By Chance

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Chapter 24

“no more secrets, right?” Christian asked me and I nodded at his weird behavior, after our moment at the clearing yesterday. he has been acting strange and now here we are, pushing the door of a very creepy room.

right now, we are in the faraway part of the basement of the Academy of the Supernatural, just beneath the school grounds

Christian pushed the door open and we were greeted with a room full of chairs and a huge wooden table, it looked a lot like a conference room.

“this was supposed to be a war room, but Magnus banned any students from entering into this part of the Academy but we are a different case” he explained moving across the room in a fast pace

I looked around the room, admiring the weapons displayed in the glass cases “Pete, in here” Christian called out to me from somewhere inside the room.

I walked to an open door to see everyone gathered in a lounge type of a place. Magnus, the twins, Logan, Britney, and Christian were gathered around a huge table. looking alert making me look nervous

“what we are about to show you are fully confidential and you're not supposed to tell this to anyone else” Magnus warned me looking all scary and mysterious, I gulped and meekly nodded my head in confirmation

they moved aside making some place for me. I walked and stood in front of the table, there was a scroll. a pretty big one. sitting tauntingly on the table, making me wonder what was so special about it.

“this is the reason Christian wasn’t able to help you on the day of your attack” Magnus elaborated holding the scroll in his hand “with all the attacks happening with you made me take this huge step”

“I don’t understand,” I said confused with their creepy behavior

Magnus sighed and put the scroll down on the wooden round table. “this is the second key to the location of Prince Nikolas” he said and opened the scroll and spread it on the table.

I opened my eyes wide open and waited for the impossible to happen but nothing happened, nothing at all.

the map was blank, as in completely blank

no sign of any ink ever being on it, nothing at all.

“it’s a joke right?” I asked dumbfounded and all of them sighed together creepy

“no, this is not a joke Pete. this is the real map scroll given to the previous High warlock and later was passed down to me, my father gave this to me as the most prized possession I could have ever inherited.” he narrowed his eyes in frustration

“is this fake?” I asked hoping for some kind of explanation “was it switched?” Magnus shook his head negative.

“all of this was for nothing then, the attacks on me were nothing” I mumbled more to myself than anyone else

“I think so” Magnus put the scroll back in its container and secured it.

all of us just sat there trying to come up with some kind of explanation for all of this, if this is the map that they say it is, isn’t it supposed to contain location or latitude and longitude. anything?

I stayed back at the Academy. trying to find some answers in the library. Magnus said that he looked through all the books in his personal library and couldn’t find anything so here I am, looking through every book that can have even the tiniest bit of information on the legend of the imprisonment of the Lycan Prince

“Hey, you didn’t answer any of my calls?” my Best friend chose now to finally grace us with his presence

I ignored him and he sighed regretfully “look I know I was an ass for not texting you back but I got a little held up at school” he gave me his all time favorite excuse

I dismissed his excuses and showed him the book that caught my attention “look here, here it says that the three keys to lock Prince Nikolas were the most powerful things ever created, and they were given the appearance of the most common things they could find” I said looking through the book for more information

Hunter scratched his head looking lost “err what?” he asked confused

I rolled my eyes at him “maybe, if you attended those meetings than you might have known” I retorted angrily

he pleaded me with his eyes “I’m sorry ok. but you know how important it was to me, I’ve been crushing over Bella since I basically knew they word crush, you can’t blame me for trying to follow my heart” he complained

I sighed knowing I would have done the same if I was in his place, I dismissed the previous accusations and asked him to follow me to the place where I had previously been

the war room

Magnus was leaning on the same table and looking at something on the table with a magnifying glass. “nice of you to finally join us Hunter ” he taunted without taking his eyes off the map

Hunter snorted irritated “it’s not like I’m someone special like all of you, I’m a stupid Human who can’t do anything right. remember?” he snapped back Magnus chose not to answer to that

there was so much tension in the room that it was almost suffocating. I cleared my throat and changed the topic

“this is what I wanted to show you Hunter” I signaled to the map “it’s the second key. The Map to the magical prison of Prince Nikolas, but it’s our bad luck that it just happened to be empty” I sighed

Hunter looked at me like I was talking nonsense, I gave him a confused look “you’re kidding right?” he asked and me and Magnus shared a confused look

“what are you going on about ?” I asked knowing if Magnus did it would start one of their new arguments

he walked pass me and stood beside Magnus and gestured to the map “it’s not blank, its filled with directions” he said in a duh tone

Magnus and me looked at him dumbfounded “you can see it?”

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