By Chance

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Chapter 26

“stop staring at me like that” Hunter complained as I kept giving him suspicious looks

after the sudden announcement by Magnus about going to an adventure, all of us dispersed in different directions to pack up our bags. right now I was at Hunter’s house watching him pack his duffle bag with his neatly folded clothes.

“then stop avoiding me” I sassed and he groaned in irritation

“fine!” he yelled throwing his shirt on the bed and standing in front of me and I waited for him to talk further “nothing happened”

I snorted “bull shit” I rolled on the side “he was furious! Hunter, you can’t just calm down so quickly unless something happened” I yelled dramatically

Hunter rolled his eyes “I.. I” he stammered while his face was turning into a little darker shade, I gave him an expected look “I tickled him” he whispered

my jaw dropped

“you.. what?” I asked trying to confirm what I heard was right

“I’m not repeating it,” he said and hid his face in a pillow

that’s when I couldn’t hold it

I burst out laughing, laughed till my stomach ached

“tickle. you tickled him” I laughed even harder than before

“shut it” he threw the same pillow on my face and that was how we ended up destroying the full pillows, by turning it into a pillow fight

“You're going where?” my mom asked when I was trying to cover my ass by saying that we were assigned to go on a field trip to some caves in the green forest, the far side of the country

“it’s a field trip mom. I’ll be back before you know it” I said as I hiked up my duffle bag

“ok, for how long?” she asked giving my bag a once-over

“a couple of days, a week max,” I said looking at her pleading to just give in and let me go

“fine, but I want you to call me every 2 hours and if you don’t that trip is over for you” she warned me while pointing her index finger at my face

“thanks, mom,” I said and embraced her into a hug, I don’t know if this trip is lethal or not, but I don’t want to hug my mom as if it was my last time with her

“I love you mom” I mumbled burring my face in her neck, the scent of warm vanilla waffled into my nose, making me feel home

“I love you more my little boy” she replied pulling me closer to her body

we pulled apart and she kissed my cheek” don’t stay too long ok? ” she sniffed lightly and I nodded

she then moved towards Hunter and kissed his cheek too” take care of my boy and yourself ok?” she said and he nodded

“don’t worry mom, I won’t let anything happen to him,” he said cockily puffing up his chest

we chuckled and moved out of the house, Christian was waiting for us in his jeep, here to come to pick us up. I smiled when our eyes met and my mom nudged me, “nice choice” she whispers not so quickly. I gave her wide eyes look. and she winked at me.

as we moved towards the jeep, I heard my mom mumble something about the ceramic vase and I fasten my speed both of us jumped into his jeep, before my mom could interrogate me further about the missing vase, the ride was nice and silent until Christian held my hand while his other hand was on the wheel. I blessed trying not to look at Hunter who was wriggling his eyebrows in a teasing way

I felt Christian lean towards me when we reached the Hunted house that led to the entrance of the Magical world, Hunter jumped out first and didn’t even wait for us

“I think your mom likes me” he whispered huskily, his breath tickling in my ear making my face grow ten times hotter than it was before. he kissed my cheek and got out of the jeep leaving me in the car with my embarrassment

“I think everyone is here, so let’s go” Magnus announced clapping his hands enthusiastically

“go where?” I asked since I was the last one to enter the war room

“our first destination on the map,” he said as Hunter pointed at a blank spot on the map, I gave him are-you-stupid look and he chuckled

“the troll City,” he said bagging the map

“and where is that?” I asked unknowingly

“it’s not here Pete, we need to portal our way there,” Magnus said when he moved his hands in a weird way and a purple light started to glow in the middle of the room.

“You sure it’s safe?” I asked as everyone lined up to walk through the portal

“Don't worry Pete, I’ve got you.” Christian said holding my hand, everyone in the room tried to hide their smiles but it was visible anyways.

“hmm” I cleared my throat and blushed “what are we waiting for, Christmas? let’s go” I said making everyone in the room chuckle

the twins were the first ones to walk through the portal which was leading to the first stop of our unknown Quest, then Brittney and Logan were next to fallow

“it’s going to be fine” Magnus held out his hand to Hunter who looked like he might faint any moment now, “trust me” he said and Hunter snapped out of his thoughts and held his outstretched hand and disappear into the glowing portal

“shall we?” Christian smiled motioning to the portal, I inhales quickly and nodded

“let’s get this over with” Christian leaned down a little and kissed my lips in a very loving way, I was dazed making him smile

the travel through the portal was like getting sucked into a vacuum. and then it was gone. bright light pricked my eyes, making me close them instantly. but I opened them again

“wow” I said looking at the huge Forest, which was greener then anything I have ever seen before, there were huge tree houses, and Huge trolls walking around the area like things like us didn’t bother them at all.

“welcome to troll City”

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