By Chance

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Chapter 23

Next couple of days has been silent, maybe it was the atmosphere around here in the school or it was just me? either way, it was too gloomy for me. all I did these days was train and train until my body gave out with exhaustion. it didn’t matter the things were going to be much worse than it had happened with Polo. huh, Polo! I missed him too damn much.

“Hey, you ok ?” Hunter nudged me and I gave him a fake smile

“yeah, I’m good. what about you? how’s the relationship going?” I asked in a teasing manner. this is what I have been doing these past days. avoiding talking about me and switch the conversation to him and Bella’s newly formed relationship, that seems to distract him pretty well.

“Nah uh. you’re not going to change the topic here, Pete I know you are hurting but you can’t close yourself up like this. you will suffocate” he whisper-yelled at me as we take our seat on our regular lunch table.

“I’m not hurting Hunter. I’m feeling fine just a little bit sad but I’ll be ok, I promise” I said holding his hand in mine giving it a little reassurance squeeze.

“fine, if you say so” he grumbled and I smiled at his childish behavior

“Hey, guys” Bella greeted as she sat down beside Hunter and gave him a kiss on his lips. PDA just happens to be their thing

I smile at her and take a bite of my cinnamon roll and looked down at the compass it has turned into a habit to me, every now and then I glance down at the vintage compass and the pinpointing north will always amuse me.

does anyone know why? let me tell you

right now it’s pointing at the cafeteria door and it seems to be stuck there, I didn’t raise my head to see what or who was coming through that door, cause I didn’t have to. the pin moved little to my right and stopped.

the table where Christian and his friends usually resided, this compass always does that, pointing at him I mean. it’s strange and creepy.

what’s more creepy is that I always find Christian looking at me, when I raise my head following the direction on the compass.

shaking my head from these thoughts I try to concentrate on the new couple who were trying to make the small conversion with me, all I did was a nod.

lunch went as fast as it came and it was my free period, me and Hunter made our way to Library but Bella called him to help her with some upcoming event preparation and him being the love-sick puppy that he is, ditched me and went to attend his girlfriend

sighing I made my way to the library and went to my favorite section, the fantasy. picking some book about Dracula, I made my way to the far away table and sat down on the empty chair facing the window.

too deep into the book I didn’t realize someone hovering above me, scrunching my face into annoyance I look up, only to find Christian looking at me with Determination “what do you want now?” I sneered

he just inhaled deeply “I’m sorry for this” with that he bent his body and hocked his arms below my knees and threw me over his shoulder like I was some sack of potato

“Christian what the hell do you think you’re doing? put me down?” I hit my fist on his back but he just ignored me.

everyone stopped whatever they were doing and looked at us with shock and amusement, huh! amusement my ass.

“everyone is starting to stare Christian, please just put me down” I pleaded to but all he did was glare at the students and they backed off

with no other options left I lay where I was silent, trying to focus to where this hunk of meat was taking me.

we reached a clearing, carefully. with caution Christian let me down, I held my head with the sudden rush of dizziness overtook me.

I glared at him “what the hell Christian? why are we here?” I questioned

he gave me a pleading look” just please hear me out?” I gave up and nodded then he continued “I’m sorry I was not there that night but I was dealing with something too, I know not my strongest excuse but I really was, but as my tardiness has cost the life of the one you loved I will do everything in my power to make it up to you, but please just don’t ignore me” he literary begged me, this made me feel terrible for making him feel to vulnerable. I’m so stupid

I held his shoulders and made him face me “I’m sorry Christian for making you feel so guilty” he shook his head in denial but I held his face and brushed off his leaking tears “I can’t blame you for something like this, it’s not right” with that I smiled

he gave me a tearful smile and grabbed me in a tight hug. he kept repeating thank you over and over again, we pulled away after the moment passed and just gazed into each other’s eyes.

he slowly leaned his face closer to mine and brushed his lush lips on mine, the little touch made tingles shoot through my body and made me feel all fuzzy.

I moved closer and closed the gap between our lips and melted into the soft kiss, Christian moved his lips with such care that it made my legs feel jelly. I moved my hand on the back of his head and ran my fingers through his silky hair, this made him release a muffed groan and pulled my body closer to his, his kiss turned more possessive and aggressive, his tongue swept across my lower lip and I gladly opened my mouth, his mouth practically devoured my lips. he was getting impatient and moved to kiss me down my neck, my back met with the hard surface of the tree. I bit back a moan threatening to make its ay out of my mouth. adruppedly Christian pushed away from me and turned to face the other way, painting like he ran a mile or two.

I slowly moved to place my hand on his shoulder and turned him to face me, he closed his eyes “what’s wrong?” I asked worriedly did I do something wrong?

he gulped “sometimes I tend to lose control ” he said and opened his eyes, they were not his regular grey color eyes, they had turned completely black

“they are beautiful” I complimented and kissed his eyelids, he wrapped his arms around me and buried his face in my neck

“so are you, so beautiful”

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