Prince And Pride

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Ronja On Heim

Foxx and Lady Lucy got off the bike in front of a big building. It was of decent size it was no Palace nor was it quite as big as the Manor her father had but it was none-the-less expansive. The building had a large dome like structure in the center of it and in front of it was a flag with a red fox pained on it.

“Is this your manor?” Lady Lucy asked.

“It’s my study, I don’t actually have a big fancy manor.” Foxx said. “This library has been in my family for generations.”

Lady Lucy looked at the building it had a long row of white steps leading up into its entrance which had huge pillars that were probably bigger than any building that was around them right at that moment. At the foot of the entrance were two huge statues of foxes sitting down one on its hind legs with its front paws up and a book in its hand and the other lying on its belly reading a book at the tip of its nose. It was curious seeing it, but Lady Lucy shrugged it off.

Foxx and Lady Lucy entered the building and she was stunned when she entered it. The floor was covered in shiny white marble the walls covered in massive murals. Each mural depicting something different. Some of them Lady Lucy recognized, such as a mural pained of a massive dragon being slayed by a man with a lightning bolt shaped sword. It was Caledfwich destroying Diamander eons ago. Others showed a black creature devouring suns with a huge mouth.

“They are the Iron Hand, you may have heard of them.” Foxx said as Lady Lucy looked at these statues of these strange looking men.

“No, I never heard of them,” Lady Lucy said.

“Well they are a faction of the FREE.” Foxx said.

He stopped walking and pointed at an old man with crystal armor. He looked like a tall man, wise looking, very aged white hair, he had a dictator look to him.

“That is Conrad Structhem also known as Construct. Of the members of the Iron Hand, he is probably the weakest but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous.”

“Who is he?” Lady Lucy said she shivered when he saw the statue of a man behind Conrad.

He was wearing these dark glasses around his eyes as if he was blind. He had brownish-blackish hair, he had two swords to his side one made of ice and the other looked like it could cut through anything. The man had a very sinister smile on his face. He wore armor that had a great sun crest on the chest with these two snakes crossing each other in the center of the sun. He had this chain on that had these two serpents wrapped around this scepter.

“The Admiral calls him the Snake.” Foxx said.

Lady Lucy looked at the man for a moment for some time she felt as if she knew him somehow, but she didn’t know how or why. What in the world is he? Lady Lucy thought.

“We aren’t really sure on that actually.” Foxx said it took a while for Lady Lucy to realize she had thought out loud and Foxx had answered her question. “But anyways we aren’t here for that we are here because you asked me about Ronja On Heim. I should have suspected with Mexcatli’s ability so obvious that the Admiral would want to know everything about Mexcatli’s family tree.”

“But who is she?” Lady Lucy said.

“I am going to tell you a bit of a story.” Foxx said as he opened a door beyond all the murals and he allowed Lady Lucy to walk in first.

Foxx walked in shortly behind her and sat down at a nearby chair. Foxx sighed, and he wrapped his fingers on the table and said.

“Gustav On Heim was a good friend of mine. He was one of the most well-loved and well-known Kings of Asgard in the past ten generations or maybe more. During the reign of Gustav, the Wise, as he is now known as, Asgard flourished and prospered beyond anything.”

“Gustav’s eyes were always towards looking into space exploration. With his influence over the sciences he started projects to get Asgardians off this rock and explore the far reaches of space.” Foxx said. “Because of the fact that he launched an atomic powered satellite into space the Inklors decided not to destroy Asgard instead they sent back technology.”

“During Gustav’s reign the peace and tranquility in Asgard was great and so after eons of being separated from them, although they would allow themselves be see here and there and chose male Asgardians here and there to procreate the Carrions came out of hiding. It was the first time they ever felt safe.” Foxx said his smile widened he seemed to be remembering those times as if it was yesterday. “Gustav met the leader of the Carrions a female named Aca Pinotochette and decided upon a truce between the two people. Little was Gustav aware, but the empress of the Carrions had eyes for him he was a handsome man and she was an extremely beautiful woman. A short while later they married.”

“But Odin isn’t a Carrion,” Lady Lucy said.

“You are right, he isn’t.” Foxx said.

“But how could...” Lady Lucy said.

“He is the son of the second wife of Gustav the Wise.” Foxx said. He grabbed a parchment from a bookshelf behind him he then unfurled it and sighed he then put the parchment on the table face down “Gustav’s first wife died giving birth, then Odin is the son of his next wife.”

“A short while later, Odin was arranged to be married to a young Carrion female himself, named Michelle.” Foxx said. “And they had Ronja.”

“But Odin is not that old,” Lucy said.

“Oh yes he is,” Foxx said.

He continued to flip through the parchments until he got to a painting. A painting of a gorgeous woman beyond words was on the parchment. She had amazing feathery blonde hair, amazing soft hued skin. She looked incredibly serene and beautiful, but it was Ronja’s eyes that made Lucy stand up and gape. Her eyes were gold just like Mexcatli’s. My heaven she’s beautiful, her eyes.... her eyes so much like his. She is his mother.

“Ronja on Heim, the lost Princess of the On Heims, she technically would be Lucas’s sister.” Foxx said. “Everything would have been great. But when she was a girl, she disappeared for several years along with her mother.”

“Turned out that Ronja was taken over to Rho, through means I am not quite sure of.” Foxx said “She was experimented on horribly, can you imagine a little girl going through the gruesome experiments?”

Lady Lucy shook her head.

“I see a lot of her in Mexcatli, I wouldn’t doubt it if we find out later that Ronja had something to do with the sword disappearing one day when the invasion of those insect things a few years ago.”

“Ronja was still a little girl when her father dealt her off to this Project Rho business, this is the working theory.” Foxx said.

“Why would Odin deal his own daughter?” Lady Lucy gasped.

“In a way he did, she had disappeared for a while because of him” Foxx said. “And then there was an invasion, an invasion of those insect things that came following Ronja and her mother Michelle back here.”

“Odin learned that lightning terrified the creatures so when Odin went to try and pull the sword and hand it to Greed the sword was gone.” Foxx said. “It had been pulled and used against the invasion of those insects. The sword decimated the enemy’s forces, forcing them to retreat.” Foxx said.

“Odin claimed he didn’t have any idea on how to remove the sword and it had vanished. But none of it mattered. Odin was now the King of Asgard.” Foxx said. “There was an unknown variable at play though, a girl named Alexis Rose.”

“Who is she?” Lady Lucy asked.

“Your father believes she was the one pulled the sword.” Foxx said.

“What?” Lady Lucy said.

“But there was something that threw everyone off,” Foxx said. “Odin found a child when he found his daughter dead, It looked like she had survived Greed’s attack long enough to birth him and protect him, but she died from her wounds. Odin found her clutching him as if he was the most precious thing in the cosmos which he was. Ronja wasn’t married she was a virgin she gave a virgin birth just like the prophecy foretells.” Foxx said.

“But if I remember correctly my father said something about a girl who could channel lightning.” Lady Lucy said she felt silly saying that.

“That is true,” Foxx said. “But the prophecy also says that ‘he’ is supposed to go through these horrendous trials from what I remember. Trials that would make any man cringe. Face against kin who betrayed him, suffer against a man who will steal his life and bring the age of total darkness, one that will last over 470,000 years. The other part of the prophecy says that he will face off against a being known as the Dark Prince andPride and this will be his greatest challenge.”

Prince and Pride is going to be his first challenge Lady Lucy thought diligently.

“To be honest the prophecy speaks in riddles of, ‘The first great challenge the Tempest will face will be a man nearly twice the heads as he, thrice as strong as you or me, five times as powerful as any foe, that so far had caused him so much woe. The age of darkness will rise when a creature from a different universe will rule his body and cause massive threat across the the universe.’ That one always shocked me, there is no way that this means Conrad Structhem, he is a dictator, but he can’t rule his body.”

“I remember studying about Conrad Structhem,” Lady Lucy said. “I don’t see why he is not being seen as a major threat to the universe especially here so far away from the ruling government.”

“Conrad is a vile and insane man,” Foxx said. “You know that as much as I do, but when you are dealing with the Iron Hand…like when you compare him to Greed for example, it would be like comparing a nymph to a dragon.”

“But I have heard what he did to the sectors Conrad took over, I know what he created he is responsible for helping enslave millions of people.” Lady Lucy said.

“Indeed,” Foxx said. “You seem to know much about the history of Conrad Structhem, but you forget one thing.”

“Which is?” Lady Lucy asked.

“Well quite simply my lady,” Foxx started. “He was following orders most along the way from the rest of the FREE Greed in particular, for example.”

“So now that you know about Ronja On Heim…” Foxx said he suddenly looked as if he wanted to say something additional beyond this. Foxx cleared his throat and then said. “You do know of the legendary Star Builder treasures on this world?”

“I have heard vague rumors of them.” Lady Lucy said. “Of which I do not think I can make heads or tails out of.”

“What I know maybe about the same as you then.” Foxx said. He mumbled it mostly as if he was saying it to himself.

“What is it that you know exactly,” Lady Lucy said.

“One is the Horn of Jericho,” Foxx said. “Your father himself protects two of the Star Builder treasures, which are thought to be the most powerful weapons in the universe. One that controls gravity itself and I’ve only heard rumors of the other one.”

“My father has such a weapon?” Lady Lucy said sounding shocked. The horn of Jericho was one, but a weapon that control gravity why would her father create such a weapon. “Why would he have such a weapon?”

“They were not weapons remember?” Foxx said. “They were all originally created as tools, they were perverted after a long time.” Foxx said. “You have to remember that, that’s the whole thing about that snake who tried to destroy the universe. But he is not as important as the Iron Hand is at this present moment, and the Dark Prince.”

“Alexander, do you know anything about the Dark Prince?” Lady Lucy asked when she saw him. Janus turned white when the name came out of her mouth.

“Why the devil do you want to know about him?” Janus said his voice sounding afraid.

“Well I just wanted to know.” Lady Lucy shrugged.

“I only know what I know second handed,” Janus said. “Well, the legacy that is Xavier Yanez Zuniga, as you know there has been a lot of…I guess editions to Xavier, with the last one disappearing from Rho a year ago.”

“And what happened to him?” Lady Lucy said.

“Nobody knows he just disappeared.” Janus said he suddenly began to shake, and he added. “Do not speak of him again.”

“Very well,” Lady Lucy said.

Alexander knows more about the Dark Prince than he is telling me why is he so afraid of him? I will need to find out more about this man.

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