By Chance

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Chapter 10

Pete P.O.V

I pace in my room back and forth, nibbling on my lower lip. looking intensely at the shiny, deathly item sitting peacefully on my study table. I sigh looking at the sword trying to find a way to return it to Christian

‘What a careless guy’ I grumbled ‘How can he forget it here? isn’t he suppose to use it or something?’

I’m so confused right now. How am I supposed to return it to him? or is he gonna come back for it? should I wait? maybe he is just busy and forgot all about it?

“ahh” I groaned ruffling my hair in frustration

I felt my phone in my pocket and thought of calling him

You don’t have his number, you idiot’ sassed my subconscious making me sigh even more

then I got a better idea. why not call someone who does! gosh, Pete, you’re a genius.

looking through my phone I notice I have only 20 contact numbers including Hunter’s three different numbers, sighing remorsefully for myself. I unexpectedly found Bella’s contact number.

grinning I tap the call option and wait

why Bella? because she is our student body president, and that makes her responsible for keeping tabs on every student in the senior class.




“Hey, Bella this is Pete Night,” I said casually

“oh! Hey, Pete what a surprise!” she sounded cheerful “how can help you”

“well... um... I might sound rude but can I ask for a favor?” I asked bluntly not feeling bad at all. introvert remember.

she chuckled amused “Sure, ask away” she is so nice making me feel guilty for using her.

“well.. do you by any chance happen to have Christian’s phone number?” I ask nervously, fingers crossed.

“Christian? as in Christian Martinez ?” she asked shocked. I totally get her, I mean it’s not every day that a nobody like me would ask the phone number of a somebody like him.

“yup that’s the one,” I ask coolly, but I’m screaming on the inside,

“Umm... let me check, I might have it around here somewhere in the class activity list” she said and moved around in her room, the flipping of pages and moving of things could be easily heard.

“ah ha! found it” she exclaimed excitedly “but it was not underclass activity list but it was under student detention list. man! he has the highest number of detentions” she laughed, maybe looking at the paper

“Anyways why do you need his number?” she finally asked “is he making you do his homework or something ?” she asked suspiciously “is he bulling you, Pete? if so tell me now and I’ll complaint it to Mr. Wilson ”

shaking my head at my caring friend I chuckle” nothing of that sort Bella, you can relax. it’s about homework” I make a lame excuse, hoping for her to not to see through it.

“I didn’t know both of you shared the same class?” she was getting more suspicious now. god!! just give me the damn number. stop being so nosy

I gulp nervously “we don’t, it’s for Hunter. he’s just being lazy and asked me to help instead” I make more excuses feeling guilty for doing so.

“Okay, if you say so” she totally didn’t believe me but texted me the number anyways.

I stared at the number for almost 10 minutes, debating whether to call or not. I went through such trouble to get it, why not give it a try

after gathering a lot of courage I press call




“Hey, you have reached Christian, I’m not available right now, just leave a message and I’ll get back at you” then the answering machine beeped

“um.. hey, Christian it’s me Pete Night from the other day, I called to let you know that you forgot your stuff at my place, please can you take it back? it’s kind of making me uncomfortable” I left the message, I couldn’t bring myself to say the word sword it gave me unnecessary chills.

later on, after completing my household chores I threw myself on the plush couch and turned on the flat screen to watch some Netflix and chill.

“Hey, buddy” I cooed at my injured dog, who was limping his way towards me, I picked him up and placed him on the couch “I miss you” I said pouting while cherishing his smooth and shiny fur

“I hope you get well soon” he licked my face making me laugh and that’s how I spent my day lazing around in the house and eating chips and Oreos.

*ding dong*

glancing at the wall clock it’s almost seven in the evening. grumbling unnecessarily, I open the door

“Hey, you called?” he asked showing his cell phone

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