By Chance

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Chapter 1

Pete P.O.V

11:50 pm

′ Ten more minutes’ I think and set up a chocolate frosted cupcake in a plate. why buy a huge cake when only one person is going to eat it.

I have bathed and brushed Polo’s fur because I consider it as his birthday as well.

glancing at the metallic wristwatch, I sigh its almost time.

" looks like it’s just me and you, polo” I glance down to my dog who just tilts it’s head while looking at me.

outside the window, we can clearly see the night sky, the moon is shining brightly and stars are twinkling. the night looks so romantic . seems like it's full moon tonight

“Polo, do you ever feel lonely?” I ask my dog, while softly brushing his golden fur with my fingers

“I know how you feel, at least we have each other that counts right?” I smile stupidly

tee tee tee

the timer just goes off exactly at 12 am

I place the cupcake on the coffee table so it is easier for Polo to see. while we sit on the carpeted floor.

I lit a small candle and pin it on the cupcake. I close my eyes and join my hands making a wish.

′ I wish to get happiness and everlasting love’

opening my eyes I blew the candle. smiling slowly I take a bite of the delicious chocolate cupcake and share the rest with polo. who has been eyeing the cake since the moment it was set on the table.

“here you go buddy, have it all” I slide the plate to him and he eagerly digs in.

*vibrating phone*

I pick my phone and see Hunter calling. smiling I pick it up

“happy birthday my bitch!” he sang out making me chuckle in amusement

“thank you, worm-eater ” I tease and he groaned clearly annoyed“it’s getting a little old, don’t you think?” he complains

“nope” I sit on the couch while talking to him.

few minutes later I notice it. ‘why is it so silent’ I look around trying to find polo

“Pete, you there ?” Hunter’s voice brings my attention back to the phone

“Hunt, I'll call you later,” I said and hung up without waiting for his answer. he is probably confused but I need to find Polo first

I run around the entire two stories house and even look around the bathrooms but I couldn’t find him

“Polo! polo! ” I yell out his name but there was no response. I rounded around the back and saw the backdoor was open? I’m confused, I was sure I had locked it

“oh no” I exclaimed running to my back yard but there was no sign of him ever being here.

“where did he go?” I mumbled scared, he is the only one, I consider close to family, I can’t lose him. not on my birthday!

“polo! ” I yell running on the streets, calling out his name. he is a well-trained dog. always answers when called upon.

I stop to catch my breath and walked a little further, then i heard a small whimper coming from behind the bushes.

“Polo” I call his name, moving the bushes aside

and there he was. whimpering in pain I bend down to take a closer look to see where he was hurt.

bare traps? who the hell would put bare traps around here? I wondered suspiciously

I carefully remove Polo’s leg from the trap. which was lightly bleeding. I quickly take out my handkerchief and wrap it around his bleeding leg

my heart is beating so fast right now. I thought I lost him. I couldn't bring myself to think of a life without him.

this place was freaking me out. I need to get the hell out of here.

looking around I can’t recognize this place. “where the hell am I?” I wonder out-loud, Polo whimpered in pain to the sudden noise

I look around again trying to find a way out or even my footprints but I couldn’t see much, due to the darkness of the night.

on cue, my phone started vibrating, sigh.

“dude, what the hell!” Hunter yelled frustrated. I’ve never been this happy to here my best friend’s voice

“Hunt, thank God!” I take a much-needed breath ” look, I don’t know what happened. but I’m somewhere out and I can’t find a way back home, can you please track my phone and come pick me up?” I ask him. knowing very well that he is gonna lose his shit

“what! why the hell would you go out in the middle of the night and lose your way back home” he rants but I can hear him moving in the background.

“I’ll tell you everything, but please hurry. I don’t feel good about this place” I gulp frightfully looking at the endless trail of trees in the dead silent night.

“Okay okay, I’m on my way. stay where you are or I’ll kill you myself if you get yourself hurt” he hung up. if I weren’t in this situation I would have laughed.

another glance at the endless trail of trees, I decided to look for the highway. the one that got me here

moving forward I fell

yes, I fell. face first

I was quick to move polo out of the way, but couldn't say the same about myself, and I think I sprained my ankle. my foot was stuck in a small hole. carefully I lift my foot from the hole but my foot was stuck in the roots. slowly and carefully I untangle my foot from the roots and I pulled it out.

my foot was not the only thing that came out of the hole. there was something heavy that was attached.

I dug a little deeper for whatever that was stuck on my feet.

it’s an old box, muddy wooden old box. I cleaned it a little with the palm of my hand and pulled at its lid. but it was stuck and wouldn't open

I sigh “what a day” I groaned in frustration” A wounded dog, a locked old mystery box and a sprained ankle” I sigh again tiredly “a very happy birthday to you Pete ”

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