By Chance

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Chapter 20

“right step”

" back step”

" back step”

" duck”

" right punch”

Logan was training me hardcore, with no mercy at all

“faster Pete, faster” Logan yelled pulling punches at me with full force, one of his brutal punches landed on my jaw, making me lose my balance and I fell down on the hard ground.

Logan stopped in front of me and sighed. holding out his hand which I took gladly. “you need to be more agile than that Pete, the demons won’t be easy on you. like I was”

I gave him a hateful glare “you call that going easy on me, really?” he rolled his eyes at

“stop whining like a kid. there is a lot we need you to learn” with that he picked up a sword

I groaned painfully “Mercy, please have mercy” he ignored me again

the next 30 minutes were pure torture, ignoring Christian is starting to seem like a huge mistake. but he is doing the same so, doesn’t matter. two can play this game

“wow, you look bad” commented the high warlock of warlock dynasty, ass

“thanks, like I needed someone to point out the obvious” I sassed rolling my eyes

“always with the charming sarcasm Pete” he gave me a sarcastic smile “anyways, where is your human ?” he asked looking around the training field.

I raised an eyebrow “you realize I’m a human too, right?”

he smiled sheepishly ”I know that but you are special” I rolled my eyes at him and gulped down the cold water greedily

“to answer your question, Hunter is on a date with his girlfriend,” I said and he frowned looking utterly disturbed

“Girlfriend?” he mumbled not believing the words

“yeah, his long term crush had finally agreed to date him. it’s a miracle he lasted this long without screwing it up” I kept on rambling but Magnus’s looked like he was deep in his thoughts. “Magnus? are you ok?” I asked observing his disturbed expression

“Yeah, I’ve got to go” with that he disappeared into thin air

I sighed “I’m never getting used to that”

I didn’t stay long after my conversation with Magnus, everyone else disappeared to god knows where which strike me as I should do the same, maybe catch up with some school work and look after my poor dog.

as soon as I stepped inside my house the aroma of baked goodies welcomed me in, I followed the fragrance into the kitchen and found my mom pulling a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies from the oven.

“smells amazing “I commented moving to stand behind my mom and hugged her from behind

“welcome home honey” she kissed my hair and placed the yummy looking cookies in a plate and complimented it with a warm glass of milk

“just what I needed” I moaned as the flavor of chocolate exploded in my mouth

“I’m happy to help” she teased and sat across me on the dinner table “so, Pete how is school?” she asked as she took a bite of her share

I nodded “it’s ok” she hummed

“how’s the tutoring going” for a second was confused and was about to ask her what was she talking about but then it clicked, I told her that the reason I was late was that I was tutoring a junior from school

“it’s fine” I kept my reply short and didn’t bother explaining

“I noticed that your shadow is no longer following you” I chuckled at her and smiled, she used to call Hunter my shadow because he was always with me and never left my side

“you won’t be seeing him much since he has a girlfriend now,” I said shocking her


I chuckled at her expression “yeah, mom a girlfriend ”

she sobered up and smiled “well good for him” I nodded gulping down the warm milk

“speaking of girlfriend, what about you when will you get yourself a girlfriend, you know I won’t be this young forever” she laughed teasingly but I didn’t join

I clenched my fist and sat frozen in my seat, noticing my dilemma she placed her hand on mine “honey? are you ok? did I say something wrong” all this time I never bothered to tell my mom about my sexuality because she never bothered before but asking me to have a girlfriend not know that her son was gay made me very uncomfortable

I swallowed the knot in my throat and raised my head to look at my mom’s face. she had a worried expression on “mom I need to tell you something”

she nodded confused about why I was so nervous “I don’t think I will ever have a girlfriend mom” I said and she frowned

“why do you say that honey? any girl will be lucky to have you” she tried to console me which made me more nervous

“what if I don’t want a girlfriend mom” I said and she opened her mouth but I spoke again “what if I don’t like girls ” as the words left my mouth hers shut immediately pondering over what I said

every second passed made me want to dig a hole and die, her expression didn’t give away anything of what was going on inside her head, which made me dread what is to come next

then she sighed and gave out a nervous laugh “wow! I didn’t see that coming” it made my eyes fill with moisture and that got her out of her seat in hurry and she held my hands in hers and made me look directly into her eyes

“I don’t care who you like Pete, I will always support your choice and wish for the best for you” she kissed my head and hugged me sideways enveloping me in her warm embrace, the fruity smell of her perfume calmed me down a bit “I will always love you my baby boy, I don’t care if you don’t like girls. hell even I don’t like girls” that made me chuckle tearfully

she faced me and held my hand “like mother like son, right?” she teased and I hugged her with all my might

“I Love you mom” I mumbled into her chest and felt a feather kiss on my head

“I love you more my baby”

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