By Chance

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Chapter 2

Pete P.O.V

“You have to take a lot of caution while bathing it because of the plaster, but no need to worry. he is a strong boy he will get better in no time” the doctor smiles and writes some prescriptions

“Thanks, Doc” I say and lift polo off the examination table, it will be hard for him to walk with the plaster on

“bye, Pete, bye Polo” he waves us off and we leave the room, its 3 in the morning and yeah, there are 24 hours pet clinic in our area.

Hunter is in the sitting area, waiting for us. I feel bad for him, I’ve caused a lot of trouble for him today. dragging him into unnecessary things.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” I say apologetically. he waves it off, I know he has told me hundreds of times to not speak so formally with him but I can’t help it.

“How is he now? do we have to come again in the morning?” he asks looking at a very drowsy Polo in my arms.

“Nah! the Doc said the wound is only on the flesh and the bone was just scratched a little bit, he said it was good that the bone was not broken or it would have been more painful for Polo” I explained while brushing Polo’s fur.

he sighed and yawned “well we better leave, we have homeroom at 9. I need my beauty sleep” he yawned again, I chuckled lightly and followed him to his car, well more like his brother’s car which he borrowed without asking.

“I’m sorry Hunt, for dragging you into this,” I said as we drive back home

he shakes his head and chuckled “stop being so damn formal with me Pete, we have been friends since kindergarten” he scolds and I look down in shame

he sighed again “look I’m always a call away, whatever the problem I promise you that you won’t have to face it alone, I will always be there, because you’re not only my best friend but also my brother” his words relaxes me a little makes me believe that I’m not burdening on him

“You still haven’t told me how you ended up 5 kilometers away from your house in the middle of the night” he finally asks me, seeing that I was not gonna start talking on my own.

I take a deep breath “I don’t know how I ended up there because I swear I was just looking around in my neighborhood” I sigh looking at Polo through the rearview mirror “but how did Polo leave the house because I’m sure I had locked my door”

“doesn’t matter now the important thing is that both of are safe,” he said while parking in front of my house “looks like your in for it this time,” he said nodding towards my house where the lights were on and mom’s car was in the garage.

I sigh “well, wish me luck,” I said and lifted Polo in my arms for a two-year-old dog he is quite light “good night Hunt” I said and left

“good night Pete and good luck cause your gonna need it” he had the guts to laugh, some best friend he is.

slowly I open the front door and carefully place Polo on his bed which was by the living room couch.

“where were you?” asks a very calm and angry voice

gulping lightly I look at my mother who was standing by the stairs her arms were crossed in front of her in a very intimidating way, she was wearing her work clothes, looks like she just arrived.

“I asked you something young man, where were you? and why are you coming so late” she almost yells

I sighed “Polo ran out and I was looking for him and found him far away from home and he was injured so I asked Hunter to take us to the hospital so we were late” I explained it as subtle as possible.

her expression changed and she looked at Polo “you had one job and you couldn’t even do that” she sighed while rubbing her forehead “well he looks fine now, make sure to take better care of him in future” she said and left to her room

I shouldn’t be disappointed, I shouldn’t be sad but I can’t help it. it's my birthday for fuck’s sake, not even a simple ‘happy birthday son’

I sigh and make double sure to lock all the doors and windows. as I was passing by my mom’s door I could hear the crying and it was so painful that all my anger was drained out of my system, I can’t be selfish about this because after all its the same day she lost her husband and I lost my father

I slowly walked away from her door to my room, I know what you must be thinking. what kind of son I am and why I didn’t console my weeping mother, I have. and it didn’t end well for me. the blame, the pain, the humiliation it was unbearable.

as I get ready for bed, cold air makes brings a shiver down my spine. the temperature in my room was lower than normal, did I also leave the windows open? I wonder. I need to eat more fish, I’m so forgetful these days.

occupied with all these thoughts I didn’t notice the old muddy normal size wooden box sitting on my study table.

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