Prince And Pride

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It seemed like quite the while ago that Mexcatlli had decided to head to Rosen and a short while later the city of Rosen was seen in the distance. Unlike Asgard which had gargantuan buildings the city of Rosen had buildings roughly about half that size in its city. Rosen was called that because of the shape of the city from up above would have looked like a rose pedal. Mexcatli always found it curious that anyone would make a city in the shape of a rose pedal which could only see if you were certain amount of feet above the ground. Mexcatli could see the outskirts of Rosen in front of him he knew that he probably was going to find the inn soon to meet up with the others.

Mexcatli had been to Rosen many times during his life usually for some sort of official business even though he was probably only going to be here overnight (as it was getting dark, he felt like he wanted to see more of the city than just the inn). It was reaching the outer edge of Rosen that Mexcatli noticed not footsteps of the giant creature. He saw none when he left the city (aside for where he had slayed the creature) and he saw none away from Asgard heading towards it.

“Have you seen any footsteps Sophacles, of the creature I mean?” Mexcatli said.

“I actually haven’t sir,” Sophacles said.

“There is something odd about this place.” Foxx said a short while later when Mexcatli met up with him. Mexcatli felt what Foxx was talking about there was something grimy and vile in this town.

“I feel it, it feels sick.” Lady Lucy said.

“Oh no….” Foxx said he quickly pushed on the side of his bike and pulled out four helmets and tossed them towards them. Mexcatli stared at his he looked at it wonderingly.

“Why does mine have horns?” Mexcatli said.

“Who cares put it on.” Foxx said as he placed his helmet on and the others followed.

“I couldn’t imagine this could be one of those places Foxx.” Janus said as he pulled out the sword from the sheath and it glowed blue.

“That sword did glow I knew I wasn’t going crazy.” Mexcatli said he nearly jumped at the sound of his voice it sounded distorted by the helmet.

“I only heard of these places, you are the veteran Janus what do you think?” Foxx said.

“Hold on here I will scout on ahead.” Janus said he walked towards the city. Janus looked around nervously he had seen cities like this before. On other planets usually much bigger than Rosen, there were always telltale signs such as dead locusts around black spots on the floor larger than normal animals, things of that sort. Janus saw none of these and he came back because he didn’t see people either.

“Unless everyone has decided to take a stinking vacation here, there is definitely something wrong here.” Janus said once he came back, he looked at Lady Lucy. “Girls usually can sense the area feeling sick. It’s probably just the natural ability a girl has.”

“But what happened here?” Lady Lucy asked.

“We aren’t sure.” Foxx said. “I have read of reports of places like this before….never thought I would see one and in my own backyard too. Rosen had thousands of people they could not all just been killed by something just like that, some people would have to have survived or we should have at least found bodies and things like that.”

“Is this some sort of pestilence?” Mexcatli said.

“No…” a voice said which made people turn.

They saw a strange woman appear out of nowhere. She indeed was a very strange woman. She was covered in some sort of shiny black substance. It covered most of her body and yet it really wasn’t keeping her body covered. The substance seemed to be acting as a second skin to the woman, and it left nothing to hide. Her breasts and pubic area was easily seen through the substance. There was this strange white design down her abdomen it looked like a V. Mexcatli felt uneasy looking at the woman. She must have been a real beauty before this substance attached itself to her.

“No, it can’t be.” Foxx said. “I killed you.”

“Wrong,” the woman said laughing. “Wrong Jacquin you killed a host I had, you did not kill me.”

“What the hell is that?” Mexcatli asked looking at Foxx for answers.

“A creature that Conrad Structhem had created,” Foxx said simply he turned towards the woman. “Why have you taken on a female host? What have you done to the people of this town?”

“You ask a lot of questions.” The woman answered she laughed convulsively. “All creatures in the universe need to procreate, somehow don’t they?”

“What the devil are you…” Foxx started but he quickly looked around. Mexcatli looked around himself and he saw more of these strange creatures everywhere, where there were none before. Black substance covering the bodies of men and women that used to be in the town of Rosen.

“You see,” the woman said. “I think I can tell you a bit of what happened after my last host died.”

The woman walked, and the rest of the creatures did not take their eyes off of Mexcatli and the rest. Mexcatli didn’t take his eyes off of the woman. He felt something about this woman. It took him a while to realize that whoever the woman was, was trying to fight the creature that was inhabiting her body. Mexcatli recognized the cry for help in the actual woman.

“I was left body-less for many years, scavenging jumping from rat to rat or rat to cat or lower animals until I was able to finally reach here and attached myself to a child. There I hid until she became a full adult. Vallia I think this host’s name is, it matters not though.” The woman said. “Once I took her body then I started to create a hive with the rest of this town. I then soon took over and the moment I did I saw the great crystal creature arise sent by the Lord Construct to destroy Asgard. How I jumped in glee for seeing Pride return. But my joy soon turned to sadness as I saw something, I never thought I would see. The Crystal defeated by a flash of lightning.”

The creature turned towards Mexcatli. Mexcatli looked uneasily at the creature and its face split open revealing the face of a very beautiful woman with feathery brown hair and a very feline face. Mexcatli looked at Lady Lucy then at the woman, they could have been sisters or some sort of kin. Lady Lucy however looked shocked and horrified, no signs of recognition of the woman.

“Help me please.” The woman managed to say before the blackness covered her face again.

“Help me please….” The creature mocked. “This girl is a strong one I barely manage to control her but she is nothing but a female so she is easily subdued.”

Lady Lucy saw Mexcatli’s eyes spark when the creature said that. Do you really care about women so much? Lady Lucy had read some of the legends of the Tempest. He apparently was going to care for all women and it did not matter if he just met the woman, he was going to love them unconditionally. To actually see that Mexcatli looked like he cared about this woman’s life after just a few seconds of seeing her made Lady Lucy believe that he indeed was the tempest, if there was any doubt before as towards who he was it was out of her mind now.

“Whatever the devil you are you will let go of that woman and all the people you have enslaved.” Mexcatli said this made both Foxx and Janus stare at him like he was mad. Lady Lucy didn’t she looked at him with admiration.

“You sound like you think you have some sort of authority.” The creature said. “Ah…yes I see…the woman recognizes you. Prince Mexcatli On Heim the man with the Golden Eyes of an eagle.” The creature stared at Foxx. “So Jacquin moving up in the world, partying to the Prince and a Lady who this woman doesn’t recognize you’re beautiful though. I bet your….” The creature said something extremely unappropriate which cause Mexcatli to charge at it in defense of Lady Lucy’s honor.

“You fool,” Foxx said but Mexcatli did not care. Mexcatli felt it the difference between the woman and the creature. It was minor, but he felt it. He knew he could harm the creature without harming the woman.

“If you attack me you will harm the woman,” the creature said and Mexcatli hit the creature when he did a surge of electricity went through the creature burning it off of the woman and making it collapse into a puddle of black muck. The muck rose and formed a humanoid form and stared at Mexcatli. “Clever boy, but I found a way to manage making my body solid.”

“Lucy, cover her.” Mexcatli said to Lady Lucy and pointed at the collapse woman who was naked on the floor. Lady Lucy nodded, and she ran to the woman and quickly covered her naked form with a blanket she pulled out of her bag that she had.

“Do you really think that you can defeat me?” the creature said. “We are all here and we are many.”

Mexcatli knew that the rest of the creatures around were looking at them but he also felt something the men and women who were being controlled by the creature were resisting even more now than they were before. They had seen what Mexcatli had done to the creature that enslaved them. They were willing to resist the creature more now.

“What is this, obey me!” the creature said to them all but they did not move.

“Looks like people are resisting you more,” Mexcatli said he sparked his hand and punched the creature again. The creature stumbled back, and electricity surged through it. The creature struggled in pain as the electricity surged through it. The creature grew spikes and claws on its body and attacked Mexcatli. But Mexcatli had seen that coming he dodged the claws of the creature, easily and attacked the creature again.

“Mexcatli don’t use up all your energy on attacking it, if you get weak enough it will try to use you and we can’t allow that to happen.” Foxx said. Mexcatli looked at him.

“You fought this thing before, you told me about it I just remembered.” Mexcatli said. Mexcatli looked back at the creature. There was no doubt in his mind now.

It was the creature that Foxx had told him about. Aniahalon was its name. A creature created out of something called Alitanium 10, a compound that Conrad Structhem was experimenting with to try to make a new generation of Crystals. Ones that could solidify and liquefy at will. Aniahalon was the first attempt at it but apparently it was glitch as it needed a host to work well enough. It was obvious that as Aniahalon stumbled back it was having trouble maintaining its solid form.

“That is not a bad idea.” Aniahalon said.

“Very well,” Mexcatli said he pulled the sword out of his sheath and when he did the creature almost coward.

“Caledfwich’s sword!?” Aniahalon said. “How did you come about to get it?”

“I pulled it out of Diamander.” Mexcatli said he raised his sword to twelve o’clock in front of him and then he turned the sword clockwise down to 3 down to 6 up to 9 and back to twelve. When he finished this the earth shook violently as a massive lightning bolt cracked out of a circle made of electricity. The lightning cracked through the air singeing the air making it white hot. The lightning struck Aniahalon.

“NO!!!!” the creature bellowed as its body began to boil and electricity burned through it. Soon all that was left was a pile of dust no bigger than a small cat that landed on the floor. The lightning stopped.

Mexcatli looked around and the black matter attached to everyone else also fell off of them and turned into dust. The people of Rosen collapsed like the woman had. Mexcatli looked over at the others who were on the floor they had stumbled when the earth shook.

“You know more about how to wield that damn thing than what you lead on!” Foxx said.

“Did I ever tell you that the day I accidentally caused a fire that destroyed half the city was when after about a week of playing around with it to see what it can do?” Mexcatli said innocently scratching his head and he sheathed his sword a second later.

“You son of a bitch I swear.” Foxx said.

“Is it gone?” Lady Lucy said turning away from Vallia.

“I don’t think it can resurrect from turning into dust.” Janus said poking at the dust pile with his glowing sword.

“We are going to have to stay here and explain what happened to the villagers.” Foxx said as he looked around. “From what I recalled about the last hosts that Aniahalon had they don’t remember much outside of being in the dark for several days and then suddenly waking up. Feeling as if they had a long sleep except the main host they remember everything. The girl is going to remember you saved her Mexcatli.”

“Wow she is beautiful,” Mexcatli said as he had walked over to the fainted woman. Lady Lucy flushed in jealousy she tried not to show it by looking down. “Vallia, was her name from what Aniahalon said.” The woman moved a bit as if she was waking up from being asleep. Mexcatli sat down next to her and the woman opened her eyes and looked up. “Are you okay?”

The woman jumped and put her hands around his face and kissed him deeply. Lady Lucy cheeks turned redder than what was normal for a woman’s face as the woman kissed Mexcatli. The woman let go and flushed red herself.

“Sorry, Prince.” The woman said. “I remember everything that creature had done to me and done to us…I am so grateful that you came and saved us.”

“I understand.” Mexcatli said. “Tell me, the creature said that you were resisting it how was it that the others resisted him more suddenly?”

“They saw you hit it with lightning to get it off of me.” The woman said. “I felt that before the creature split off me. They knew what has come to save them.” Mexcatli didn’t pay attention to the name she had given him. Instead he picked her up and walked away with her in his hands. The others fallowed them shortly after.

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