By Chance

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Chapter 9

“cause you’re the key”
“cause you’re the key”
“cause you’re the key”

his words echoed in my head over and over again

what the hell is that suppose to mean?

“what does it mean?” I asked him confused. he sighed sitting next to me

“it means your life is in danger,” he said seriously

I snorted “yeah, no shit”

he gave me and amuse look “happens when one spends too much time with Hunter” I give him an excuse about my rude behavior

“you’re the key to all mankind’s problems. well in simpler words, you can save mankind ” he explains as though he was explaining who to draw benzene. why only benzene you ask? because I forgot to do my Chemistry homework.

“your joking right?” I asked standing up and walking away from him. he shook his head and stood up as well.

“no, Pete I’m not joking. I understand that you are confuse and that’s expected. ” he said and collected his clothes from the bed. “you should rest now. and don’t think much about it. I’ll explain everything later” with that he left.

rest? rest!! you can’t say that to someone after dropping a bomb on them, Christian! I wanted to yell this on his face but I couldn’t because he had already left and also because I’m a chicken.

sighing I walk downstairs to lock the door. there was something on the side of the love seat. something shiny

Christian’s sword.

how can he forget something so important and something so big?

sighing I pick it up, damn! it’s heavy. I need to stop adapting Hunter’s language. I’m cursing too much.

I sit on my bed and place the sword down by my bedside with its tip down.

after getting a wet rug I clean the sword, it looked so beautiful and well done. I don’t know much about swords but this one looks about a hundred years old.

there was a something engraved on it. it didn’t look anything like English

sighing I left it there and go to sleep

‘I hope tomorrow will be better than today’

no, it’s not

“how can you forget to do Chemistry homework!?” asked my best friend in disbelief to which I sighed regrettably.

“I don’t know” I said opening my locker “I just forgot”

Hunter leaned on my locker and stared at me “how can you forget, you never forget to do the homework”

I sighed closing my locker and leaning on it “I just got distracted I guess” I shrugged

“what got you distracted? ” he asked narrowing his eyes at me.

“something,” I said and walked away from him.

“you can’t just say that and walk away Pete” he yells running to catch up with me.

“stop being nosy Hunter ” I yelled back

I ignore him and walk faster and only to bump into someone’s chest “I’m so sorry” I apologized

the person I bumped into was none other than Alec the school’s official bully.

Perfect! just PERFECT!!

“watch where you’re going loser” he screams in my face and I look down

“I’m sorry,” I say that slowly knowing well that I’m getting beaten today

“you should be ” he pushed me and I was pulled back by Hunter and he stood in front of me ” oh look, your boyfriend is here to save you. isn’t it romantic guys” he chuckled evilly and his so-called friends laughed

Hunter hissed “shouldn’t have said that” with that, he punched Alec in the face.

“you little shit” with that punches were thrown back and forth his friends joined as well, I ran to push Alec who was on top of Hunter beating the shit out of him.

I got a few punches as well but I would not leave my best friend get beaten up because of me.

“what the hell” someone yelled and bodies of the bullies were thrown away from us and someone in the grey sweatshirt was beating the shit out of Alec.

ten minutes later me, Hunter, Alec and Logan were standing inside principals office. yes, you heard it right Logan, as in Christian’s best friend, Logan.

“can anyone tell me what was that all about,” our principal asked us, none of us opened our mouths.

he sighed “if it was Alec and Christian I can understand but the three of you? especially you, Pete, I expected better from you” he scolded me in such a disappoint tone which made me shrink.

“sir” Hunter started but one look from Mr. Willson shut him up

“you, no need to say anything. the students told me that you started the fight” his face was turning red from anger.

“but he pushed Pete first and was insulting him ” Hunter argues

“he ran into me first” Alec argued back

“shut up both of you” he yelled

“sir ” Logan started explaining ” it’s just a misunderstanding I promise it won’t happen again”

I and Hunter exchanged looks and stared at Logan in confusion why was he apologizing

Mr. Willson sighed ” well it is your first time so you will only be getting detentions but remember our school don’t take fights lightly. make sure it doesn’t happen again” he said and shushed us out of his office

“ahh my face hurts ” Hunter complained holding his face and I chuckled

“that’s what happens when you punch an athlete ” I tease but hold my cheek cause it hurts too

“that was stupid” Logan said walking along side us. beside Hunter

Hunter have him a annoyed look “no one asked you to help” he huffed

Logan ignored his attitude “you were getting beaten the shit out of you by Alec so I had to help, only because I wanted to punch Alec” he said shrugging

“then you shouldn’t complain because you did punch him” Hunter snorted and I elbowed him in the side.

“thank you for helping us Logan, it was nice of you” I smiled at him and he just glanced at me nodding.

“I had to help” he shrugged “or Chris would lose his shit” he mumbled but we still heard him

Hunter gave me a look and I shook my head not understanding Logan’s meaning

“I better go, my friends are waiting for me” with that he left leaving us both in confusion

why would Christian get mad? it’s not like we were friends.

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