Prince And Pride

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Rosen Hall

A few days had passed since the day that Mexcatli had vanquished the evil of Rosen, it was only just now that people started to fully recover from the insanity surrounding what had just happened. Apparently Aniahalon’s account of what happened was partly true. With one exception for years Vallia was fighting being totally controlled by the creature. She knew the creature existed and it was trying to control it, but she was not letting it occur.

Mexcatli had now become a hero amongst them. Too much of Mexcatli’s angst, it was the last thing he wanted to be regarded as some sort of hero. Mexcatli now stood in front, uneasily, of the mayor and his council men of the city of Rosen.

“My Prince,” the mayor started after a few moments of silence.

He was a stout man with graying black hair which was also balding. His chin was covered in so much fat that it made two extra chins. He wore a tie which was dwarfed in comparison to his body. Mexcatli sighed when he realized he was taller than this man. Am I seriously the tallest man on this planet? Mexcatli thought to himself as he looked down on the man who sat in front of him. There were others around the mayor half a dozen or so men, all looking quite aged and all having different features.

“We have all heard the account from Vallia Bmal, and how you came to save us….”

“I didn’t come to save you I was passing by.” Mexcatli corrected him swiftly. “I couldn’t let this thing continue to control you guys.”

“…Yes well…” the mayor said clearing his throat. “We owe you our sincerest thanks.”

“Don’t thank me you should thank Vallia, from what she told me she controlled that thing for years.” Mexcatli said. “This whole situation would have happened a lot sooner if it wasn’t for her.”

“She has been already thanked, Prince.” The mayor said.

“Then what is it that you want from me?” Mexcatli said.

“We hear that you are on a journey to find the Horn of Jericho.” The Mayor said, and the men murmured a bit. Mexcatli looked at the mayor suspiciously who could have told him that they were doing this?

“I see,” Mexcatli said trying to sound as if he wasn’t suspicious. Which he was, Vallia had told him that she had suspected something had caused the buzzing noise to occur. Maybe one of the city council men knew that Aniahalon was being held back by Vallia and they caused the noise to occur in hopes that the creature would take over her and then take over everyone else. Why would anyone do such a thing? Mexcatli could only guess. “And what of it if I am?”

“The Horn was a tremendous weapon my Prince,” the man said. “If you happen to find it perhaps, we can offer you something in exchange.”

There was a general silence between them all. Mexcatli looked at the man as if he was trying to stare down someone who was lying through his teeth. The mayor shifted his eyes nervously.

“Oh really,” Mexcatli said. “Like what?”

“Vallia is a young woman she can be offered in exchange.” The mayor said. “She did find you attractive from what I am told.”

“Oh?” Mexcatli said he felt the room around him. Aniahalon wasn’t amongst these men but something else was. Mexcatli was trying to figure out what it was exactly that was wrong with these men that were here in the hall of Rosen. In fact, since Mexcatli smoldered Aniahalon to dust, Mexcatli had not sensed the creature but he sensed something else, something equally as sinister at play here. Perhaps one was trying to submit themselves to the darkness.

“Indeed.” The mayor said.

“I find it curious that you know what I am looking for Mr. Mayor, when none of my people have told you anything about the Horn of Jericho or why it is that we are journeying for if we are indeed journeying for anything at all.” Mexcatli said the mayor gave a deep gulp nervously. Mexcatli was still trying to figure out which one of the men here was the one that was trying to control the city with Aniahalon.

Mexcatli suddenly started remembering what Foxx had said about Aniahalon. That he didn’t ever seem to be working by himself. It was always serving something some sort of intermediate between himself and Conrad Structhem. It could be that one of the men here was one of those intermediate people.

“Very well if you want to do this the hard way.” One of the men stood up and clapped his hands. Lights suddenly appeared in the hall above them. Mexcatli looked up he saw both Lady Lucy and Vallia strapped to strange looking crosses unconscious and nude. Mexcatli looked back at the man who had clapped he couldn’t see anything beyond the blinding lights that were suddenly in front of him now.

“I’ve always been a servant to the Dark Prince,” the man said. Mexcatli could see the shadow of the man beyond the rays of light. “Caledfwich was the weakest amongst the strongest of the warriors. For eons I never saw any of them until you displayed your power destroying one of my master’s great creations.”

“So, are you the one who wanted to enslave this city?” Mexcatli asked.

“What good would enslaving one city be to our cause?” the man said. “Your pitiful planet would have been enslaved to us had we not encountered that bitch of Vallia and now you.”

“Foxx stopped your plans before, why did you think you could succeed?” Mexcatli said.

“Foxx stopping my plans?” the man snorted. “Please all he did was delay my actions by a couple of decades. Good thing that he did I would have never seen to it this day. The day that a man clad in lightning appeared in our very city,”

“This hall is territory of the Asgardian empire you have no say here creature of the dark.” Mexcatli said. The man sniggered as Mexcatli said that.

“Those two females of yours are very beautiful, Prince. Getting to the Lady Lucy as you call her was a bit harder than I thought that Janus fellow is very strong.” The voice said. “Of course, all we needed to do was wait until he slept and we easily took her. Janus doesn’t even know she is here. He thinks that she must have gone off with Vallia without informing him. You know how stupid girls can be.”

“Never call a woman stupid!” Mexcatli said angrily.

“Oh, hush up prince.” The man said. “Women are parasites, they live breathe and feed off of male hardship throughout the cosmos. The only thing they are good for is having sex. Have you had sex with your women Mexcatli? I bet not. I tell you what….” The man clapped again, and two holes appeared in the ground underneath Vallia and Lucy. “I will let you decide which one survives. So Prince tell me which one do you like more?”

“You’re insane,” Mexcatli said.

“Time is ticking.” The man said.

“I am not going to choose who survives.” Mexcatli said.

“If you don’t both die!” the man barked angrily. “Do you want two deaths on your hands?”

“You are a mad man, no wonder you sold your soul to the sun eater.” Mexcatli said.

“Have you ever thought of it logically prince?” the man said. “A being so powerful that it has the power of twenty suns in his fingers, it was an easy choice to decide to align myself with the Lord of Chaos than the fool god that you pray to and shows nothing in return.”

“What did you seek in return for servitude?” Mexcatli said.

“I became one of the Iron Hand.” The man said sounding proudly of that statement.

“The Iron Hand” Mexcatli said saying it as if the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

“Yes boy, the most elite warriors of the Dark Prince.” The man said.

“So, tell me oh member of the Iron Hand does it pride you to have stripped those two women of their dignity?” Mexcatli said.

“They have no dignity.” The man said. “Females do not even know what dignity is. They are too stupid to even know when it is that they should serve and be f….” Mexcatli’s eyes flashed when he heard the man said an obscenity.

“Don’t you dare speak of a woman in that manner ever again!” Mexcatli said.

“Temper, temper, who do you care about more I ask you once again.” Suddenly Mexcatli heard something click he looked up and saw both women drop suddenly. He had little time to react. Mexcatli didn’t know what to do but he ran towards Lady Lucy out of desperation and because he noticed something.

The pearl shoes she had where still on her feet and not only that they were glowing brightly as if beckoning to Mexcatli. Mexcatli grabbed her before her cross crashed into the hole. He held her body shivering when he held her deeply. He looked over and saw the crashed cross that had what he thought was Vallia, but there was no body there. It was a trick. The man had only captured Lady Lucy and not Vallia.

“What do you know I was right you do care about your original companion more, thank goodness I chose to steal her rather than Vallia.” The man said laughing. Mexcatli clutched Lady Lucy’s form in his arms he looked down at her face trying to not look at her nakedness.

Mexcatli took his coat off and put it on her body. He then looked down at her feet her shoes were still glowing. Light surrounding them as if they were emanating light itself. Light bringer. Mexcatli though as he remembered what Lucy’s name meant. The lights suddenly went off leaving Mexcatli in the dark only being illuminated by the light from Lucy’s shoes.

“I always wondered what would happen if a warrior of light was faced in the dark?” the man said. Mexcatli looked around He doesn’t know the shoes are glowing. Maybe I am the only one that can see it. Mexcatli reacted as if he couldn’t see and grabbed onto his sword and pulled it from its sheath. “What good would it do if you are in the dark?”

Mexcatli smirked to himself. He really doesn’t know the shoes are glowing, what fool. Mexcatli thought. .

Meanwhile Foxx and Janus appeared outside of the Rosen hall, Vallia behind them looking like she was severely shaken by something.

“I should have known…” Foxx said as he tried pulling on the Rosen Hall doors they were locked.

“I should have never fallen asleep.” Janus said angrily towards himself.

“Do not beat yourself over it, Alexander.” Foxx said.

“I should have warned you about him.” Vallia said.

“Who the hell is he?” Janus asked Vallia.

“He called himself Diablam Macabre,” Vallia said.

“One of the members of the Iron Hand here?” Janus said looking over at Foxx.

“I knew someone was pulling the strings on Aniahalon when I fought him twenty years ago, I didn’t know anything about these ‘proud ones’ as you call them.” Foxx said.

“The Proud Ones are followers of Pride they were thought to have left Asgard when their leader was thought to have killed. But if Diablam is here that must mean that the rest of them probably are as well.” Janus said he grabbed the glowing sword and he jammed it into the door the door began to glow hot around the spot that he was pushing the sword it. “This is a bloody thick door the Prince best be good enough to handle his own for a few moments.”

“Don’t worry I taught him everything he knows.” Foxx said.

Meanwhile inside Mexcatli waited for the man to come close enough so he could see him. Mexcatli was taught well by Foxx he was going to be ready for whatever the man was trying to do. Mexcatli felt him coming he dodge an attack and countered it with the blade runs up at midnight. The man stumbled away from Mexcatli. The attack was a series of upwards slashes towards twelve o’clock in the air. It was usually devastating to anyone who got it by it.

“What’s the matter?” Mexcatli said.

“You gloat too much, you got lucky that time.” The man’s voice said.

Mexcatli felt him coming again he countered the man and struck with the River runs through the nine. The man stumbled back again. This attack was a series of very quick snake like jabs at the opponent towards where nine o’clock was in the air.

“You are good with the sword,” the man said. “But are you good enough?”

Mexcatli felt the man come again he moved out of the line attack and then countered with wild rabbits from the three. The man fell forward in front of Mexcatli surges of electricity jolted through his body. The attacks were a series of forward motions like a pack of rabbits hopping towards where three o’clock was in the air.

“I was expecting more from you proud ones.” Mexcatli said he felt the man get up and jab wildly at Mexcatli. Mexcatli wasn’t even trying now he simply moved out of the way and finally he just finished the man off with The Wolf Pack Attacks for twenty-four hours.

A flash of lightning struck the man as Mexcatli ended with a forward slash up. The Wolf Pack attack from twenty-four hours was a series of attacks of all angles from which one can attack with a sword in a clock. All different hours are used in this attack and it ends with the clock striking midnight, so to speak, a series of twelve upper jabs towards where midnight would be on a clock. The last the most powerful which is what caused a lightning bolt to crack out of his sword and hit the man. The man’s body collapsed in front of Mexcatli smoldering with smoke coming out of it.

Mexcatli sheathed the sword and the lights suddenly turned back on. All the counsel men were dead on the floor. Turned out that he was fighting all of them at the same time and yet Mexcatli only felt the one man. Maybe the one man was controlling them all. He thought as he looked back at Lady Lucy.

Mexcatli suddenly pulled his sword out and stopped short of slashing Janus’s head off who appeared behind him.

“Don’t do that my friend.” Mexcatli said sheathing the sword.

“Duly noted.” Janus said rubbing his neck to make sure that there was no cut.

“You know a lot more of how to wield that sword than what I thought you did,” Foxx said after he looked around. Mexcatli shrugged modestly. “How is it that you did this?”

“Well, I was sort of practicing with this sword every day, it wasn’t until I accidentally almost burn down Asgard that I decided to put it back.” Mexcatli said. Foxx looked at him suspiciously for a second before he put his hands up giving up trying to figure out how Mexcatli had managed to pull that one off.

“Whatever maybe the reason there are still others of the proud ones out there.” Janus said.

“Why does everyone have a stupid tittle by the way?” Mexcatli observed. “Has anyone else noticed? I mean Pride and now ‘the proud ones.’”

“The Iron Hand are not something to push away from thought.” Janus said. “Including the Fakir Prince Xavier Yanez Zuniga,” Mexcatli looked like he was confused two times, perhaps it was the title of Fakir Prince.

“What the heck is a faker prince? Someone that has usurped the actual prince’s reins and now rules or something and everyone knows about it, so they call him a faker prince?” Mexcatli asked

“No, you bafoon,” Janus said slapping his forehead in dismay.

“Fakir is a race, Mexcatli.” Foxx said.

“Well how the heck should I know…hey wait I thought only Asgardian and Carrions existed on Asgard…oh right other civilizations.” Mexcatli said. “So, this guy Xavier is a prince of some other civilization?”

“Xavier is one of the most proudly irritating bastards who ever roamed the universe.” Janus said. Mexcatli noticed a bit of sentiment in Janus’s voice.

“You say that as if you know the guy.” Mexcatli said.

“Did we get him?” Lady Lucy said looking up at every one

“Mexcatli did,” Foxx slapping his shoulder.

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