By Chance

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Chapter 19

“everything looks so.. normal” Hunter commented standing in the middle of the hallway, looking around confused.

everyone seemed to act normal, everything was in its original place. not a trace of the horrible things that happened yesterday.

the corridors were busy as usual, chattering teens, football jocks, the nerds, the weirdoes. all unaware of what had happened in our school yesterday.

“I think Magnus has something to do with this” I shrugged making my way towards my locker.

it’s just weird to think that my locker looked as good as New, not a single scratch. yesterday it looked like it was ripped out of its hinges. and now it’s perfectly normal.

“you might be right” Hunter sighed

taking a glance at him I could notice that he looked worn out.

“are you, ok?” I asked him and he shrugged then sighed again.

“I can’t wrap my head around it” he was going to talk more but he stopped once he saw something behind me.

Magnus was talking to our principle and it looked serious, maybe he knew, or maybe he didn’t.

“what’s he doing here?” Hunter asked tugging his backpack on his right shoulder, moving towards Magnus’s direction.

I followed him to where Magnus was standing. Mr. Wilson and Magnus parted ways as soon as we reached them.

“what are you doing here?” Hunter asked crossing his arms in front of him in an intimidating way, to which Magnus seemed amused.

“Oh! I was cleaning up the blood, erasing memories, destroying the bodies. you know, the usual” he grinned wickedly, which was creepy. but it still made me snicker at his level of sarcasm

Hunter rolled his eyes at him and relaxed his posture a little “so, how is everyone? all healed?” I asked snapping his attention towards me

Magnus nodded and smiled full teeth “yeah, they will be fine. might even see them in school today”

I stiffed at that. Magnus caught onto that and looked at me closely, I cleared my throat and smiled “that’s a relief”

“yes, it indeed is,” he said in a deep husky voice giving it a dramatic effect

“so, are we still up for the training ?” Hunter asked changing the topic and trying to ease the tension in the space

Magnus nodded “yes, I’ll see you both at the training field ” with that he vanished in thin air. leaving us dumbfounded

“I’m never getting used to that” Hunter mumbled staring at the spot where Magnus was a few seconds ago

“me neither” I replied doing the same

the ringing of bell snapped us back, I and Hunter shared a look

‘time for math’

the time seemed to be incredibly slow today, the day just dragged on. and it was finally time for lunch

“I can’t get one thing tough” Hunter scrunched up his nose, making a confused face

I raised my brow at him to continue with his theory of whatever was in his mind

“why attack me? I mean I get it if the demons attacked you” I gave him droll stare “I mean no offense bro, but you have a magical compass which happens to be one of the things that can be helped to bring back you-know-who” he whispered the last part leaning on the table near me.

I pushed his head back with my index finger “Voldemort?” he gave me the-fuck look

“I get what you’re saying Hunt and I don’t know why those things attacked you maybe they were confused between us, who knows. the only thing matters are that we need to be careful and alert” I said in one breath

Hunter sighed “maybe your right” with that the topic was closed and were back to normal

“so, you never told me about what happened with Bella,” I asked while biting into my homemade pasta. he blushed at that and started rambling about how cute she is when she was being bossy, or how beautiful her smile was.

I smiled at that. it was nice to see at least someone was happy with their love life.

I don’t know why I did it, old habit maybe. I glanced behind Hunter at Christian’s table where all of them were having their lunch talking and laughing. it made my stomach fill with butterflies to see Christian laugh wholeheartedly, the way his dimple appears on his cheeks, the way his eyes sparkle and how deep is voice sounds. it was mesmerizing

Hunter snapped his fingers in front of my face trying to get my attention “you’re doing it again” he grumbled

I gave him an innocent smile “doing what?” I asked

he groaned “the heart eyes look, the expression you make every time you see Christian ” he made the double quotation sign

“oh! the same look you have every time you look at, Bella “I smirk challenging him, he rolled his eyes

“yeah, yeah, I know we're both losers” he groaned banging his head on the table I laughed at his miserable state.

he suddenly raised his head and gave me a creepy smile, I narrowed my eyes at him ‘what is he up to now?’

“unless I make my move first” I still gave him the same look “I’m going to ask her out” he got up from his seat

I gaped at him shocked “wait! now?” I asked he just shrugged

“it’s now or never” with that he started walking towards Bella’s table where she and couple of her friends were laughing about something

few steps towards them and then he turns back to me and I give him a encouraging thumbs up, he smiled relaxed

as he approached their table, the chatter came to a stop. they were pretty far from me, I had no clue of what was happening, I couldn’t see their faces too because Hunter was standing in the middle between my vision which restricted me to see what was happening there

all I could do was pray that he doesn’t make a fool out of himself, a few minutes later Hunter walked back to our table.

“so, what happened?” I asked carefully looking at his blank expression.

“I think” he said and looked at me shocked “I think I have a date”

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