By Chance

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Chapter 17


complete and utter silence

Christian was driving me back to the academy in his car, where everyone was waiting for us, the tension was too thick in the car and it’s suffocating

it was torturous for me to be next to him. I was breaking down from the inside and I had to stop myself from doing it on the outside as well.

after what happened at the nurse’s office we haven’t spoken a single word. I could feel him getting uncomfortable and so was I.

I’m more disappointed about what he said after, he said sorry. what was he sorry about? sorry I kissed you? or sorry I used your energy to heal myself? the kiss meant nothing, it’s how I heal?

my first kiss!

my first kiss and it was for nothing, no feelings, no love, no lust. just plain simple meaningless kiss.

“we’re here” he broke the silence, but none of us moved. ” look, I’m sorry about what I did back there” he said guilt dripping from his voice, which in turn made me clench my fist tighter “I..” I cut him off

giving him a small smile “it’s ok, you healed and that is all it matters” with that I jump out of the car and cross the portal without waiting for him

I made my way to Magnus’s office where Hunter said they would be “woah! what happened here?” I asked as I look at everyone’s injuries, all of them look beaten up

“demons” Hayden said while wrapping a bandage on his leg.

“don’t you all have super healing?” I asked sitting next to Britney who was wiping blood off her neck “let me” I took the cotton ball out of her hand and cleaned it for her.

“nope, just strength. no healing” Kayden said helping Logan

“where is Hunter and Magnus?” I asked looking around trying to find them

“Magnus is treating himself and Hunter is yelling at him for getting hurt” Logan laughed, then winced when Kayden put pressure on his wound

“huh?” I’m confused but let it go. I’ve got my own issue. speaking of issues Christian finally turned up at the office looking too good for my liking

I completely ignored his existence, I even excuse myself to go see Hunter when Christian made his way to sit beside me, on the empty couch

“why the hell did you do that? are you insane? what would happened if you died there? ” Hunter was ranting, accusing, worrying and cursing at Magnus, who was busy using his magic to heal himself

I knock on the door “are you ok?” I ask Hunter and then turned to Magnus “need some help?” I offer

“I’m ok, but this idiot is not” Hunter complained in frustration

I chuckle lightly ” that’s the high warlock of the warlock dynasty you’re talking about” I raise my eye brow at him amused

“I don’t give a shit about that now, he almost died on me today. trying to save me from that monster” he was so furious that his hands started twitching

I hold his shoulders and make him look at me” just be glad he was there, and now both of you are alive” he sighed exhaustedly

Magnus mouthed me a thank you and I shrugged my shoulders

after patching everyone up, we held a quick meeting. where Magnus announced that it was too dangerous for us to stay at our houses. so, he being a nice host he is. let us crash at his place.

there was an entire different house inside Magnus’s closet

God! I love magic

me and Hunter decided to share a room, since we were still in shock. I had already informed my mom and she was ok with it, because she was working on a different case which required her to go visit a different city.

“you are awfully quite” Hunter commented looking at my unusual behavior

“just tired” I mumbled looking out the window, watching the twinkling stars

“no, it’s something else. your upset and tired” he said frowning and sat next to me “so, tell me. why are you upset”

“it’s complicated ” I whisper knowing he could hear me

“well looking at the mess we’re in, nothing can be more complicated than this” he chuckled trying to cheer me up, I did crack a smile

I stay silent for next couple of minutes

“look if something is bothering you just let it-- “he kissed me” I cut him off

he looked at me dumbfounded, he blinked trying to snap out “that’s a good thing right?”

I sigh trying to hold my tears which were about to burst out “he said he was sorry”

“wait, you need to tell everything from the beginning ” he sat crossed legged in front of me.

I tell him about the kiss and how he used it to heal himself and said sorry later.

“wow” he said and leaned on the wall behind him “that’s so messed up” he was feeling sorry for me

I shrugged ” I shouldn’t have expected more from it”

he gave me blank look “are you serious right now? you have been in love with that guy since junior high and when he finally kissed you, it was not right” he exploded, that when the water work began

“sh.. I’m sorry Pete, I should have been more sensitive about it” he apologized hugging me, rocking me back and forth

let me tell you a story of how my infatuation began with Christian Martinez

it was By Chance

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