By Chance

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Chapter 22

“this was supposed to be my mom’s favorite vase,” I said throwing the golden sword on Magnus’s table, and he raised his eyebrow in question. as he was submerged in paperwork

I was too furious to care, after the incident at my house. my first thought was to go to Magnus and get some damn answers.

“that’s quite a transformation?” he said in a sarcastic tone but sobered up with my hateful glare

“don’t, Magnus. just tell me what the hell just happened? am I supposed to do all that?” I asked as I was hit by the feeling of loss, thinking about polo brought some tears in my eyes.

he sighed and picked the sword up to examine it and then his expression turned to awe than he looked at me “do you know what this is?” he asked and I shook my head negative “this is a sacred sword of the Defenders. it only appears when someone is in grave danger”

“what do you mean by Defenders?” I asked him as I bend towards the sword to see what he saw

“the Legend has it like that before the Prince attacked the Warlock King, there was an elite group of people who foresaw the attack on the King. but they couldn’t save him because they were misled into believing that the attack was on the Queen. in short, the Queen was furious and cursed the Elite group that their swords and their knowledge of the war shall disappear and will only return to those who need it the most” Magnus stood up from his chair and walked to his personal library. only to return with a huge book

he placed the book on the table and blew the dust collected on it. he carefully opened the book and searched for something. he nodded to himself and turned the book so it was facing me “here it is, the Curse on the Elite” he said and I glanced down on the page he was pointing at.

there were five Elites who were the best among the best, they also shared a few special powers which made them stronger and smarter than the others, on the night of the attack they foresaw the Prince trying to kill a royal family member. they were not sure who, the King? or the Queen?

they assumed it was the Queen because the Prince was infatuated with her and his obsession with her might arouse him to take this dangerous step?

by the time they realized that they were wrong it was too late. the Prince had already killed the King out of rage and jealousy.

The Queen was in shock, she couldn’t even mourn for the loss of her mate. she cursed the Elites for taking such a step on their own without consulting with her. she thought that they were unworthy of such power because they couldn’t save the person they were sworn to protect with their lives.

their powers were ripped away from them, and the five Defender swords disappeared into thin air. she spelled the swords to only appear to the person who is pure and Is in grave danger, someone worthy of it and yet bound by his duties.

I sat on the chair by my side and kept the book on the table. “but why me?” I asked not to him in particular just to the universe I guess.

“at least your alive ” he commented making me snort

“no thanks to your adopted son” I said with venom in my words making someone’s breath hitch in the silent room.

I turned to glare at the door and Christian appeared to be eavesdropping on us.

“look Pete, I’m sorry..” he started but I didn’t let him finish

I moved with the speed of light and trapped him between the door and me, holding the same sword pointing at his neck. “you were there to make sure I was alright and you weren’t there when I was attacked, why should I ever trust you? Polo is dead because you didn’t do your duty right” I screamed in his face. his face filled with guilt but that wasn’t gonna make me stop my words from hurting him. I’m too hurt to care

“I’m sorry” he said again but with more emotions

I stepped back from him and nodded rubbing the tears off my face “I’m too, I trusted you too much. looks like I don’t need you now anymore, I can protect myself without your help”

“guys calm down, let’s talk about this” Magnus intervened trying to be the adult he is supposed to be.

I shook my head and stepped back to move out the office, on my way out I heard something I didn’t expect a whimper like a hurt dog, but just 10 times more painful and filled with grief

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