By Chance

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Chapter 30

“Dragon!” Hunter yelled panicked, pointing at the obvious large, Fire breathing Dragon.

“We're Screwed,” Britney said looking at the dark-scaled dragon.

I swallowed, hard. this is not gonna end well for any of us, this is a bad way to go.

“it’s now or never,” Logan said nodding at us to follow him, as he reloaded his gun. I sighed and nodded,

“are you crazy? don’t you see the giant dragon? it will burn us to the crisp” Hunter babbled in frustration, but he did have a point. it’s not like we have a choice in the matter.

“just go,” I said pushing him ahead of where Logan and Britney had already proceeded.

“fine” he gave up and mounted his gun and was ready to go.

slowly and carefully we went around the back, there were trolls and they were pulling the chains on the dragon’s neck, stupid move. it can burn them alive.

I mounted my sword and attacked the first person I saw on the way, he was a huge troll with a weird face, with a single slice he was gone, the element of surprise did work though, or he would have been difficult to kill.

Logan gave us a signal to attack the group which was guarding the door, maybe that led to the cage where the fairies where kept.

nodding we swiftly moved and attacked the first troll than the other, and then the other.

‘swish.’ there was a sound of something that was very fast, and then there was a sound of something heavy falling on the ground. turning around I saw a hooded figure who held a quiver and arrow.

“I thought we told you to stay out as a lookout ” Christian said in a very angry voice, he pulled the arrow from the troll and put it back in its holder.

he glared at me, and I gave him a nervous smile “we came in to tell you that there are more troll coming this way” he rolled his eyes at me

“you could have been hurt” he said shooting an arrow at something that was behind me

I scratched my neck nervously “well, I did a pretty good job up until now” he sighed

“just, stay behind me” with that he marched forward.

there were so many bodies on our way in, looks like everyone one was here. as we entered the room, we were right about it being a cage, what we didn’t know was that it was actually a cage. there were beautiful creatures inside those barred cages.

every creature was of a different color, but every creature had a single color on its entire body. they had sharp pointy ears, eyes were big and pointy, their bodies were lean and seductive. they also had rope-like tails.

“wow,” I said gawking at the beauty of the creatures. Christian blocked my view with his huge body

“eyes on me, only” he was jealous? wow!

I laughed lowly and kissed him on the lips, taking him by surprise. I didn’t mean it to be too deep, just a little peck but he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer.

“Hey, lovebirds, cut it out we’ve got work to do” Hunter yelled snapping us back to reality

“we’re not finished yet” he mumbled huskily in my ear, making my face grow hot, I blushed deeply.

I cleared my throat and stepped forward to help the others, “don’t say it” I warned my best friend, who opened his mouth to say something nasty or embarrassing. I’m not in a mood for either.

we freed all the fairies and they stretched, wings spurring out of them, “can they fly out of here?” I asked Magnus as he was the closest one to me.

“not now, the drugs in them might kill them if they try to use any of their power” he explained while helping them out of their chains on their legs.

we got all of them out of the caged room as soon as possible, but we had totally forgotten about the twenty feet tall huge dark scaled, fire breathing dragon.

we killed any troll that came in our way, the only thing that stopped us from getting the hell out of here was the huge dragon.

“get these fairies out of here, I’ll take care of the dragon ” Christian volunteered taking out some extra arrows, I gave him a terrified look.

“no, you can’t take on the Dragon alone, Christian. it will kill you” I pleaded to pull his hood towards me, he held my hands in his warm ones and leaned towards me.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry,” he said kissing me hard on the lips and pushing me towards Hayden “take care of him, I’m counting on you” with that Hayden pulled me in opposite direction to where Christian ran.

I yelled, screamed, scratched, bit and what not at Hayden but he didn’t loosen his grip on me. suddenly I had a thought.

save the innocent, kill the beast.

the words didn’t really mean a real beast.

I used some unknown force and pulled myself out of Hayden’s grip. we were already out of the basement and heading towards the exit.

but, we were not done yet

I ran inside the basement and the cave-like basement held a Dragon, which was currently trying to burn my mate with its fire.

“Christian” I called out his name, dodging the tail of the huge beast.

Christian got distracted as he looked my way terrified that I was here, “what the hell? get out of here” he yelled shooting another arrow at the dragon

“stop. don’t kill it” I said running towards the beast.

“If I don’t, then he will,” he said mounting another arrow ready to shoot

“he is chained Christian, meaning he is innocent,” I said hitting at the chains on his legs cutting it off.

“stop, what are you doing” he screamed scared

“saving the innocent” with the last hit, the chains came undone. the dragon snapped it’s huge head towards me, staring at me. looking into my soul

I gulped heavily, I don’t why a stupid idea came across my head and I acted on it. slowly and carefully I raised my hand and looked down. the same way Hiccup did with toothless, in How to Train your Dragon. stupid analogy but worth a try.

he snared smoke coming out of its nose. then I felt the scaly surface on my hand, I did it. it worked

he leaned to my touch, I smiled patting his head “good boy”

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