out when he was a boy even though thousands of people have tried before him including Caledfwich himself? That could be a reason why his parents looked at him so.... afraid. Lady Lucy said she wondered who may have known if he had or not.

“Fine then pull on it,” Lady Lucy said.

“Come again?” Mexcatli said.

“If you said you pulled on it before, pull on it again you didn’t pull it out right?” Lady Lucy said. “I mean obviously since it is still in there.”

“Fine,” Mexcatli sighed after he didn’t see a way out of it. Mexcatli climbed the side of the head carefully when he did something slipped out of the side of the jaw of the massive creature. Lady Lucy went towards it and picked up what it was.

“Where did this come from?” Lady Lucy said she looked up and saw one of the teeth of Diamander had been kicked in by Mexcatli in his climb and under it was an impression of where something had been stored. That something was now on the floor.

“What is that?” Mexcatli said he quickly jumped back down. It was a scroll of some kind it was furled up with a seal. It was Caledfwich’s seal the same one that was everywhere the eagle with lightning bolt shaped feathers. Lady Lucy carefully opened it, the paper must have been a million years old stowed under the tooth of Diamander. It was then that Lady Lucy remembered a prophecy.

Stowed in the tooth of a great dragon the map to find the horn that will shatter the sun eater’s cage shall be found by the light bringer and the wielder of light. Lady Lucy thought, and she looked at a map of Asgard, or how it may have looked back a million years ago. A great dragon laid dead almost at the center of the map with a sword stuck to its head. To the north east as far east as the map could go a remote island was there it was as big as Asgard was itself. It was the arctic lands of Villajengard. In this land the words

“ILMANJEN BON VINATREN, ICHEN POL LODONIN,” Lady Lucy said reading the beautiful cursive script it was made by a woman’s hand undoubtedly the wife of Caledfwich must have hidden it.

“Do you understand that?” Mexcatli asked and Lady Lucy nodded.

“It’s the old tongue it says, ‘find me in this frozen kingdom find me before I am used to free the sun eater.’” Lady Lucy saw notes suddenly appear beneath the lowest part of the map in the same handwriting. “Here it says ‘that sword that is in the beast above needs to be wielded against he who slumbers in this frozen kingdom. Find the ice queen there and beseech her help for the plague comes.’”

“The plague,” Mexcatli said he looked grim. Lady Lucy had a vague idea of what this note talked about. A being that was supposedly the embodiment of pestilence itself was supposed to arrive per a prophecy and it was supposed to bring a plague eviler than anything that had ever fallen upon Asgard. But if Pride was here, Lady Lucy thought that there had more dire things to think about than to worry on such things as prophecies. Mexcatli looked back up at the sword. “My lady can you keep a secret?”

“Of course,” Lady Lucy said sincerely.

“When I was a boy, I pulled that sword out.” Mexcatli said looking at the sword wonderly, it was if he didn’t know how he had done it. I’ve seen fully grown men heave with mightiest of heaves try to pull that sword out, but they didn’t. I pulled it out at age five. I already had thought I was different I think pulling that sword out that day made me solidify that I was.”

“Prince....whose Ronja On Heim?” Lady Lucy asked and Mexcatli looked at her questioningly as if he had never heard the name before in his life. “I heard the name one day in the city, I thought she was of relation to you somehow.”

“No, I never heard of her before.” Mexcatli said looking up at the sword again. He wants to wield it, what happened Mexcatli why did you put it back. “I placed it back because I was afraid of its powers.” he said as if he had heard what she was thinking about. “That was a long time ago I think you telling me to go pull on it again perked my interest....” Mexcatli suddenly stopped his eyes glowed suddenly.

“There is something wrong.”

Mexcatli looked back up at the sword then at Lady Lucy. He then jumped up and grabbed onto the side of the skull and pulled himself up on top of the skull and he grabbed the sword and with an easy pull that was as if he was pulling a sword from its sheath. Mexcatli pulled the great sword of Caledfwich from the skull of the diamond creature and he jumped down and held it in front of him.

“What’s the matter?” Lady Lucy said as Mexcatli was in front of her in a protective stance with the sword in his hands. There was a strange buzzing sound suddenly it was very loud. It sounded like hundreds of billions of locusts swarming. “What is that noise?”

“I don’t know.” Mexcatli said holding is sword. Lady Lucy knew from reading Mexcatli’s biography that Foxx taught him everything that he knew in sword combat and then some. “It stopped.” the buzzing noise stopped but Mexcatli looked around as if he was expecting something or someone. “Come now we shouldn’t be just standing here.”

Mexcatli took off with Lady Lucy shortly behind him. Mexcatli and Lady Lucy walked out of the side of the palace to the sound of screams. My god was this from the buzzing sound? I never heard something so terrible in my life. Lady Lucy shot an uneasy look at Mexcatli he held the sword in front of him and he looked around. People everywhere were screaming and writhing from what Mexcatli was unsure. It was then that they heard a thud that shook the very foundation of the palace behind them.

A very loud thunderous noise sounded throughout the city. It sounded almost like a growl or a cry of some sort of massive creature.

“What in the world was that noise?” Mexcatli said he felt the earth shake again. The thunderous noise echoed in the air once more. This is not the same noise I heard before, good lord what in the world is going on?

Mexcatli ran towards a nearby building pulling Lady Lucy with him. Mexcatli quickly grabbed a nearby cloth and tied the sword he had within it and then he tied it around his shoulder. He then turned back to Lucy and grabbed her and then as elegantly as Lady Lucy had ever seen anyone do anything. Mexcatli jumped from one wall to the adjacent wall and all the way to the top of the building that they were by. Lady Lucy stood in awe when they landed on the roof.

“How did you?” Lady Lucy said suddenly behind them they saw something. It was a mountain, but Lady Lucy knew that there was no mountain anywhere near Asgard that could be seen by the naked eye. What was more the mountain was moving closer and closer. It was no mountain. It was a massive crystal creature. “A Shade!?” Lady Lucy gasped.

“Is that what the heck that is?” Mexcatli said as he watched the creature draw closer. It looked more like a giant crystal thing he had no idea why she called it a shade.

For Mexcatli it was easy to see things even some distances away. He had eyes like a hawk they told him. The creature was about 100 spans wide and about 50 spans tall it moved at remarkable speed a creature of that size. The creature itself looked like a giant tortoise. The creature bellowed angrily as it walked closer towards Asgard. “If that thing gets here it will destroy the city.” Mexcatli said he turned to Lucy and she nodded that he could go if he should please.

Lady Lucy saw it happen, Mexcatli’s eyes suddenly glowed as he jumped off the building, he left her on and jumped down the building. A short while later she saw him run out of the city scape. The creature was coming from the North (thankfully away from her father’s manor. She didn’t know what her father would have done if a massive turtle had decided to squish his manor.) Mexcatli suddenly right up next to the giant creature in a matter of moments this was saying something the creature was at least some miles away from the city still.

Mexcatli jumped on top of one of the creature’s legs as it moved, he climbed up the jagged scales of the crystal creature it bellowed as it tried to shake him off it. From where Lady Lucy was all she could see was a dot with a gold eagle and a lightning bolt on his back. Lucy was sure that anyone watching was all they could see. What is he going to do? She thought anxiously. Mexcatli scaled the creature and he jumped onto the back of it. He raised the sword above his head....

Without blinking Lady Lucy saw it, a massive bolt of lightning appeared out of nowhere. It exploded violently striking the massive creature. The creature gave a tremendous growl and the next second it was gone the only that remained was a pile of cinder of which Mexcatli fell on top of. Oh my god! Lady Lucy gasped. Lady Lucy suddenly realized that Foxx was standing next to her.

“How did you....” She started but she just let it be.

“I saw that boy do that when he was five years old.” Foxx said. “He pulled the sword from Diamander because he thought he could. He didn’t care what anyone thought about impossibilities. He knew that he could pull the sword from Diamander and so he did. He then went and without really knowing what he was doing called upon lightning and almost burned Asgard to the ground. Odin and Anza have been terrified of him since.”

“You did not state he was a lightning wielder, Foxx.” Lady Lucy said.

“Would that have been important?” Foxx asked. “Your father knows he does why do you think he is here himself. Mexcatli is the first in a million years to have the ability to wield lightning. I taught him as much as I could on sword combat in hopes that he could channel the lightning, but he is still a wild variable he needs to be trained by someone that knows how to wield it.”

“But there isn’t anyone alive that knows how to.” Lady Lucy said.

“That’s what I thought but the Lord Leonard insisted that he wanted to see Mexcatli in action himself.” Foxx said. “Unfortunately, he just let the enemy know he exists even though no one else might have.”

“What do you mean?” Lady Lucy said.

“Asgard is blind to his power.” Foxx said, “He is trapped here as long as he thinks that they need him.”

“I don’t think I understand.” Lady Lucy said.

“Come let’s round him up then I will explain.” Foxx said he grabbed Lady Lucy and suddenly he jumped and landed on top of a motor cycle and he sped off in the direction of where Mexcatli was at. Lady Lucy watched Mexcatli in the distance he was sheathing the sword that he had. Such a power within one man.

“Hell, of a show, Mexcatli.” Foxx said as he approached him and Mexcatli turned to him.

“Where did it come from?” Mexcatli said as Foxx stopped. He noticed Lady Lucy with him and he gave her a bright smile.

“It is one of many I am afraid.” Foxx said.

“What do you mean one of many?” Mexcatli said.

“You do remember the story of Caledfwich don’t you?” Foxx said.

“He fought crystal giants....” Mexcatli said. “But I thought that they were all killed by Caledfwich what was this one doing here?”

“They were not all killed.” Foxx said. “Diamander was one of many that Pride had in his arsenal, Caledfwich stopped Pride before he could activate all of them now it looks like Pride is once again trying to activate all of them.”

“Pride was destroyed,” Mexcatli said. “Caledfwich sent him back from whence he came.”

“Unfortunately, it does not seem that way now my friend.” Foxx said. “That thing that just walked here is something of Pride’s doing.”

“Next thing you are going to tell me is that he is trying to free the sun eater.” Mexcatli said snorting and Foxx looked at him sternly. “Oh, come now Foxx surely you don’t expect me to believe that an ancient evil dictator is still alive, and he is trying to free his master?”

“He is not the only one, Mexcatli.” Foxx said. Mexcatli turned away from him and Foxx walked towards him and faced him. “There are others, unfortunately. Pride just happens to be the most immediate threat of them all.”

“And what is it that you want me to do exactly?” Mexcatli said.

“Find this,” Foxx grabbed the paper from Lady Lucy’s hand without her realizing it and handed it to Mexcatli. Mexcatli stared at it. Lady Lucy looked up as she had heard rumbles of thunder suddenly, she didn’t know if it was from Mexcatli or if it was mother nature. Storm clouds began to surface to the west.

“Why would I find it?” Mexcatli asked.

“Because if you don’t Pride will and everything you love will suffer because of it.” Foxx said. “This horn can free Magog, Mexcatli. The sun eater has commanded Pride to find it and release him from the prison he is in. It can shatter his prison Mexcatli why do you think Pride was here on Asgard to begin with? He was looking for the horn it had been entrusted to the old empire before Caledfwich. Asgardian and Carrions guarded this horn with their lives. It just so happened that when Pride came Caledfwich had come here to retreat after being one of the last warriors of light left, on their leader’s order that way at least one of them would always survive.”

“I have nothing to do with this,” Mexcatli said he gave the map back to Foxx and he started walking.

“And you would allow the Sun Eater to rise back into power knowing full well that you could stop him?” Foxx asked. Mexcatli stopped in his tracks. “You are a force of nature Mexcatli, very few men have had the ability you do natively.”

“I heard of your stories growing up Foxx.” Mexcatli said. “I can’t even control this ability. The sword doesn’t respond to me all the time, I am actually quite shocked that it did what it did just now.”

“Would you allow her to die then,” Foxx pointed at Lady Lucy when he said that. “Because you are so sure that it has nothing to do with you?”

Why did Foxx just do that? Lady Lucy thought nervously she saw Mexcatli shift nervously.

“If the Sun Eater is released, I can guarantee you that seeing what you just did he will come here first, he will want your power.” Foxx said. “Imagine the sun eater with your power he will be even stronger than he was before and that would be saying something.”

“It will take me months to get to Villajengard even on a motor bike.” Mexcatli said.

“Fortunately, I think we just barely have months.” Foxx said although it sounded like he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to convince Mexcatli. Come on Mexcatli you need to do this, at least protect the girl. “Aside you will not go alone I will go with you and so will she and her guard for that matter.”

“Are you mad why would a girl come with offense.” Mexcatli said looking sincerely at Lady Lucy.

“It would give you something to worry about along the way better with us than here in Asgard.” Foxx said shrugging. Lady Lucy looked at Foxx then at Mexcatli she didn’t know what was about to occur there definitely was about to happen. Mexcatli sighed and he turned towards the north east and looked out as if he was trying to see how far it was from here to the next village. Rosen was an out-landing town of Asgard it was about a day away on motor bike.

“I am really the only one that could do it, aren’t I?” Mexcatli asked.

“On this planet, yes.” Foxx said. “Who knows about any other.” Mexcatli sighed again he knew Foxx was a good friend of Gustav On Heim, Mexcatli’s grandfather he believed that there was life on other planets.

“Very well we leave tomorrow, I will go pack my stuff.” Mexcatli said he tapped something on his arm, it was the first time Lady Lucy noticed that he had a gauntlet on his arm. When he did a face appeared on it. “Sophocles can you make sure that my stuff is ready for me, when I get home”

“Heading out sir?” Sophocles asked.

“I am,” Mexcatli said a bike suddenly appeared in front of him and Mexcatli climbed on it and drove off towards Asgard leaving Foxx and Lady Lucy to themselves.

“That boy will be the death of me,” Foxx said sighing.

“Why did you just use the commodore’s daughter like that?” Lady Lucy asked.

“He likes you,” Foxx said shrugging.

“So, you thought it be alright if you do that?” Lady Lucy said.

“No offense Lady Lucy, but if I hadn’t, I don’t know what he would have done exactly.” Foxx said.

“He really doesn’t know how to wield his power does he?” Lady Lucy asked.

“No,” Foxx said simply. “But he can learn, that’s the good thing about Mexcatli is that he is an extremely adept learner. Most of the sword mastery he has, he has because he saw me do it once then he was able to do it himself.”

“You said that my father told you he had a plan on how to teach him do you know what it may be?” Lady Lucy asked.

“I wish I knew but there has to be a reason why the Commodore came all the way out just to see the boy in action.” Foxx said. “Did you apprise you of anything?”

“He just asked me to find out more about someone named Ronja On Heim,” Lady Lucy said, and Foxx looked down when she said the name. “What...who is she?”

“Gustav On Heim was a wise and carrying man.” Foxx said sighing. “Ronja is Mexcatli’s mother.”

“Come again?” Lady Lucy said. “Was Odin married before and this Ronja bore him Mexcatli?”

“You don’t know the half of it...” Foxx said. “I wonder why the commodore wanted to know more about her. Come we go to my study.” Foxx and Lady Lucy drove off in the direction of Asgard.

Meanwhile in the frozen arctic of Villajengard, Conrad Structhem smacked the console in front of him. “Something burned out the system.” Conrad said angrily. “It took me two full days to activate that Shade to 20 percent and something fried it in twenty seconds what the devil could have done that?”

“It was the boy,” the Prince eyes said behind him.

“The boy you spoke of before?” Conrad asked.

“Indeed, he told me once he had wielded the sword of Caledfwich.” the Prince said.

“But how could he even Caledfwich could not remove it out of Diamander which he struck it into.” Conrad said.

“I am unsure,” The Prince said. “Have you found anything about the horn?”

“Not yet my Lord.” Conrad said.

“Well get to it then.” The man said.

“There is one thing though.” Conrad said.

“Which is?” the man asked.

“What if this boy finds the map then all we have to do is wait and see which way he goes.” Conrad said smirking evilly as he spoke. “And once he finds it, we can then take it for our own.”

“That’s an idea.” the man said.

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