By Chance

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Chapter 16

“we need to get out of here,” Christian said pulling me up to stand, we were still stuck in the high school with ugly looking monsters called Demons and we don’t know how many of them are still out there.

“we should check the basketball court in case the others need our help” I try to convince him again for the fifth time, I hear him sigh in defeat.

“fine! ” I mentally fist bump myself in excitement and in victory,

we hurry our way towards the basketball court hoping that everyone else was safe. the temperature around us just dropped, like at to the freezing point. our breath came out a puff of smoke. in the middle of July?

“something is not right” Christian mumbled holding his sword out in position, waiting for something to pop out.

and it did. if I thought the demons we encountered earlier were ugly, then this one is just off the chart. he was humongous, like 10 feet or something and his horns. man! his horns were so large that it touched the ceiling of the hallway, he had legs which were double the size of two demons together. his claws were not only bigger but it also glowed with fire not red, it glowed blue, like the blue fire which we can see in Bunsen burner in our science labs. the most dangerous type of fire has the color blue. and I have a feeling like I’m about the witness it first hand

“what is that thing?” I asked terrified looking at the huge monster who was making his way towards us very fast.

“it’s the leader,” he said and looked at me seriously “Pete, whatever happens now” he gulps “if I tell you to run, you run. understood?” his voice changed into much deeper. and his facial structure was shifting

I meekly nod. and observe the change in the scenario. Christian became bigger as his body doubled in size. it was like watching a balloon blow up into bigger size.

“run” he yelled in pain

the demon leader roared and advanced towards us and Christian charged at him with the same type of power. they fought like animals. every time Christian swung his sword at him, he dodged and hit him back with his claws. it was getting gruesome. more bloody, I started panicking, aside for healing quickly I had no other superpower

‘phone’ I thought and pulled out my phone, calling Hunter

“Hunter? thank god! you're ok” I said and ran the other side because Christian’s body was flunked at me.

“I’m okay, I think” he said and I could hear grunts of pain and things flying away from the other side “what the hell is going on?” he questions

“I don’t know but can you find Magnus right now, or ask someone to help us at the east wing. we are kind of under attack, by what? I don’t know” I say running from the monster who was running after me.

“Magnus is kind of busy right now, he is trying to save my ass,” he said panting and I was lifted off the ground, the phone dropped from my hand.

“Give me the compass” that thing roared in a very animalistic way, I shivered from the impact “give it to me now!” he yelled in my face

I shake my head “I don’t know what you’re talking about” I lied as I glance behind him, Christian was getting up on his feet and his body shook in rage. and he turned as in, into a completely different species. his clothes ripped off of his body and his head grew in size. he became what was only possible in fairy tales and he roared running our way.

I kicked the beast in its balls and he dropped me on the floor. at the same time Christian or whatever jumped at him, both of them rolled over and fought

the demon leader was using his blue fire to hurt Christian and he was winning, Christian was getting clawed, burned and beaten. and I was just standing there like a freaking statue.

something shiny caught my attention, Christian’s sword. time to be useful

I made my way towards the sword and picked it up. easier said than done. as I take a look at Christian who was trying to beat the monster and losing, it fueled my anger and I ran holding the sword thrusting it into its back.

he let out a huge painful roar and turned to blue dust .“it worked “I exclaimed panting and dropped the sword on the floor, kneeling down by Christian’s side. his body shrunk and he returned to his old self.

his pants were intact, thank god for that, “great timing” he joked coughing out blood. there was a broken claw stuck on his stomach. and the area around it was turning black. it was the most terrifying moment of my life.

“we need to take you to the hospital,” I said panicking, I barely held him up and tried to make him stand. fortunately, the nurse’s room was just a couple of feet away. I kicked the door open and laid Christian on the examination bed. “wait here, I’ll go get help” I said turning to the door but he held my hand

“no, don’t go” he said wincing in pain, tears pricked in my eyes. unable to witness such a scene.

“you need help, Christian! I can’t fix this on my own” I plead him to let me go but he pulled me closer

“you are enough” he smiled painfully, and held the back of my head pulling me closer to his face, he kissed me

I froze, like the time stopped type of froze. his soft lips moved with delicacy. I couldn’t help comply, it was beautiful. he liked my lower lip asking for entrance, and I granted him access. we battled for control but I gave up. it was too good to be true.

then I felt it, my energy was being drained from my system. I could feel the nerves on my face expand. I opened my eyes and saw Christian eyes glowing deep red, he was sucking my energy from me. the veins on his face turned thick and black. then he finally pulled away

I was amazed to see his wounds heal, the claw just came off and the wound closes up on its own, his skin looked as good as new.

I kept staring at him for a couple of minutes trying to understand what the hell just happened, “your wounds, they are gone?” I asked him unbelievably

he cracked a smile “I borrowed your energy to heal myself, sorry” he said looking guilty

“oh” I said speechless “so, you used my healing ability to cure yourself” I mumbled disappointed

“yeah” he said getting off the bed, walking out the door “let’s go. I think it’s over” with that he was gone

I touched my lips, feeling the sensation of his lips on mine. I sighed in disappointment, he kissed me, not because he secretly liked me but because he wanted to heal himself.

I sighed in disappointment again, I need to stop falling for him before it’s too late. but something tells me it already has

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