By Chance

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Chapter 11

“Hey, you called?” Christian smiled shoving his phone in my face

I nodded my head and moved aside to let him pass, I took a deep breath and closed the front door.

I also a secret glance at his clothing, he is wearing black jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I stopped staring at him like a creep before he noticed.

“I’ll go get your stuff” I excused myself, walking up the stairs

he nodded moving around the living room.

I entered my room to grab the heavy sword to return it back to its rightful owner. bending down to grab the sword, suddenly a light flashed on my face making me shut my eyes.

I grimaced trying to avoid the harsh light, looking around my room with narrowed eyes, trying to find the source.

it came from my bag, the third pocket to be exact. where I had hidden the compass

genuinely confused with what was happening I took out the compass from my bag, as soon as my hand touched the compass it soaked me in its bright light.

I felt like flying, my body felt so light. I felt lightheaded like just like sleeping. when I opened my eyes I was in a very different place

this does not look like my room. at all’ I thought confused

I was surrounded with trees, looked a lot like an amazons forest, you know the one where Bear Grills eats raw animals? no, then now you do.

every direction I turn, all I could see was trees with huge leaves, animals with different size and beautiful colorful birds.

I have totally and completely lost it’ I shake my head furiously, what the hell is going on?

and then I was pulled out of there, I felt being sucked up in a portal and being thrown to reality

“looks like you have finally activated it” Christian wondered out loud offering me a hand to get up.

“what are you talking about now?” I asked utterly frustrated,

“let me take you somewhere where it will be easier to explain,” he said grabbing his sword and putting in on his back where it transformed into a backpack.

I gaped at him really dumbfounded. everything is so crazy

I followed him grabbing the compass and putting on a jacket, with shoes.

“let’s go,” he said holding out a helmet, nodding at me to get on.

“I don’t know how” I said ashamed and he looked at me amused

“it’s just like getting on a bicycle” he said turning it on, I just stood in my place still looking ashamed

he looked at me shocked and chuckled “don’t tell me you’ve never been on a bicycle before?” I nod my head finding my shoes more interesting

chuckling he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer, my breath hitched in my throat and I looked at him startled “first put your right leg around the seat, climb on and hold on to me” he said huskily with his deep masculine voice that will make your knees go weak

I nodded not being able to form a complete sentence, he let go of my arm and I did as I was told. as the motorcycle jerked forward I held his waist tightly and buried my face in his back, his body shook as he laughed and purposely sped the entire way, to wherever he was taking me.

about twenty minutes of pure torture, where he rode like a madman making me almost slip and fall and break my skull in half, he finally stopped. I’m going to kill the person who gave him his driver’s license

“we’re here” he announced and I couldn’t be happier.

“I’m going sue the person who passed you on that driver’s test” I grumbled making him let out a heartily chuckle making my lips lift up in a slight smile.

“let’s go inside, you can find all the answers you’re looking for,” he said taking the helmet out of my hands and walking towards the entrance of a very old looking mansion, it’s a place where you a celebrate the Halloween party

snapping out of my crazy thoughts I followed Christian inside the door, on the inside it indeed looked like a haunted house, there were cobwebs on the ceiling, goblet of fire at every corner of the room, the living room was huge with old furniture which was covered with white covers which were now dusty.

I swallowed lump down my throat “if your going to kill me and burn my body here, let me call my mother to say goodbye” I said looking fearfully at Christian who looked at me amused

“if I wanted you dead, I would have left you with those shadows ” he smirked making me loosen up a bit, but I wouldn’t let my guard down.

he shook his head chuckling, he walked forward inside the house and turned to a dark corner where there was nothing but a huge wall.

he placed his hand on the wall and pushed it inside, I frowned at him ” I know your strong and all but I don’t think you're strong enough to move a wall” I sassed

he turned his face and grinned at me, and winked! he fucking winked at me!

with that he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the wall which looks fully made of concrete which can break every bone in my body, I let out a scream, I had the feeling of being sucked into again

“you can open your eyes now” he said and I shook my head negatively, he grabbed my shoulder and shook me.

sighing I slowly and carefully opened my eyes

“whoa!” I said bewildered completely enchanted

“Yeah,” he said walking ahead towards a huge mansion, crossing the huge lawn, this looks exactly like Hogwarts.

I followed Christian, we entered the mansion and there were so many people, everyone wore the same attire. black training gear, there were people from both the genders and they looked about our age

we kept walking and walking until we reached a certain door.

“here is where you will find your answers” he said opening the wooden door. I sighed nervously here goes nothing

walking behind Christian, trying use his body like a shield.

“welcome Pete Night, I have been waiting for you” said voice out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of me.

it was a guy in his early twenty I guess, he had ink black hair, a very charming face with a sharp jaw line and black eyes with a muscular body. he was taller, maybe 6′2 something.

totally harmless, I think sarcastically

“hey,” I said giving him a awkward wave

he chuckled “take a seat” he gesture towards the chairs with a huge table. “you must a lot of questions” he said sitting down on a chair on the opposite side of the table

I shake my head ” you have no idea”

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