By Chance

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Chapter 18


“you’re going to be fine Pete, it’s going to be okay. just go in there and stay with Hunter” Hunter’s mom encourages me to go to school.

I know for a ten-year-old it should not be as scary as it is to me. but she is encouraging me to go inside is because I haven’t been to school for almost two months

my dad died two months ago

I was in the car with him, we were on our way back home from an amazing amusement trip. just me and him, mom was busy so she didn’t join us but that’s ok, it’s more fun with just dad.

we were singing some songs playing on the radio, our voices were so bad. but we were having the time of our life. then it hit us, some truck hit us and we went crashing into the lake by the road. dad was hit on the head, he was bleeding very badly. he looked at me panicked, trying to undo his and my seatbelts but he didn’t budge. he broke the window with something, I don’t remember much but he helped me out the car. before he could get out the. the car had already submerged in the lake, I was drowning, I felt the water filling up my lungs but someone pulled me out just before I could die.

I had a serious concussion and a broken wrist and I was unconscious for two days

they said I lost my father on that day, but it was the day. when I lost both of my parents.

after some therapy and lots of doctor’s session, I was released to go back to my normal life, normal was just an expression.

“Mrs. Steen I’m scared,” I told Hunter’s mom. who has been taking care of me from past two months as if I was her own child

she held my hand and smiled at me “you have nothing to be scared of ” she pulled Hunter in the front and made him stand beside me “Hunter will always be there with you, right Hunter?” she asked him

“yes, mom” he groaned but smiled at me encouragingly

I nod not having much option since we were already at the gates. “okay, bye” I said and moved but she pulled me in for a hug

“remember you are not alone” she kissed my forehead and did the same with Hunter

the day was ok, I went through some classes without feeling like some outcast. until

“hey loser, where were you the past months? hiding in your house waiting for daddy?” Alec mocked me, making his friends laugh

I tried to move past him but he blocked my way. during the entire day this was only time Hunter had left me alone to go to bathroom

“let me go, please” I pleaded feeling the tears pricking in my eyes but he pushed me making me fall on the floor, he laughed evilly leaning down to face me

“let me go, please” he imitated me mockingly “you know what, you are pathetic! no wonder your dad died, you are a loser ” he punched me in the face, powerfully. I yelled out in pain, “loser, loser” they chanted in chorus.

then the chanting stopped. someone, a boy around our age had jumped on Alec and was beating the shit out of him. the boy punched him one more time before getting off“leave before I punch you too” he warned dangerously and Alec’s friends ran away dragging a grunting Alec with them.

tears were running down my face, I could feel my cheek swelling. “hey, are you alright?” the boy who saved me asked kneeling down in front of me.

I nodded wincing with the painful sensation. he held out his handkerchief and wiped my tears “don’t cry, boys shouldn’t cry” he said in a very nice manner “I guess that’s ok because you kind of look like a girl” he teased

I huffed at him and glared “I’m not a girl, I’m a boy” I argued

he chuckled “well you are cute as a girl, so I think you are a girl” he teased pulling my other chubby cheek, I slapped his hand away from my face and glared at him

“I’m not cute, boys can’t be cute. boys are handsome” I argued

he chuckled “cute”

“I said I’m not cute, stop calling me that” I yelled out frustrated

he chuckled ” my name is Christian by the way,” he said offering me his hand to shake

I shook it while narrowing my eyes at him, I was about to reply but Hunter’s voice cut me off

“Pete” Hunter yelled running towards me, he kneeled beside me and Christian got up “are you ok, Kate told me Alec hurt you, I came as fast as I could, do you want me to punch him?” he was ranting but my focus was on someone else who was walking away from us.

someone who had black hair, fair skin, and grey eyes. someone called Christian



I will always remember that day, it was our first encounter. we never really spoke after that because we had different friends and different lives

I grew up watching him, I watched him get his first trophy in running, I watched me fall in love with someone else, I watched him get into trouble and I watched him drifting away from me, every minute, of every day, made me realize that we were two completely different people and it was impossible for us to ever be together.

maybe somewhere along the way my view towards him also changed. at first, I was thankful for him but different feelings were developed as the time goes by.

I realized that I don’t just admire him but had also cultivated a huge crush. when I saw him kiss someone else in front of me in eighth grade. I felt my heart breaking into millions of pieces, I felt betrayed and I had no reason to be. but it still hurt. that’s when I realized my feelings for him, I felt wrong. it was wrong I’m a guy and I liked a guy, I was so scared that I had locked myself inside my room for 2 days.

there was one person who was there the entire time and was waiting for me to open the door. it was Hunter, he didn’t leave even when my mom did. he kept yelling and warning me to open the door or else he would never talk to me ever again

eventually I opened the door and the first thing he did was pulling me into a hug, he hugged me so tight that I almost felt whole again. I cried, I haven’t cried that deeply and broken hearted since Dad’s funeral.

I thought after spilling everything to hunter I would lose him too, but he didn’t leave. he told me that he doesn’t care that I like a guy, he said it wouldn’t matter to him even if I like a hoarse, what mattered to him was that we will always be friends no matter what life brings us, he will always be with me

that was the day our bond grew stronger, and we became the bestest friends anyone has ever seen, if in future there was time to choose between Hunter and something else, I will always choose Hunter. I will always choose him

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