By Chance

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Chapter 31

After rescuing the humongous Dragon from the evil lair of the trolls, there was only one thing left. how are we going to get this thing out of here? how did they bring this thing here in the first place?. mind swirling with questions, and no clue to the answers.

“how are we going to get the Dragon out of here?” Christian asked, looking at the Dragon with caution, I mean who can judge him for being extra safe, this Dragon went all bloodthirsty on his ass a few moments ago.

I shrugged and looked around for any other exit of this place, and wallah! there it is, the exit from this hell-hole.

“do you trust me?” I asked Christian nodded without a second thought, I patted the Dragon’s huge head and slowly and carefully, one foot and other I climbed on top of it, on it's scaled back. and held my hand out for him to take.

he starred at my outstretched hand, calculating the risks of dying, but it was either this or stay here for the other trolls to show up. sighing defeated he caught my hand in a strong grip and hauled himself up and behind me

“hold on” I yelled feeling giddy and kicked the beast lightly and the beast took off, fast and with a powerful stride he broke the tiny gap on the roof of the basement, he didn’t stop there, no, he went far into the sky, flapping his beautiful and magnificent wings in the air.

Christian held on to me tightly and slowly buried his face in the crook of my neck, inhaling deeply. he placed a small kiss there, making me lose my grip on the Dragon, I yelped in surprise and nudged him in the ribs, he let out a cute chuckle while tightening his grip on my waist, pulling me closer to him.

slowly and gracefully the Dragon decided to land, his landing was swift and clean, we landed in a clearing where all our friends were already waiting for us, but the look on their faces was comical.

we got off the Dragon and I patted his head lovingly, he complied as well. “do you want to stay with us?” I asked him, not knowing if he can understand me, but worth a try. he shook his head, maybe be declining the offer.

“will I ever see you again?” I asked rubbing his scaly face, he nuzzled his head in my palm and closed his eyes, then something usual happened

I will come when you need me the most, when there is no escape, just call my name and I shall come to repay my depth to you

the rusty and monstrous voice echoed in my head, I looked at the Dragon wide eyes, “was that you?” I asked and he nodded his head. he moved back from his previous position and flapped his wings ready to take off, he gave me one last look

until next time, little one

with that he flew off into the mist of clouds, then suddenly it struck to me “hey, I don’t know your name?” I yelled at the retrieving figure


I smiled and tested the name on my tongue, it was a mouthful but suiting.

“what the hell just happened?” Hunter asked as I took a step near him, I gave him a small smile and explained him everything, he listened to everything with his mouth ajar and eyes wide open.

“so, the bloodthirsty monster was actually innocent?” I nodded “holy shit! this place is getting weirder and weirder with every passing minute” I just patted his shoulder and moved along the fairies to help them with anything they need

“so, what’s the plan? what do we do with them?” I asked as I entered the tent, where everyone was already present, thinking over a plan of what to do with the rescued fairies

“do I have permission to speak?” came a low and delicate voice from outside the tent, all of us snapped out attention to the mysterious voice and what we saw blew our mind, the fairy was beyond beautiful. he was thin, with the green leafy body and sharp almond eyes, there was also a crown shaped pointy thing on his head.

“and you are?” Magnus asked he appeared not so entranced with the beauty of the fairy. he stood tall, calculating every move of the fae in front of us

“I’m Silvermist, prince Silvermist of the silver fairy kingdom, next to the throne. I will forever be in depth to all of you for saving me and my people.” he bowed gracefully.

we stood there speechless, looking at everyone and confusion. Magnus was the one to break the awkward silence “no need to thank us, we did what was meant to be done” he bowed too, respectfully. “speak what you have in mind”

Silvermist nodded “I would like to request you all to let us go home, my father must be worried and so will be the families to the others” he requested

Magnus looked relieved and nodded “we can accompany you to your kingdom just to make sure there are no more threats” the fairy prince nodded in understanding

“I will inform the others, thank you for your help” he bowed for the last time and went away.

“you know we can’t go to their kingdom. right? they hate our kind” Kayden said raising an eyebrow at Magnus.

“we saved their prince’s life, that will score some points to mend things” he simply said looking through the non-magical map he brought with him

“why do they hate your kind?” I asked Kayden, he sighed running his pale hand through his silky hair

“let’s just say our kind was not very generous towards the fairy kind or any kind which was a threat to the Vampires” his vague answer was kind of off but I understood the meaning behind it.

they did something terrible and we are about to find out what.

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