By Chance

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Chapter 28

“can I ask you something?” I asked Penelope while I was helping her in her garden, she was collecting some herbs from her garden for a spell, she sent Logan, Britney and Magnus somewhere before she began with her spell

“you’re not gonna stop anyways, so ask away” she said pulling some shrubs out

“what are you?” my question made her snap her neck towards me. she chuckled

“I thought you wanted to know why I was angry at Magnus ” she laughed wrapping the herbs and shrubs in a cotton bag. dusting her hands off the leftover mud

“that too” I smiled sheepishly, she shook her head amused

“I’m a hybrid, my father was a warlock and my mother was a troll” she smiled lovingly remembering the good memories “and as for Magnus, he is just an asshole” she said rolling her dark eyes, I snorted in agreement

then she sighed and sat down on a garden chair “we were young and stupid, I wanted a mate, I wanted to feel what it felt like to have a mate” I sat down next to her and gave her a sympathetic look “he said he didn’t want a mate because of what had happened to his ancestors, but we knew it was just an excuse. after waiting for 100 something years he came to me and asked me if I still wanted to mate with him. we were happy for some time and then he suddenly wanted to stop. cause I was not his true mate, he kept going at it for some time and he cheated at me with some whore” tear leaked from her eyes

she silently sobbed making me feel terrible for asking the question

“I’m sorry” I apologized even if it wasn’t my fault

“no, don’t be. I know true mates have it different. you can’t even bear the thought of hurting their mate, let alone hurt” she said and gave me a teary smile “you’re mate loves you a lot ”

I chocked on my own spit, I looked at her shocked, she giggled “I know the way that handsome young man looks at you, you are defiantly his mate”

I swallowed deeply “we are not mates. we just like each other “I was making an excuse, I know but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

“really, ok then can you explain why he has been watching your every move like a hawk and been glaring at me since the time I asked you to assist me” she raised her eyebrow challengingly mocking me to disagree with her

I didn’t look back to know that what she told was right, I could feel his eyes watching me closely

she chuckled “let’s go, we have work to do” with that we went inside her hut, which was much bigger than it looked from the outside

she placed the cotton bag on the ground, taking out some candles, she lit them and placed them in a circular order, chanting some inaudible spells

she took the herbs out of the bag and crushed them in her hands, continuing to chant the spells, suddenly it was too quiet

and then her eyes rolled over, her body became stiff and she just stopped.

I looked over others in the room and all of them were ready for the unexpected, except Hunter he looked as terrified as me

with a wild hit of wind, all the candles were blown off. and Penelope’s eyes changed back to their original place.

“so, what did you get,” Hayden asked observing her closely

she was breathing heavily for a while and she inhaled deeply. “the trolls are trafficking fairies, turning them into slaves. at the abundant warehouse by the wimpy lake ” she sighed tiredly

I helped her up “thank you” I whispered and smiled, she smiled back before dozing off

I carefully put her in her bed, tucked her in and closed her door

“what did you guys talk about” that voice scared the crap out of me

“I should get you a bell too,” I said sidestepping him budge wouldn’t budge, I sighed” what Christian”

he narrowed his beautiful grey eyes at me “you did you say that we are not boyfriends ” I heard hurt in his voice

I avoided eye contact “you didn’t ask me” I mumbled than raised my head to meet his eyes “it won’t matter because you are going to meet your mate soon and you will forget all about me”

something flashed in his eyes and he looked at me stunned, he gave out a nervous laugh

“why did you say that” he scratched his head nervously

I shrugged not answering

he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, I gulped nervously being this close to him numbs all of my senses “I have already met my mate” he said huskily

I gave him wide eyes look “he is right in front of me and I'm going to kiss the hell out of him” with that his luscious lips came crashing down on mine

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