By Chance

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Chapter 25

Magnus and I looked at Hunter shocked and unable to find proper words. was it possible? can he read the map when none of us can’t even see it?

all these questions were making me feel dizzy, it was Magnus who finally broke the silence in the room and asked the million dollar question “can you actually see it? you’re not fooling around. are you?”

Hunter glared at him hatefully bearing his blunt teeth at him in annoyance “Why would I lie” he pointed at the map “it’s right there”

not knowing what else he can do to make us believe him, he moved around the table and grabbed a pen and a paper and started tracing the lines from the map, which by the way only he can see

“here” he said and almost threw the traced paper in Magnus’s face. luckily he snatches it before it hit his face. I leaned on his shoulder to see the paper and Magnus groaned in irritation

I stood there stupefied looking at the paper in Magnus’s hands “what?” Hunter asked snatching the paper out of his hands

“that’s.. that’s impossible” he gasped. looking at the traced paper, only to see it was completely blank “you saw me trace the lines guys I’m not lying” he struggled into believing what he was seeing. “what is this supposed to mean?” he asked glancing at Magnus, who was now glaring at the original map

“it means that you are in more danger than we previously thought” he growled almost animal like

“I don’t understand” Hunter mumbled stepping away from the map and leaning on the wall

“you’re the eyes ” I said with eyes wide open into realization “you’re the missing key” as soon as the words left my mouth Magnus flipped the table in anger, his hands glowed bright red punching a hole into the ancient wall

“Magnus?” Hunter called out to him in fright, Magnus was panting, trying to suppress his anger while cursing under his breath

“call others” he said in a dangerously low voice. I fled from the room as fast as possible dragging Hunter along with me but he shook my hand away from his “go, I’ll try to calm him down” he said gesturing towards the door

“are you crazy? he will roast you alive” I whisper-yelled tugging at his sleeve

“just go get the others” he said and pushed me towards the door

sighing in frustration I ran out the door and out the basement as fast as possible, I found the others in the training field, when I reached the training field I was out of breath, panting like some dog

“hey, Pete what’s wrong?” Christian hurried towards me, holding my face in his hands. his worried expression was so adorable that it kind of made me forget why I was here in the first place.

“snap out of it” Hayden yelled from behind

my face heated up in embarrassment and I took a step away from him, clearing my throat “we found something” I said swallowing the lump in my throat “and it’s confusing”

all of them glanced at each other and shrugged not understanding what was all this about. I cleared my thoughts and gestured them to fallow me “Magnus wants to have a meeting”

in less than two minutes all of us were walking the basement towards the war room, I hesitated on opening the door, hoping that both of them didn’t kill each other in the most brutal way possible like they sometimes promise they would. cautiously I pushed the door and was confused to see what was in front of me

“close your mouth Pete” Hunter said in his annoying voice

Magnus and Hunter were standing ten feet apart, avoiding looking at each other, both of their faces were warm red

I narrowed my eyes at them and shot Hunter a questioning look, he mouthed later and I nodded in understanding

“so, why are we here?” Hayden asked sitting down in one of the chairs by the table.

Magnus sighed “we found the third key” he said and everyone in the room jolted up from their places

“what? where is it?” Christian asked shocked looking around to find it

Magnus pointed to Hunter who was leaning on the table looking bored

“Hunter? what about him?” Kayden asked sitting by his twin, Logan and Britney nodded together agreeing with his question

“apparently He is the third Key” Magnus said frowning at the map

“Huh? what?”

“I don’t get it?”

“He is kidding, right?”

“how is it possible?” questions filled the room making Magnus bang on the table with his fist, silencing the group

“He can read the map, when none of us can even see it” he said authority in his voice

“are you sure?” Christian asked moving to stand by Hunter glancing at the map

“yes, Hunter has no reason to lie” I said filling in my point of view. Hunter gave me a thankful smile and I smile back reassuringly

“very well then” he said giving Hunter a worried smile, we knew what that meant, I saw Magnus react on it few minutes ago

“so, what now?” Britney asked confused

“we are in the possession of all the three key, and there is only one thing that can be done” Magnus said moving around towards the table and put the map back into its container

“and what’s that?” Hunter asked raising his eyebrow questionably

Magnus smirked “we are going out for an adventure” he said and walked out of the room

all of us stayed back stunned “he is joking right?” Hunter asked worriedly

Hayden chuckled bemused “no, not really”

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