By Chance

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Chapter 12

I shake my head ” you have no idea”

I place the compass on the table and sit straight waiting for his reaction. he looks at it curiously and tilts his head

“what the hell is this thing?” I asked frustrated, tired and fed up.

“it’s a compass,” he said shrugging casually

“if you're being sarcastic, now is not the time” I snapped banging on the table standing close to his face. the man unknown smirked and then something unnatural happened

his eyes changed color, not just color but the whole structure, its lot like lizards eyes, or a crocodile.

I jerked away from him “what are you?” I asked scared, panicking on the inside.

“me? I’m just a friendly warlock” he said smirking taking a sip of his drink, which came out of nowhere.

I pull my hair in frustration, Christian help me sit holding my hand in his, “I know you confused, but I need you to have an open mind. can you do that?” he asked carefully looking deep into my eyes, I nod swallowing the lump in my throat

taking in a deep breath I lean into the chair and wait for the unknown man’s explanation. waiting for his to drop another bomb on me.

“stop referring me as an unknown man, My name is Magnus Bane but you can call me Magnus ” I stare at him wide eyes, he chuckled “I can read minds, it’s one of my many talents” he smiled

keep an open mind Pete, keep an open mind. breath in, breath out.

“just tell me what do I have to do with this compass, I just want to know why me?” I ask helplessly

“let me tell you a story” he began getting up from his chair and walking to the fireplace. “long ago Lycans were the strongest beasts on the planet, as always there were Kings and Queens but Lycan was also one of the most misfortunate creatures as well, like other magical creature they don’t have soul mates, which was the main reason why their race was decreasing in numbers,

A Prince was born after a hundred years, his name was Nicholas Octavius Knight, he was different, he could do things which were beyond ordinary .he heal almost anything, he could even turn mortals into immortals

people found out, the cat was out of the bag. due to Lycans being less in numbers, the King decided to hide his only child, the king sent his son off to the Land of warlocks, where The prince fell in love with a beautiful witch. ( witch is the female of warlocks)

but witches have soul mates or mates, and so did she. she was the warlock queen and she was mated to the Warlock King, the prince couldn’t digest the rejection, he was too proud.

his ego made him break the sacred oath, No Lycan is supposed to bring any kind of harm to the warlock kind, if so then shall be punished with death. he killed the king in cold blood, he killed the king so brutally that no one dared to go near it, he could be barely be recognized. the council decided his punishment shall be his death.

but since he had turned himself immortal, even the strongest warlocks and the witches couldn’t undo the spell that he cast upon himself.

so, they did the second best thing. they trapped him, nobody knows where, but like every theory has a loophole, this did too. the prince also had his own disciples, the people he saved before he was discovered, they owed him their lives.

his disciples gathered around trying to find a way to get him out, the warlock Queen was smarter than the rest, she had a way to free him but it was almost impossible to find. as the prince was trapped in a very secret place there had to be a way to locate him, and she had that. she had divided the way to find him in three different things

The Compass

A Map

and The Eyes

nobody knows what the last thing is. she gave those three things to three different races, the compass was given to the Humans. the Map was given to the warlocks and the Eyes is still a mystery. it was lost before it could be handed over to someone

no one knows if it’s a thing or a person. all we know is that without the Eyes nobody can ever find the location of The Prince ” Magnus finished his story dramatically letting his arms open.

I was still processing the given information and leaned more into the headrest. “this is so fucked up” I groaned holding my face with both of my hands

he chuckled “indeed it is” taking his seat back on his chair

“what do I have to do anything with this?” I asked. tired to show any emotions

“well the compass is not an ordinary compass, it has its own tricks. it’s with you then it means that the magic in the compass has chosen you to be its owner and now you are the main asset” he explained dramatically with the annoying smirk playing on his lips.

“so, you said that the Map was given to the warlocks. does that mean you have it?” I asked curiously

“you are smart, aren’t you” he smirked playing with his finger rings.” don’t worry about the map, it's somewhere safe”

I nodded and looked at Christian who was silent the entire time, I glared at him “you told me I’m the key to the human salvation” I accused him

he grinned mischievously “sorry, I just wanted to scare you”

I roll my eyes at me” well, mission accomplished ” I gave him a sarcastic clap “so, what is this place?”

“this is an academy for supernatural’s” Magnus replied looking at us very closely

I turn to Christian “if it’s an academy for supernatural’s than what are you?”

he smirked moving closer to me “why don’t you guess”

I snorted “well I don’t know my best guess is a tooth fairy,” I said sarcastically

and he chuckled “how did you know?” I looked at him shocked

“really?” I asked unbelievably

“nope” he laughed along with Magnus

“then what are you?” I asked annoyed

“I’m a Lycan”

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