By Chance

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Chapter 21

After the heart-to-heart with my mom and a very lovely dinner we parted ways, she had to go back to work, working for a law-suit was quite hectic. so, here I was standing in the doorway waving my mom goodbye.

I sighed as the car disappeared from my view, I looked down at my golden retriever and smile “looks like its just me and you now buddy” I said and he barked happily

it was getting late and I was pretty tired from all the training, my bed was calling me and I had to respond.

I opened the door of my room. I was hit by the cold breeze in the face, I don’t remember leaving the windows open. cautiously I moved deep into my room and grabbed the windowsill

“don’t do that” I yelped due to the sudden noise and hit my head on the windowsill

“ouch” I winced while trying to sooth the growing bump on my forehead

“sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” said the husky voice apologetically, turning my head towards the source of the voice I saw a dark stiletto of a man

he took a step into the moonlight and I inhaled deeply. he gets more handsome with every passing second. he is wearing all black which gives him more bad boy look.

“what are you doing here, Christian?” I asked as I stood by the window, cool breeze tickling my sensitive neck

he scratched the back of his neck “uh patrolling”

I raised my eyebrow and gestured my room “inside my room?”

he shrugged not bothered “I was also checking up on you.. and Hunter,” he said

I was pretty sure my face was all red when he didn’t add Hunter into his sentence. I nodded and gestured him the door of my room ” as you can see I’m all good so you can leave now”

I swear his face fell but he held himself together “yeah”

instead of turning towards the door he walked towards me and stood in my personal space, my senses went haywire when his delicious cologne invaded my nose. my thoughts got all fuzzy and I swallowed the lump in my throat.

he bent down and moved impossibly closer to my face, the grey color in his eyes turned a shade darker than before and I was sure my face color resembled a lobster, his minty breath fanned across my face giving me Goosebumps

“it was very brave of you, coming out to your mother Pete” with that he was gone, no traces to him ever being here. the only thing that gave away that all of this was real, is my fast beating heartbeat.

I blinked and got back to my senses after a couple of minutes of standing dumbfounded, sighing I moved to lay on my bed. everything that happened and everything that keeps happening was too much for an average gay teenager like me.

I closed my eyes to take a much-needed nap, the peaceful silence in my room was disturbed with a screeching sound that came from downstairs. I woke up carefully and made my way downstairs

the sound then turned to munch like someone was crunching on something loudly. “Polo?” I called out to my dog hoping he would answer with a bark that never happened

the sound came from the kitchen and there was something on the floor. with shaking hands I flipped the light switch on and screamed

there was a hunched figure of something whose body looked decayed and it gave a terrible smell, hearing my scream it turned to face me and the next thing made me cry out in pain

he slurped the rest of the thing he was eating, what made me scream was the last bit of tail he munched on.

My Polo

I took a step back and ready to run but then the monster spook

“Navigator,” it said in a screechy voice and took heavy steps towards me. “you have something of my master’s ” it yelled again, its hands grew into sharp pointy saw-like things

I sprinted the other way but it attacked first, its point sharp saw-like hands ripped through my shirt and dug into my skin, I yelled out in pain. I fell on the floor and my blood pooled around me.

I was in so much pain that I could feel my body giving out, where the hell is Christian? didn’t he come to check up on me?

“where is the navigating device?” it yelled in my face, it’s razor-like sharp yellow teeth were inches away from my face and its eyes were a deep shade of green

I closed my eyes and all my time I spent training came flashing down to me, every punch and every move I learned came crashing down to me and I gathered myself

no one is coming to save you, Pete it’s you who can save yourself

after a little pep talk inside my head, I turned my head to find something I can use to defend myself

a vase caught my attention and it was behind the black greasy monster, with no choice left I kicked the monster in its stomach and slid from below it when I was free from this hold I ran to take the vase and hit the monster on its head

I don’t know how but the vase emitted a golden light and transformed into a golden sword, and cut through the monster in half. it gave out a painful groan and the body of the monster split into half, the strange thing is the body just vanished like it was never there in the first place

I fell down on the floor and let the golden sword fall down from my hands, it didn’t turn back. stayed like that.

I sighed and winced when the wound stung a little. but I’m sure it has started healing by now. my attention then fell on the dog bed and then the waterfall began. my best friend was gone forever and I couldn’t do anything about it.

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