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"no, don't go" he said wincing in pain, tears pricked in my eyes. unable to witness such a scene. "you need help Christian! I can't fix this on my own He is mysterious and so is his eyes, the strong aura around him makes everyone else bow down to him, but me? I desire to stand by his side Every second I spend looking at him makes it harder to look away. Every time I look at him, I freeze. shamelessly gawking at his every move his heated gaze scares everyone away but I fall in love with him all over again. I know I should be scared, I should run but even the mere thought of it brings a feeling of emptiness within me I've never had this feeling before, the feeling of wanting to keep him all to myself and never letting go, he doesn't even realize what he is doing to me. and I don't have the guts to tell this to his face, tell him how I really feel. all girls want him and so do I but the sad reality? I am just a GUY.

Fantasy / Adventure
simi betageri
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“I’m sorry Pete, maybe we have to cancel out dinner plans tonight, there is an important meeting and I can’t miss it, maybe next time okay. lock the door before you go to bed. love you”

I sigh ‘happens every time’ I slip my phone back in my pocket

“why the long face?” asked my best friend Hunter

I give him a small smile and he frowns and I tell him about my mom’s text

“again?” he asks looking pitiful

“Yeah,” I say in a small voice

he puts his arm around me ” you can always stay at my place. my mom loves you more than me anyways ” he rolled his eyes and I chuckled

“thanks but I need to be with Polo tonight” I make an excuse

he grins “you and your damn dog” he chuckles

polo is a golden retriever and is about 2 years old, I had him when my doctor suggested that I shouldn’t be spending time alone.

we take our regular bus to go home because I don’t know how to drive a car. and Hunter just crashed his new XUV on his neighbor’s wall which also got him grounded.

Pete Night is my name, I know not very interesting. I’m 17 years old, senior in high school. I look Asian but was born and raised in America, my height is average of 5.9 inches. I’m not a nerd neither a popular but let’s just say that I survive the day.

(A/N: this is how I have imagined Pete looks like but you can always choose to imagine someone else)

my mom raised me and I’ve never seen my dad. don’t know how he looks or if he is still alive. every time I ask about him my mom avoids the question or changes the subject. after a lot of attempts I gave up, that woman is a hard shell to crack

Hunter Steen is my childhood friend we do everything together. he is 100% American totally opposite than me, he is as tall as me, fair skin, Brown eyes, blonde hair, average looking body, and a total nerd, he literary went crazy when he scored 98 in chemistry and not a 100. that guy is a little extra, but my best bud. but the way we met was totally crazy.

(A/N: this is how I have imagined Hunter looks like but you can always choose to imagine someone else)

we were in preschool, playing in the school playground. I spotted a blonde kid under a slide digging something in the dirt. I watched him silently, observing his strange behavior, and then all of a sudden he started choking, I ran towards him and patted his back. do you know he liked a worm so bad that he ate it? like seriously!

thank God! he doesn’t like my dog.

well, that’s how we met. and maybe that little stupid accident made him stick to me like glue, cause nobody else wants to be friends with a crazy weird worm-eater and an awkward Asian guy.

but there will always be something missing and that is a presence of someone to hold on to, someone to rely on, someone to talk to without thinking of consequences, someone to lean on, someone that not will leave me and will always love me no matter what.

depressing I know, but happens to one when he has to spend his birthday alone for almost 6 years in a row. you got it right, it’s my birthday tonight and I’m gonna spend it with polo. my golden retriever like always.

I really don’t want to spend it alone this year, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

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