By Chance

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Chapter 13

Christian and Magnus both thought that I’ve had enough for the day. Christian then escorted me to his den, he told me I can rest there for a while before he dropped me home.

sighing I dropped myself on his couch while went into his normal size kitchen to get me a drink, non-alcoholic drink to be more specific.

“this is too much for an average eighteen-year-old nerdy guy” I grumbled tiredly

“here” Christian handed me a cup of hot chocolate, I thank him taking a sip of the delicious beverage.

then it clicked in my head” wait, didn’t Magnus say that a Lycan prince killed the warlock King out of jealousy ?” I asked curiously, looking at Christian

he nodded “yeah, what about it?“he asked taking a sip from his own drink

I gave him an are-you-kidding look “you’re a Lycan”

he smiled getting what I was referring too. ” Magnus is a high warlock, he is a very open-minded person. he believes that with the sins of a single individual we cannot criticize their entire race”

I nod while trying to process the news “then if you don’t mind me asking how are you two so close?” I asked

“Magnus is not just a high warlock to me. he is more than a family” he said smiling, getting up he walked towards the fireplace and picked a photo frame off of the top shelf, he smiled looking at it, like reliving the memory in the picture. “he is the one who raised me, fed me, and trained me. he took in a vulnerable orphan three-year-old kid under his wing and never made me feel like I don’t belong here, he respects every individual even if from the race who killed his great grandfather” he passed me the picture frame

it is a picture of Magnus bathing a little version of Christian, they look so happy and Magnus doesn’t look a day older than now.

I shake my head trying to get my thoughts straight “wait!” I said keeping the photo frame on the coffee table and looked at Christian with questioning gaze “how can he raise you? I mean he doesn’t look that old”

he simply smirked “how old do think he is?” he asked me instead of answering

I shrugged “I don’t know maybe in his twenties, but I could be wrong cause everything here doesn’t really make sense,” I said

he chuckled relaxing on the couch ” he is 500 years old”

I gaped at him, completely paralyzed

groaning I bang my head on the coffee table, “I should have thought about it, everything you tell me is nothing normal.”

we stay in silence, just relaxing. trying to enjoy the peaceful mood

Christian dropped me off at my place after having the yummy hot chocolate, we didn’t talk much, looks like he was giving me space to process everything that was told to me today

I saw my mom’s car in the garage “mom?” I call out entering inside the house

“here” she replied the voice came from our kitchen “good you’re here, I’m making dinner”

I look at her with confusion “why are you home? shouldn’t you be working?” I asked moving to sit on the kitchen table

she sighed tiredly “I wanted to spend some time with you Pete, I know I have been a bad parent. leaving you here all on your own” she said holding my hands in hers

“you’re not a bad parent mom” I reasoned with her but she shook her head denying

“I know I am” she forced a smile while tears leaked from her eyes “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for your birthday, I was being selfish. I was wrong to blame you for something that is not related to you at all” she cried and I pulled her in my arms, letting her cry out the pain she has been holding onto so long.

“it’s ok mom, it’s not your fault. you loved him” I said as the tears ran down my face as well

“love makes you do crazy things, doesn’t it?” she chuckled with teary eyes

“yes, it does” I chuckle with her while hugging her tightly

“wow! you're having a family emotional moment without me?” asked the very annoying voice of my best friend.

I look at him, “yes, because you are not a part of my family” I tease, wiping the tears off my face.

he gasped dramatically walking towards us “you hurt me, brother, wounded deeply ” my mom chuckled at us moving away, getting back to her cooking

“who let you in by the way?” I asked he showed me the keys

“I have a set” I shook my head at him, the sneaky little bastard

“Hunter honey since you’re here, stay for dinner. I’m making Pete’s favorite” she smiled at him

he grinned from ear to ear “would love too” then he grabbed my arm and pulled me out to the living room” where the hell were, you? do you know how worried I was? do you know how many times I called?” he bombarded me with questions

I just grabbed his arm and dragged him to my room, once inside I locked the room. ” look I’m gonna sound crazy but I need to let it out” I said pacing around my room as he took a seat on my bed

“sure, I’m sure it can’t be that bad” he said

I told him everything, I mean everything from the shadows attacking us to the magical academy for supernatural’s, to witches, warlock, Lycans and what not.

I basically word omitted in front of him, “god! it feels great” I said flopping myself on the bed

Hunter was silent the entire time, then he reacted

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!” he screamed making me cover his mouth, warning him to not to shout

“I mean are you really serious? witches, warlocks, Lycans what’s next tinker bell?” he asked frustrated, I totally get him. I reacted the same way, except for the screaming

“I know right,” I said and both of just sit there thinking over it again

“this is so crazy” he exclaimed lying on the bed, I nodded in agreement

“I’m sorry for dragging you into this, but I couldn’t stop myself from telling you” I confessed

he chuckled and turned to face me “I told you, didn’t I? you can throw anything at me, you can rely on me, Pete. you are my best friend. you can trust me with anything” his words made me emotional again

“thank you” my voice cracked getting all emotional

“don’t be go all sentimental me, I’m just here for free food” he winked at me, making me hit him with the pillow, that’s how it turned into a pillow fight

“boys? dinner’s ready” my mom announced and we raced downstairs

no matter where I am, or what happens to me. I know I’ll never be alone, I will never have to face anything alone, because I know I will always have my best friend with me.

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