By Chance

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Chapter 15

“my body hurts in places, I didn’t know existed ” Hunter whined leaning on the locker next to mine.

“same here bro” I grumbled leaning my mine.

“you don’t get to say that” he accused “you have got healing ability”.

“that has got nothing to do with this” I retorted, he gave me a blank stare

I shake my head at his tantrum “look, I talked to Christian about this. and he said our body will eventually get used to it, so stop whining ” I grunted annoyed with his whining.

“it’s already been a week, why don’t you ask him to go easy on us?” he bargains with me, I sighed unfazed

“I did, but he wouldn’t listen. he said that we don’t know what is coming for us next, so we need to train hard and be prepared” I shrugged

our chatter came to a stop when we see Bella making her way towards us, with a very exciting expression. which is kind of scary. because happy Bella means loads of work

“hey guys” she greeted with her bright smile,

“Hey, Bella” Hunter replied in a daze, I smiled at his sudden change of mood. puppy

“Hey, Bella” I greeted her back giving her my usual smile.

“I just wanted to ask if guys have registered for the charity event,” she said holding a bundle of papers. both me and Hunter shook our head in negative. “you can if you want to, it starts today. and I will be there to guide you” she said


“sorry” me and Hunter said at the same time, I gave him a warning look and he looks at me pleading, “excuse us ” I grab his arm and drag him into a corner “what the hell Hunter, we have training ” I whisper yell at him

he holds my shoulders and look me in the eyes “listen here Pete, this could be my chance to finally spend some time with Bella and ask her out. please I beg you, just let me do this” I rolled my eyes at him “and besides we have been training for a week now, we kind of deserve a break” he bargains

I sigh “fine, but just this once” I warn and he shows me his pinky, I smile at his tactics and push him off

“go before I change my mind ” I warn and he kisses my cheek running to where Bella was, I gave a grossed out look and wipes my cheek, “idiot” I mumbled

as I was done with my last class, I started walking to the basketball court where everybody else was. I found Hunter along with Bella, who were setting up banners. they looked happy, looks like Hunter has worked up his charm. I second guess if I should join them but I don’t want to ruin their moment, so I backed out.

I made my way back to my locker and swapped my books with the ones I don’t need for tomorrow. then I felt it. the chance of temperature, the deafening silence in the hallways. my heart sped up, my breathing became ragged

gulping the lump in my throat I quickly locked my locker and ran, my footsteps were the only thing I heard then the sound multiplied.

glancing behind I saw something, something that was not human, it was more than 7 feet tall, it face was of an animal’s, it had horns, huge claws and it’s legs were like dinosaurs, it was very fast and was quickly catching up.

it let out a aggressive roar and jumped at me, I dodged it by a second. petrified I turned to a corner and it slipped.

grabbing my slipping bag I ran again as it regained its speed. ‘where the hell is everyone?’ I question as all the corridors seem empty, I slip and fell. the monster came towards me raising its arm to strike at me, but was stopped with a familiar clink of a sword, I sigh in relief

“took you long enough” I remark panting, Christian fought with it like a pro

“I was busy” he explained even when he was in the middle of something dangerous, that made me chuckle

with a last strike of his sword the monster turned to dust

he grabbed my hand and pulled me up “let’s go, it’s not the only one. there are more of these things” he said running

I ran alongside him “what was that thing?” I asked

“it’s a demon” he replied turning to a corner

I absorbed the info “why was it in the school?” I wondered out loud

he snorted “obviously not to learn ” I shot him a look “sorry”

“you said it’s not the only one, that means there are more right?” I asked worriedly

“yeah” he said observing my expression

“there are students in the basketball court” I said running away towards the basketball court, Christian ran behind me “they are preparing for a charity event” I explained

I stopped running when I saw four demons blocking our way, Christian pulled me behind him. “don’t move” with that he attacked the first demon which was closer to him

“Pete, on count of three run to the door” he yelled killing the second demon, I shook my head at him denying his order “I will be right behind you, go “he yelled

“I’m not leaving you” I yelled back looking for something I could use as a weapon.

“there is no time, run outside. the twins will take you home” he yelled again

I sighed not having other option, I’m useless here anyways “what about Hunter ?” I asked dodging a attack and kicking the demon in its gut, I used my bag as a shield and blocked its attacks. hitting the demon with it

“Magnus won’t let anything happen to him, trust me” he said as he kicked and killed the third demon, I felt something poke me from my bag and I took it out, it was a scissor

“ah ha!” I cheered and held it like a weapon. the last demon was advancing towards me, panicked I swing the scissor in its direction and I felt it grunt in pain.

I had stabbed it, in its throat. it turned to dust as Christian put the sword through its gut. I stepped back and leaned on the wall, breathing heavily. my heart was beating so fast

“you are so stubborn ” Christian chuckled tiredly, and I smiled

“it’s one of my super powers” I winked at him

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