By Chance

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Chapter 29

“So, according to Penelope, there are Fairies in the abundant building held for the slave trade. right?” Hunter asked as all of us were gathered around in Penelope’s living room, making a plan to save the innocent and kill the beast

“yes, Hunter for the 100th time. yes” Hayden rolled his eyes dramatically

“so, maybe. the Fairies are innocent and their trader is the beast” Hunter assumed while everyone in the room just nodded their head trying to analyze his theory.

“the Plan is simple me, Hayden, Kayden will take the rooftop. Britney and Logan will take the front and Christian will take the back” Magnus said pointing at the magically made rough blueprint of the abundant building.

“wait, wait!. What about us?” Hunter said pointing at me and him angrily. I nodded in agreement “yeah, what about us?” I asked

“you guys will be the lookout,” Magnus said making both of us glare at him in annoyance

“why would we even agree to be the lookout?” Hunter raised his eyebrow at Magnus challenging him.

“because you are not as trained as all of us, and not to forget you are human. making you an easy target” he explained making us glare at him more

I shot Christian a look and he gave me a guilty smile ′some mate he is’

“let me remind you that we are the keys that you desperately need to complete this mission, and without us, you wouldn’t even be here” Hunter argued banging his fist on the wooden table.

“which make you a direct target as well, if you get caught then this mission will end even before it was started” Magnus reasoned with Hunter making him glare at him, but he gave up after signing dramatically

“good” with that we were on our way to rescue the fairies

everyone took their designated positions, everyone was alert and ready. waiting for the perfect time. slowly everyone proceeded and crawled their way in. I watched them with the help of binoculars, safely entering into the building.

“this is stupid” Hunter complained kicking rocks on the ground, I just glanced at him and resumed being the lookout “seriously tough, why should we be out here? we might possibly be more powerful than them” he kept on ranting and whining

then I noticed something, there were more of them than we previously assumed and all of them were trolls, carrying powerful gun power, “Hunt Look” I passed the binocular for him to see.

“shit” he cursed and looked closer “we need to warm them,” he said I nodded, unfortunately. there was no service here. so, we couldn’t reach them via call. we had to this the old way. go there by our selves

“which way do you think is the fastest way to get them?” I asked Hunter and he looked through the blueprint

“here” he said pointing at the back door, the same way where Christian went. nodding at his suggestion we took out our weapons and ran to the back door.

there were minimum people at the back door compared to the other entrances, maybe they didn’t expect any uninvited visitors. they are in a bit of a surprise. in a stealth mood, we made it to the hallway, easily noticed Christian’s handy work, a couple of trolls lying around with a hole in their head, nothing too disturbing.

“your boyfriend is an expert “Hunter teased raising his eyebrows suggestively, I flipped him the bird and continued on our way.

“ah” someone yelled out in pain, we increased our speed and saw Logan and Britney fighting off three trolls trice their size, without further ado, we jumped in. I use my sword the same one which was once my mom’s favorite vase. cutting right off his arm, the trolls yelled in some language which I think was troll language, swinging my sword again I finished him off, his head went rolling off his body, his friends were not too happy about it, and lunged at us full speed, Logan and Hunter used their guns to finish them off before they could even reach us

Britney looked at us annoyed “what happened to being a lookout” she said

“there are more trolls than we know, and they have lots of guns” I explained them and they just sighed exhaustedly

“whatever, Christian will not like this” Logan mumbled making me rolls my eyes at him

“I’m not a kid, I can take of myself,” I said holding out my sword and hoisting it up, Logan just shook his head.

we continued on our way killing any troll on the way, they were powerful and trained and they did some damage to us, but nothing too dangerous.

then something happened, we heard a sound

we stopped in our way and listened carefully, they growls were coming from beneath the ground. we shared a look and proceeded

“basement, ” Logan said hiding behind a pillar, taking the cover form a bunch of trolls who were walking from the Basement, looks like we were the first one here

“what now?” I asked hiding beside Logan looking for any possible threat

“we need to inform the others but we don’t have any source, or we can go in and see if they are already there,” He said shrugging

“if there was ever a chance to choosing you as a leader? I’m voting you out” Hunter said in a sarcastic tone. Logan ignored him and shot the trolls one by one in the head

we moved in as the path cleared, what we saw next was way more shocking than we had expected

“I think we found the source of the growls,” Hunter said looking ahead with wide eyes

“roars” I corrected him maybe I was mimicking the same expression he had, but we had a strong reason

it roared again, and this time it was breathing fire

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