By Chance

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Chapter 14

*ding dong*

I rang the doorbell of Christian’s house. yeah, the one on the other side of the portal.

Christian explained to me about how we were able to pass through the wall, the wall is called a portal, Magnus created it so, it would be easier to move back and forth between the realms.

“hey…?” Christian’s happy smile turned to a frown when he noticed that I wasn’t alone

I gave him an innocent smile “he wouldn’t let me go alone”

he sighed and smiled flatly “I know, it was bound to happen somehow” he moved aside to let us pass “welcome abort ”

I and Hunter entered his medium sized 2 BHK house, where the rest of his group was already present, every one of them smiled and waved at us

“ok.. introduction time” Christian announced while making us take a seat on the couch.

he held my shoulder “this is Pete Night as you all know, he is now a new member of our group” everyone applauds whistling making me blush. “and this is Hunter Steen, he is Pete’s best friend” he introduced Hunter as well, who in turn gave them a half salute

“you might already know our names but I’ll also include our positions in this academy ” he started listing the names and positions of his group

first is Logan, he is actually a werewolf. he is the best hunter and fighter of the academy

then comes the twins Kayden and Hayden. they are vampires, they are also the smartest people in the academy. they are also the head of the security of the academy

lastly, Britney is a demigod, goddess of strength and strategy, makes sense that she the strongest of the bunch.

“Wow! that’s so cool “Hunter exclaimed excitedly, I nodded in agreement

“and today we are going to start your training” Christian said looking at me with a serious expression.

I gave him an unbelievable look” wait! what?”

everyone got up from their places and left the house, I and Hunter shared a look, but followed anyways

all five of them were gathered in the back yard where there were a lot of weapons on a long table, a medium size wrestling area and there also was a wooden target, for archery.

“don’t tell me you will train us to do all that?” I asked astonished

“us?” Hunter glared at me, warning me with his eyes.

I shrugged not looking at him “of course, I’m not doing this alone” and he groaned frustrated

“ok.. let’s begin” Christian said excited rubbing his hands wickedly

both me and Hunter gulped audibly.

two hours later the torture time was over, training with the supernatural was a bad idea, they didn’t go easy on us. our training included running, rope jumping, squats, push-ups, and weight lifting. they mocked us saying this was just the basic step, there was still a lot more to go

let me tell you that training with supernatural beings is no joke, they are faster, stronger and sleeker. on the other hand, it’s me and Hunter who can’t even run 200 meters with panting our ass off

“well well well ” Magnus entered the back yard clapping slowly and with the hideous trademark smirk playing on his lips “what do we have here?”

Logan was training with Britney in the wrestling area and Christian was watching them, the twins were chilling on the wooden chairs, I was lying on the mat next to the twins. we were drinking refreshments

“a session of pure entertainment ” Hayden said taking a sip of his red drink, it doesn't take a genius to guess what it contained

we can identify who is who between Kayden and Hayden, on observing carefully we can differentiate between them. they have completely opposite personalities. where Hayden is the lazy and pretty laid back guy, on the other hand, Kayden is active and hardworking, and also because he is either on his computer or with a book.

“torturing us is not entertaining ” I snapped at Hayden and he just winked, Magnus snickered but sobered up “did you say us?” he asked curiously

“Hey, did anyone seen my phone?” Hunter came back from inside the house, Magnus looked at him and his eyes flashed, the same way the first time we met, but just brighter.

“Whoa! what are you?” Hunter asked startled looking at Magnus’s flashy eyes, who blinked to get his eyes back to normal.

“and who might you be?” Magnus asked observing Hunter for head to toe

“I’m Pete’s best friend” he gave an awkward hand wave, which amused Magnus even more

“Magnus” Christian and the two others walked towards him and bowed, Magnus just dismissed them with the flick of his wrist, Hunter gave me a questioning look, I shrugged not having a clue

“stop being formal with me” he smiled at them “and ” he turned to Hunter “I’m Magnus Bane, the head of this academy” he introduced himself

“what’s up?” he replied awkwardly making everyone laugh around him. “you are not human, right? like them?” he asked

“yes, I’m an incubus ” as he said that Hayden spit his drink out on his brother’s face drenching him, whereas the rest of us just gaped at him, the-fuck, he laughed looking at our faces “I’m kidding, jeez loosen up a little”

I rolled my eyes at him” he is a warlock ” I said pointing at Magnus who sat on a chair, which appeared out of nowhere if I might add

“what’s a warlock?” he asked confused

“same like Harry Potter but more sarcastic, perverted and older version” Kayden commented cleaning his face with a hand towel

Magnus snapped his fingers and Kayden fell down on his face." ignore him” he said to Hunter who just nodded “how did you enter the portal?” he asked Hunter curiously

“I came with Pete?” he said. more like questioned scratching the back of his neck

“hmm interesting” he mumbled

Christian watched Magnus with a close eyes, like trying to figure him out.

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